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Fairfield, AL Police Chief says business owners should own a gun

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jrou111, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. jrou111

    jrou111 Well-Known Member

  2. jrou111

    jrou111 Well-Known Member

    Also there's a poll on the main page: http://www.myfoxal.com

    Should store owners arm themselves with guns?

    Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    Yes - No
    94 - 6
  3. 209

    209 Well-Known Member

    Oops! That's probably one Chief that won't be asked to join the International Assoc of Police Chiefs. :p
  4. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Well-Known Member

    This really helps me decide which southern state my wife and I will be moving to next year. We were leaning heavily toward AL, but this is the topper.
  5. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    I just voted on the poll. We are winning 95%-yes to 5% no.
  6. jrou111

    jrou111 Well-Known Member

    Well it's kind of suprising because Fairfield is a VERY low income black community with alot of crime (Birmingham has a LOT of crime in the city), and most of the other similar areas they are very anti.

    BTW if you do move to Bama you gotta root for the tide, and you gotta visit Ala Dan at Simmons Sporting goods in Bessemer, AL. :D
  7. rmodel65

    rmodel65 Well-Known Member

    every city should be like Kennesaw Georgia with a mandatory gun ownership law
  8. Souris

    Souris Well-Known Member

    Be aware that while there are some progun attitudes, the state is a pretty restrictive place to CCW if you like the outdoors.
    No Firearms in State parks. No Loaded firearms in Wildlife management areas(except on the range). All of the nature preserves that I am aware of state no firearms in their rules.

    For a southern state AL is fairly restrictive as I understand the laws.
  9. SCKimberFan

    SCKimberFan Well-Known Member

    Where you move to in AL has a lot to do with the crime factor. B-ham is awful, Montgomery ain't much better, Huntsville seems to be pretty good, as does Alabaster.

    TN and KY seem to be better for gun owners. GA isn't bad.
  10. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    "For a southern state AL is fairly restrictive"...Hmmmm,let's see, we have open carry, pistol permits are $20 annually and may be purchased by mail(no class to take ,no fingerprints,no inteview with LE) I picked up an application from the sheriff for my 21 year old daughter,she filled it out ,mailed it in with her $20 check and received her CWP by return mail. A long gun can be carried unsecured and loaded in a vehicle, legally. WMA areas are state run hunting areas. Loaded guns during hunting seasons (NOT loaded in a vehicle or on a public road,just common hunting safety) are allowed. Target shooting on WMA areas are "range only" affairs ,again common sense. Private gun transactions are just that private,no paper work, no FFL,no records,fully legal. As far as state parks, that may well be changing soon. Yeah, it's tough on us Alabama gun owners. As far as crime areas, stay out of Birmingham and it's suburbs and rest easy.
  11. TheFallGuy

    TheFallGuy Well-Known Member

    Wait... a government official encouraging people to own firearms to protect themselves? I am pretty sure hell has frozen over causing the earth to spin off of its axis.
  12. runrabbitrun

    runrabbitrun member

    I've never been to LA (Lower Alabama) but would love to go.
    Would NEVER got to the 'other' LA though.

    Sweet home Alabama baby.
    Sounds like a great place to be if you enjoy firearms.

    Oh wait it's hot like Florida and has big mosquitoes like Florida too.
    I'm going to hold off on my trip, for now. lol

    Still, Alabama rocks and I can't complain.
    I've been through Burmingham and to Dothan
    Wasn't impressed with Birmingham, but Dothan seemed cool.

    Good to hear a top cop make some sense too.
  13. danprkr

    danprkr Well-Known Member

    I know weird ain't it? Actually it was just such an evil suggestion that got me hooked on guns and freedom in my youth. I had a teacher from high school teach me to shoot, and even reload, but it wasn't until years later that I had graduated and was working in a convenience store at nights that a local cop wanted to know what I was carrying.

    When I told him I was being a good little boy and following the company's rules he laughed at me. Asked me why they gave me a smock that could cover a grenade launcher for a uniform if they really didn't want me carrying, and offered to help me get something. I promptly traded for a Smith 659, and decided that if I was going to carry in public I'd better know how to use it. So, I started going to the range etc, and now look at me. I'm a full fledged gunaholic, and it's all some cops fault.:evil:

    He was actually a cool guy, on my nights off I'd ride with him on patrol. He couldn't allow me to carry in his car, but he did let me know where his back up was. I think he liked it when I rode with him because those nights were invariably quiet. I mean NOTHING would happen. He'd have to play jokes on me to keep me/us awake.:p

    So, I don't think the earth has stopped spinning on it's axis, but to catch a public servant saying on TV that citizens should take responsibility for their safety probably means that it has slowed down considerably.

  14. SCKimberFan

    SCKimberFan Well-Known Member

    Dothan is a neat place. I also like Eufala with all of its Victorian houses. I really like all the 4 lanes with 65 mph speed limits. :)
  15. rmodel65

    rmodel65 Well-Known Member

    :scrutiny: umm GA is very bad for gun owners we have tons and tons of off limits places because of left over racial laws on the books this is a very interesting article: http://www.georgiacarry.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/racist-roots-of-ga-gun-laws.pdf
  16. jakemccoy

    jakemccoy Well-Known Member

    I thank you for sharing the video. I added it to my Youtube channel.
  17. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Well-Known Member

    Huntsville is the area we're looking at in AL, and from what I've learned, the powers-that-be seem to be gun-friendly.
  18. jrou111

    jrou111 Well-Known Member

    Monkeyleg, if you're going to move to the Huntsville area, Limestone county is where it's at! :D

    I just shot at a friend's house up there today. I love it up there, Huntsville is more family oriented and more rural than Birmingham (duh). It's a great place to live.
  19. Restorer

    Restorer Well-Known Member

    You'll like Huntsville. I live on Guntersville Lake (about 35 miles southeast of Huntsville),one of the best bass lakes in the country, as well as one of the prettiest places. HSV has a great gun store (Larry's) and several good outdoor ranges. If you're into training courses, Tiger Mckee has Shootrite Academy on the lake, really a world-class outfit. It's affiliated with Thunder Ranch.
    Good luck, and you will have a choice...you could pull for Auburn.
  20. TenDriver

    TenDriver Well-Known Member

    Lived in the Huntsville area my whole life. Good place to live, Larry's has already been mentioned. He also has an indoor range there (22 rifle, any pistol up to 44 mag). Good minor league baseball, hockey and arena football. Very nice outdoor range on Swan Creek WMA, about a 30 min drive from Huntsville.

    Only downside to concealed carry is getting a permit is taking forever in Madison County. Almost 8 weeks for mine, and I had one years before. Good place to live, houses running about $100 a square foot in the mid to high priced neighborhoods these days.

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