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Favorite Holster For SIGP238?????

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by fragin228, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. fragin228

    fragin228 Member

    Yo, Ive had a sig p238 for 2 months now, 500 rounds through it. I have 4 holsters for it, two bianchi IWB holsters made for the colt mustang that fit perfectly and tight. One has a thumbsnap, one does not and rides lower under the belt. I also have two DeSantis holsters, one that is tuckable and one that is a pocket holster.....I have to say that these DeSantis holsters DO NOT FIT as well as the Bianchi holsters, even though the DeSantis holsters are made for the P238 and the Bianchi are made for the Colt Mustang.

    What do you Sig P238/Colt Mustang owners use?
  2. Slowplayaa

    Slowplayaa Member

    Try the iTac belt clip specifically molded for the Sig P238, which can cliped on the outside, as well as worn IWB. Adjustable too. Many places to purchase for between $24 to $35 on line.
  3. Slowplayaa

    Slowplayaa Member

    Please note that with the iTac for the P238, IWB is best accessed LH. Not reversible to RH IWB. Forgot to note that in earlier posting.
  4. CZ-Guy

    CZ-Guy Well-Known Member

    I loved my galco ankle lite for the p238.

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