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Experience with .22 Hornet NEF Handi Rifle Twist rate, Loads?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Matt G, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Matt G

    Matt G Moderator Emeritus

    I've just purchased one with the standard barrel (blued), and just got the high rings for it (needs 'em so that the hammer spur will clear the 'scope). A friend gave me some 35g factory loads that he said don't work at all in his rifle, which prints nice tight groups with 50 and 55 g loadsl. He told me that he believes the NEF HR has a slower twist, making it better for the lighter bullets. Try as I might, I can find nothing on the twist rate on these things. (Rifle's at my father's house, so I can't try the rod/tight patch/tape measure trick.)

    Anyone have experience with this duck? How does it fly? What does it like to eat best?
  2. yankytrash

    yankytrash Well-Known Member

    1:16" Twist.

    You're going to find that your Hornet probably likes the 40-45gr a little better than the 35gr, but we're talking sub-moa measurements.

    I have yet to find a magic reload that shoots any better than Winchester grey box though. Painful process, working up them loads, especially when you're comparing them to a factory load that shoot's sub-moa.

    It's hard to justify the reloading, except for price.
  3. Hornet

    Hornet Member

    From what I have found, the hornet has a twist of 1in12 in the NEF. Same as the .223.

    I have both the NEF and a Browning micro Hnter in the 22 Hornet. Eather one like a diet of the 40gr Vmax with 12r of Lilgun. The load is on thesoft side but that is what shot the best. Whos looking for extra speed in a hornet anyways.

    Neather like the 35gr. fast but no group.
  4. yankytrash

    yankytrash Well-Known Member

    Eegads, I was thinking of my 22 Hornet when I said 1:16.

    The ol' H&R 22 Hornets were 1:14. I don't see why NEF might've changed it.
  5. Matt G

    Matt G Moderator Emeritus

    I'd be surprised if the twist were 1:12-- nobody much shoots 55 g through a Hornet, and that's what the 1:12 is best with.

    My friend's Browning HATES the 35 g loadings, and barely will keep them on paper at 100, he says. Go to 45g, and the thing will turn in quarter-sized groups or smaller.

    Hornet makes a good point on the speed issue: why try to load UP a Hornet? :) Their joy lies in low blast, quiet report with accurate, game/varmint-getting accuracy.

    That's why I wanted one!

    I've access to several .223s, and a very accurate semi-varminter-barrelled .257. I have a nice .22 L.R. The Hornet fills a perect niche that I had never thought of until lately. Sure, it can't do what a Swift or .22-250 can, but come to think of it, they can't really do exactly what the Hornet can, either. :) (get 2400 fps w/extreme efficiency of powder, low noise, provide 50 rds for $20 or less [factory], kill without destroying, shoot thousands of rounds without burning out the barrel...) I think I'm REALLY going to like this kind of shooting/hunting.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2003
  6. Hornet

    Hornet Member

    Here is a link to the marlin H&R forum with the twist rates for most of the NEF rifles. Same list is also found on the yahoo NEF group. Hopes this will help.


    Posted by Duce.
    By MTNMAN Member # 6

    .22 LR 1 in 16"
    .22 WMRF 1 in 16"
    .22 Hornet 1 n 12"
    .223 1 in 12"
    .25/06 1 in 10"
    .243 1 in 10"
    .270 1 in 10"
    .280 1 in 10"
    .308 1 in 10"
    357 Mag 1 in 18 3/4"
    7x57 1 in 10"
    7x64 1 in 10"
    30/30 1 in 10"
    30/06 1 in 10"
    38/55 1 in 18"
    44 Mag 1 in 38"
    45/70 1 in 20"
    Shotgun Barrels
    45 Colt/410 1 in 16"
    20 ga. 1 in 28"
    12 ga. 1 in 35"
  7. Matt G

    Matt G Moderator Emeritus

    Good to know. Thank you very much, Hornet!

    Well, the light was failing as we got that old Olympia scope sighted-in, but it seems to be dead-on at 100, with about a 1" group with Winchester 46 gr factory. That ain't bad, especially with the heavy wind we had going! Remington wouldn't group much, though. What with the sun going down and wind picking up, I can't provide a good range report, but will when I really wring it out.

    But really, how could I ever complain? $240 shelled out for new base and new rifle, used a scope and rings (then bought new rings) that we had on hand. $.40 a shot for factory good ammo, and I get an inch? Now that's just fun!

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