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Fal--L1A1 ??? Basic Info Please

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Wyobuckaroo, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Wyobuckaroo

    Wyobuckaroo New Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    Hate to sound like a dummy but someone has to explain to me the difference in FALs. I know there are metric and inch. Some thing are interchangable, some not, some interchange one way only. And there seems to be a whole lot of small details with them that make a big difference in what works and what dont.
    Please give a shout.
  2. fal308

    fal308 New Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    FALs come in many flavors as you've surmised. The main difference is in whether the parts are produced to metric specifications or inch specifications. Just as a metric nut won't properly fit on an inch-pattern bolt, metric-sized parts won't properly fit in an inch-sized receiver. A metric threaded barrel also won't fit in an inch threaded receiver. The opposite is also true.
    FALs come with an upper and a lower assembly, same as does the AR15/M16 series of firearms. Only with the FAL the lower is the registered piece in the USA.
    Now assemblies may be cross-matched, i.e. an inch upper on a metric lower and vice versa. BUT, individual parts can not be replaced by the other style (i.e. replacing a metric trigger with an inch trigger etc) . Also the buttstock and pistolgrip cannot be crossmatched either.
    Some of the external pieces can be interchanged though. Sights can be interchanged either way. Don't recall offhand about front handguards but I believe they can interchange. The magazines can be somewhat interchanged, metric mags will work in an inch receiver (though a little loose) but inch mags won't fit in a metric receiver. This is due to the style of construction of each magazine.

    If you're really interested in FALs and you ever get the chance to look over the Collector's Grade Publication The FAL Rifle by Blake Stevens you won't regret it. This book will tell you the complete history of the FAL. Not an inexpensive book by any means but it is basically the bible of the FAL world.
  3. Rule .308

    Rule .308 New Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    So. Cal
    Hello, it is actually a lot more involved than that, if you want the straight scoop on it you should try the Falfiles.com. They have all the info you'll need. Most of the FALs out there are metric, so much of the info is about putting inch parts onto your metric gun. You can put inch selectors and mag releases into your metric gun, all of the threads on either one are the same. The "inch" designation versus the "metric" designation has nothing to do with the thread pitches or nuts and screws involved. That being said a metric barrel will screw right into an inch receiver and vice versa. The UPPER receiver is the registered part in the U.S., not the lower like an AR. You can easliy swap entire assemblies for the most part, uppers and lowers. Inch uppers however generally have a higher sight line and the metric rear sight won't be compatable. Some Israeli rear sights and Argentine front sights are tall like the Commonwealth (inch) guns though. Pistol grips between the two are not compatable, one slips onto a stud and the other is screwed in from the top. Although you can make the shoulder stock from one fit onto the other it is generally viewd as to big of a pain in the butt, so why go there? Handguards are more or less interchangeable. The folding charge handle off of the inch gun will work on the metric receiver with a little judicious work with the file and the parkerizing tank to make it look new again (a well worth it mod in my opinion). The charge handle can also be bought brand new for 50.00 with no mods necessary and it will count as a U.S. part too. The inch barrels use a breaching washer to time them and set the barrel depth in the receiver and the metrics don't. You can use an inch barrel and washer in a metric receiver or machine the shoulder of a metric barrel and use a washer to put it in an inch receiver. The hammer/trigger components aren't really that interchangeable, although it is amazing what a guy can do will a little determination and a dremel tool. The dust covers require a little work to interchange but it can be done. That is it for the most part, but again take a look over at the falfiles and you will be putting one together in no time.
  4. Bloodless

    Bloodless New Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    The 51st State- West Massachusetts

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