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Extreme .22 LR loads / Aquilla?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Greybeard, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    ".22+P" question in recent thread prompted my looking further into tables at http://www.22ammo.com/22ammo.html

    Some examples:

    Aquilla Super Max: 30 grainer @ 1750 fps

    CCI Stinger: 32 grainer @ 1640 fps

    CCI Velocitor: 40 grainer (Gold Dot) @ 1450 fps

    Aquilla Sniper: 60 grainer @ 950 fps

    No experience here with Aquilla except with their really slow Colibri loads. I think of the 2 Aquilla loads above that I saw on shelf at Cheaper Than Dirt in Fort Worth showroom, they were sold in bricks only.

    Anyone had a chance to seriously group their Super Max or Sniper? Or try 'em out on critters?
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  2. redneck

    redneck Well-Known Member

    I haven't ever used them, but I remember reading some about the aguila sniper (the 60gr) back on TFL. I think it was in the rifle forum. Might have been refered to as the aguila SSS (super silent sniper, sub sonic sniper) or something like that. If you do a search over there you might come up with something.
    Seems like they were longer than normal .22LR, and might have feeding problems in some guns. :confused:
    You might try posting this in the rifle forum here too.
  3. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    Thanks Redneck. I'll look into TFL archives. Or if I get out and about where it's handy, will buy a box if anyone's got 'em in small quantities. The 60s sounds like about the same speed as Remington subsonics, but a lot more weight for possibly better "anchoring" crows.
  4. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter Well-Known Member

    For my .22's, the "high power" round of choice is a Stinger or Velocitor.
  5. Zorro

    Zorro Well-Known Member

    CCI Stingers!
  6. Robert inOregon

    Robert inOregon Well-Known Member

    Hypervelocity rounds tend not to be as accurate as standard velocity. The gains are not worth much if it can't hit squat or the rifle begins to fail sooner.

    I shoot an average of a brick (or two!) a day when out varminting. None of these wonder bullets has passed the test yet.
  7. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

    In absolute agreement with about slower rounds often being more accurate. I get great groups from Rem. Subsonics out of Marlin semi-auto carbine. Got circumstances where I sometimes need to minimize noise (neighbors working or lounging out in their back yard).

    Also have a Marlin bolt gun and figure that the 60 grainers should not have the "crack" of the higher fps loads. And they might do a quicker put-down on crows than what the thirtysomething grain Remington Subsonics are doing. Just unsure of what type of accuracy to expect at 50 yards. One way to find out tho, huh? :D

    Little ice storm has schools closed around DFW this morning and I suspect that business may be slow as well. Once the roads thaw out a little, I might just have to call CTD and see if they would bust a brick so I can answer my own question. :)

    Edited to add: Nupe! Just turned on the TV to check forecast and saw all the crazies on ice. CTD and others can keep their ammo today!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2003
  8. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious Well-Known Member

  9. priv8ter

    priv8ter Well-Known Member

    Sub Sonics

    I know that if you go over to www.naaminis.com you can find a lot of folks over there that will admit to using the 60gr subsonic round in their Mini .22's. Since you will never get max velocity out of such a short barrel, you might as well throw the heaviest piece of lead you can throw. Not sure about the groupings folks were getting.

    Of course, I realize that's a bit off topic, but if you look, I know some folks admit to using the subsonics for some pest control applications.
  10. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

  11. BTM

    BTM Well-Known Member

    I'm going to second gun-fucious. 60 gr. SSS need a faster twist barrel to stabilize. My 10/22 fed them but key holed before 25 yards. I had a buddy who liked them for a while (squirrels) out of his Ruger 77/22VT. It has same twist, but the barrel is longer and stabilized them better. He switched due to longer range accruacy was not there in his gun.
    With a faster twist barrel that round has potential to take .22LR to a new level.
    I have heard some pistols shoot it well. Pistols generally have a faster barrel twist.
  12. whiskey

    whiskey Well-Known Member

    My 4" Taurus 94 shots them o.k. Not great, but not bad. The Super Colibri is the most accurate short range in my pistol. CCI mini-mags are the best at 25 yards. I keep the 60gr SSS in a speedloader incase I get a shot at a possum or coon. I will report back when or if that happens.
  13. Greybeard

    Greybeard Well-Known Member

  14. CajunDaddy

    CajunDaddy New Member

    Have been using them on cats, work great. Sounds like an air rifle. You can actually hear the bullet hit the target. Lots of fun in the back yard.
  15. GunGoBoom

    GunGoBoom member

    Aguila "Super Maximum": it chronos true to claimed vels, BUT gets a thumbs down due to being quite inaccurate in the guns I've tried (5" groups at 75 yards).

    Aguila "Sniper SubSonic" 60 grainers: keyholes with the guns I've tried it in; the round was designed around a 1 in 9 twist (supposedly), yet 99% of the .22s are 1 in 12 twist, so it makes sense that it won't shoot well. But I currently have a Atchisson/Ceiner drop in conversion kit from Wilson Combat on its way (against the advice of many), specifically so that I can try the Aguila SSS in my AR with 1 in 9 twist. If it groups, then I will be putting in papers for a suppressor so that I can take out crow after crow after crow without them spooking.
  16. Sharps Shooter

    Sharps Shooter Well-Known Member

    Keyholes have been my experience also with the Agulia "Sniper Subsonic" 60 grainers. I didn't know they were designed for a 1 in 9 twist, but that makes sense why they have not worked well in my Kimber.
  17. dfaugh

    dfaugh Well-Known Member

    Aguila SSS


    I bought a box of these, at a gun show, just for giggles...And they shoot very accurately out of my Marlin 60, almost as accurate as some of the match/target ammo I've shot through it. No idea what the twist rate is, but I've gotta believe its pretty standard...Know a couple other guys its shot well for, but just as many that it didn't, in a variety of guns.

    Its not very quiet in that gun, but its a blowback semi, so there's lots of action noise.

    The one thing it DOES do is drop like a stone. With the gun sighted to 1' high at 50 yrds., with 40 grn. standard velocity rounds, the Aguila will shoot 4-5" low....Haven't tried it at greater distance, but suspect a REAL rainbow trajectory involved for longer shots
  18. not to lie i like shooting the 40 grain wichester super x it hits hard and actully if you shoot cheap stuff and stick one super x and the end of you clip it will clean a lot of the powder resedue out of your barrel for you
  19. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    .22 CB caps for non-lever repeaters (< 25 yards) makes less noise than an air rifle and Eley .22 subsonic for longer ranges and semiautos.
  20. GunGoBoom

    GunGoBoom member

    Update: Got my Atchisson/Ceiner conversion yesterday - dropped it right it - works as well as expected with funkily-shaped subsonic loads (Aguila SSS), and NO lubing of the unit beforehand. About 1 jam in 5 - most feed fine - sometimes a brass doesn't get thrown all the way clear, so it closes on the brass - I'm sure it will work fine with regular .22 ammo. Anyhow, results look promising - all shots touching at 5-6 yards in the house - with no keyholing - gentlemen, I think we have us a crow sniper. :D Now just need that suppressor.

    hee hee - just realized I said "lubing of the unit." :)

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