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favorite powder for 7mm mag

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by kfrobinson, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. kfrobinson

    kfrobinson Member

    I am going to work up a load for my 7 mm mag , using Sierra 160 gr. Boat tail bullets. Just curious what powder worked well for others reloading similar bullets and why you like it. I am thinking about trying reloader 22.
  2. jwrowland77

    jwrowland77 Well-Known Member

    Go with either IMR7828 or IMR4350. You can't go wrong with either of these two powders.

    IMR7828 was specifically made for the 7mm and IMR4350 just shoots really well out of my rifle along with 7828.
  3. HARV6

    HARV6 Well-Known Member

    Reloader 19

    I've only tried one. Last year I got my first 7RM. I wanted a 160 grain Accubond and it's awesome ballistic coefficient to leave my barrel at 3000FPS, and have 5 shots land consistently under an inch. Reloader 19 got me 5 shots around .75", velocity was a little shy averaging around 2945FPS. Still hand't hit the published "max charge" but figured with that accuracy and no signs of pressure i could live with coming up 55FPS short of my goal.
  4. Chief 101

    Chief 101 Well-Known Member

    I like all the choices so far, tho I wouldnt pass up on H4831 or H4831sc.
    gives top performance and accuracy.
  5. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I'll tell ya what, RL22 has produced the absolute best loads for me. Prior to going with RL22 I was using IMR-4350 with pretty good results. But IMR-4350 could get out of hand in terms of pressures much easier unless I carefully worked up. Where as with RL22, my loads often end up at maximum charges that still maintain great pressures, accuracy, and super high velocity. It's just one of those powders that fits the burn rate needs of 7 mag with near perfection, in my opinion.

  6. jwrowland77

    jwrowland77 Well-Known Member

    My workup that I did for me and my rifle with IMR4350 gets me .500"-.600" groups every time.

    Last time I went out my groups were right at .550"-.562".
  7. Skyshot

    Skyshot Well-Known Member

    IMR7828/IMR4831/IMR4350/RL19/RL22/RL25/H4831/H1000/H870/Magpro. One of those will work better than others all you have to do is find the "one" and thats what makes reloading fun.
  8. kfrobinson

    kfrobinson Member

    Thanks for the suggestions I will make a list, and go see whats available.

    VINTAGE-SLOTCARS Well-Known Member

    H4831 with a sierra 168gr hpbt.

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