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Fair SKS Trade Value?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Doug S, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Doug S

    Doug S New Member

    I have a Chinese (Triangle 26) "Paratrooper" SKS that came with a Chinese 20 round "Star" magazine. All numbers match except for the magazine, and it did not come with the original magazine. It's in very good shape overall. No bayonet. I only put 100 rounds through it, but it was reliable. From what I read I believe the receiver dates to about 1968. I traded for this a few years back. I'd like to trade it on a milsurp, possibly an Enfield, or K98. I have no idea what this are going for these day, and would appreciate comments on what would be a fair trading price on today's market?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Oro

    Oro New Member

    Today's market on SKS's is in flux. I have bought/sold a few recently and am market savvy about looking at gun show prices, Gunbroker/auction prices, etc., and try to be thorough.

    1) The past hierachy about production locale is breaking down. Used to be: 1) Russia 2) China 3) Yugoslavia (other makers so marginal in overall numbers - Romaina/Albania - they don't fit into the main stream pricing).

    Now, it seems to recognize the facts 1) Russian production was very good 2) Chinese quality was OK 3) Yugo production was outstanding, just the weird grenade launcher features made it non-standard.

    2) Paratrooper Chinese, and the Chinese mag, still carry a premium.

    I would place the 20rd. Chicom mags at a $30 premium over standard mags, and the para version barrel at a $75 or 100 premium.

    So, to value you your gun, I'd say if it were mine and I were to sell it, I'd say a good used version, with the 20 rd. mag (+30), Para barrel (+100), but missing the original bayonet (-50), would equal about $400.

    SKS newbies might value it higher as a para and a Chinese, but saavy buyers will value it lower as a) missing the original mag, b)missing the orig mag. c) being Chinese and not Russian or Yugo where production standards were higher.

    However, based on what you want - you should be able to trade or sell it for enough to buy a superb Mauser or Enfield - SKS's have appreciated dramatically vs. those two over the last few years.
  3. TMM

    TMM New Member

    if i were you, i'd keep the SKS and then buy the K98 or whatever you choose... milsurp rifles are cheap, and SKS's are currently overpriced. i bought a nearly new russian sks for $445 in CT. unless you already have more than one SKS, i wouldn't sell it.

  4. Doug S

    Doug S New Member

    Thanks very much for the comments. I wouldn't mind getting rid of it for $400. That said, it is my only SKS at the moment, so I'm hesitant. Regardless, I went to the local shops today, and they didn't have anything too tempting, so I think the SKS is safe for now.

    One shop did have a T99 Arisaka with bi-pod and aircraft sights intact. Also, bolt cover. The finish was pretty lousy, and appeared to have been painted. Stock was also banged up. It was being sold by a private individual who claimed that it was a "special" Naval version, hence the $750 price tag. I didn't notice any special markings, but then I didn't look it over all that well because of the price. It did have an intact mum. Naval, or not $750 seems a bit extreme.
  5. jonc

    jonc New Member

    well I have been trying to sell a cowboy companion for the last few weeks. I bought the gun and 200 rnds of ammo apporximately a year and a half ago for 400. I have been trying to sell just the gun and a tapco stock and mag for 450 and haven't been getting much interest lately. It amazes me though that I see regualar norinco's and 59/66 listed for 500 and more. So I pretty much decided just to hang on to it.
  6. Doug S

    Doug S New Member


    Hope you find a buyer. The last gun show I went to I practically had to fight the dealers off.

    Update to earlier post: My search didn't end without a good find afterall. I just talked to a friend of mine who is selling an Underwood M1-Carbine with a 1943 dated barrel for $500. I'm going to pick it up shortly, and will send the weekend tearing it down, and researching parts. The price seems pretty decent. I'm not going to trade the SKS as of now. I'm buying the carbine outright, and can decide what I want to do with the SKS.

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