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Favorite FoxPro Sounds

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jacob489, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. jacob489

    jacob489 Member

    Hello, I'm going to buy a foxpro wildfire 2 in the next couple weeks which comes with 35 sounds. I will be getting custom programming so I'm wondering what your top foxpro sounds are for coyote hunting? I'll probably do some raccoon, fox, and bobcat if that's any good in Washington state. I'm new to predator calling, so I'm not sure if it would productive. What are you're go to calls for these species? I realize its a lot to ask other hunters to give up there secrets, so I really appreciate any info. Thanks for reading.
  2. Loc n Load

    Loc n Load Well-Known Member

    Varmint calls

    Been calling varmints since the 70's.....basically you will use whatever is in the food chain of your intended varmint. I have called bob cats, foxes and coyotes with rabbit distress calls, fox distress calls, puppy calls, bird distress etc....there are no guarantees, and what works today may not work tomorrow.....I have used mouth calls for years and have also used recordings.....I have also had raccoons, skunks, weasels, feral dogs and cats come in on my calls and have had owls hit my speaker.....which was better than hitting me.
  3. witchhunter

    witchhunter Well-Known Member

    Try the usual rabbits and cottontails, I like their chicken clucks too, can't remember what foxpro calls it, but it sounds like a fox in the henhouse. The canine or grey fox puppies work at times as well as fawn bleats. Make double sure that you get a coyote pup yelping, use that when you miss one or he shys away. It can really bring em back to ya. get some locator howls and female howls for January mating season. get a selection of challenge howls for this time of year too. have fun with yer call.
  4. jacob489

    jacob489 Member

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. I watched a video of an owl the other day, it had landed on the call and was tearing at the decoy. Funniest thing to watch. I had never thought of getting their chicken distress, I'll add that to my list. I was really hoping to hear specific sounds though since they have like five of each of the different sounds. Thanks again, keep the good advice coming.
  5. Loc n Load

    Loc n Load Well-Known Member

    Owls and varmint calls

    Owls can be dangerous....we had a game warden killed by an owl several years ago when an owl hit him while he was wearing a fur hat in the woods. I had a buddy who got "blindsided" by one while he was sitting in a tree stand deer hunting....required a trip to the hospital for stiches.....I had a close call one evening at dusk while sitting in a brush pile using a mouth call....I had a stocking hat on and a big horned owl dropped down from behind me and brushed across the top of my head with it's talons..and glided out in front of me....scared the bejeebers out of me.....that is when I decided to use electronic calls...and get that speaker way out there in front of me....yep, they mean business and when they have hit my speaker they were serious. Like I said....better that speaker than me.

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