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Extrema Ratio knives - worth the $$?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Mp7, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Mp7

    Mp7 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys!

    I´m excited! :what:

    i found an auction of an Extrema Ratio M.P.C
    that is ending in one day. The trick is: It is described as
    "defective" the locking "pin" being kaputt.

    The seller says he`s auctioning off 3 knives from a relative
    who passed away.

    Only 2 bidders currently. The bid is still at like 20$.

    This knife costs like 400Euros ... and my e-mail to the maker
    got me the answer, that they will replace it, if it wasnt abused.

    So i´m tempted to bis up to 120Euros for this knife
    and send it in to get a new one - if i get it!

    Any one have any ER knives?
    Are they as good as they look?

    Link to the knife
  2. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama Well-Known Member

    They are great blades, but so many are fake, it's getting harder to tell.

    You should check out a few videos on how to tell for this model, and get seller to give you alot of pics. That price just screams fake.
  3. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

  4. Elkins45

    Elkins45 Well-Known Member


    I would be VERY surprised if the knife being auctioned is a genuine product of Extrema Ratio.
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  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    So you have to ask yourself, "Self, why doesn't this honest individual send it in and get it repaired and THEN sell it off for 300€?".
  6. HoosierQ

    HoosierQ Well-Known Member

    Extrema Ratio are one of the most common fakes out there because unlike Benchmade or Spyderco or something, very few people have ever really see one and because there very distinctive style lends itself to copying. I mean you put that divot in the handle and all that and it probably looks Extrema Ratio.

    Some of these fakes are so bad the tangs are welded on in the case of fixed blades.

    Unless you seller is clueless, it's most likely a fake.

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