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Federal Prohibition of carrying of firearms in theaters

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jdrink, May 29, 2012.

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  1. jdrink

    jdrink Active Member

    I just held a NRA Basic pistol class and heard something i have never heard before and cannot confirm anywhere on the internet, so i thought before i called my student back i would check with you guys and see if any of you have ever heard of this. According to my student, it is against federal law to carry a concealed firearm into any theater. He stated his son was told this when he began working at a theater. I explained that as far as i knew all federally restricted areas were well marked and i had never seen a sign at a theater in our area. Have any of you heard of this before? The only restrictions i can find are individual theaters and Ford's theater where Lincoln was shot (how appropriate). Me thinks he knows not of what he speaks, but I have been wrong before.

  2. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre Well-Known Member

  3. newfalguy101

    newfalguy101 Well-Known Member

    Feds can only ban carry on federal property.
  4. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    As this is not really Activism I moved it to General.
  5. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    A theater of war? Well, that would make even less sense..
  6. Birch Knoll

    Birch Knoll Well-Known Member

    You heard it from your student, who heard it from his son, who heard it from a nameless somebody who worked in a theater, who heard it from who-knows-who.

    At least the myth about firearms in banks has a vaguely plausible federal nexus, but theaters? I think not.
  7. paramedic70002

    paramedic70002 Well-Known Member

    Ask your student to have his son go to work and request a law citation to validate the mystery employee's statement. That ought to be the end of it.
  8. basicblur

    basicblur Well-Known Member

    I guess there's no law against lying!

    I regularly listen to Tom Gresham's Gun Talk podcast, and I can't tell you how many times a trucker (they often seem to be older) will call in telling him it's against the law to carry in their truck - he's covered this so many times I'm sure he's 'bout to pull his hair out.
    As he's repeatedly told them, there are no laws / DOT regulations, etc that state it is against the law to carry in their truck. A number of them want to argue with him, but when push comes to shove, it's always the trucking company, driver training company / manual, etc that has given them this false impression (I think one person that knew better stated he was actually lied to by someone along the info chain).
    The ones that don't want to accept his answer (and he has researched it) usually hit a brick wall when he asks them to tell him what law /DOT regulation / statute, etc they are violating.

    Sounds like the same thing that's been going on in the trucking industry has now made it to the theatre industry?

    BTW - last week there was a new twist - a trucker called in and tried to tell him under some of the new Homeland Security laws / regulations, etc, you could not carry an explosive projectile in the cab of the truck, so guns were out under Homeland Security. Tom called BS, but said he'll research it, but unless you're carrying some kind of special .50 cal (explosive) round etc, normal ammo does not have an exploding projectile, so some kind of law / regulation against exploding projectiles in the cab (if there is one) should not affect guns in trucks.

    I don't know if some folks are just cornfused, or if there is possibly an organized effort (consultants?) to confuse folks with semantics regarding things such as guns in OTR trucking?
    Last edited: May 30, 2012
  9. dubya450

    dubya450 Well-Known Member

    Basicblur, I'm a truck driver and have heard the same thing. Its all local driving (dump truck and paving) but there are some pretty shady areas we work in and I've asked about keeping a pistol in my truck since I'm a legal CC citizen but have been told its illegal in any commercial vehicle. Ill have to call DOT and ask, thanks for the info.
  10. RhinoDefense

    RhinoDefense Well-Known Member

    Perfectly legal. There is no DOT regulation banning firearms in commercial vehicles.
  11. Havok7416

    Havok7416 Well-Known Member

    I believe if your name is John Dillinger there is a mandatory immediate death penalty for carrying in a theater.:D Otherwise no.
  12. Lex Luthier

    Lex Luthier Well-Known Member

    Just another myth created by the mysterions.

    My employer would discourage such "outlandish behavior". I also drive a truck, often stopping in questionably areae and must rely solely on my keen situational awareness.

    If there is a sign at the entrance expressing the managements preference as to how we excersize the Second Amendment, I take note, but concealed means concealed.

    It may also be worth noting that a large Chinese company just bought AMC theaters, making it the largest movie theater company in the world. We can probably expect some not so subliminal ChiCOm messaging in the future, including their lifestyle preferences.
  13. Skribs

    Skribs Well-Known Member

    I think this may be in response to many theaters having "no weapons" signs, which is in response to the few stories where someone is talking during the movie and an annoyed patron shoots them and sits back down. But no, I carry in theaters all the time, and its perfectly legal.
  14. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    That's a negative. No federal ban on carrying in theaters. There could be some states that ban it, though I haven't heard of any.

    If it were I wouldn't be visiting theaters. I'd just wait for pay per view or netflix and watch movies in the comfort of my own home. Lately that's been my preference really. I don't like sitting in those greasy, smelly chairs surrounded by noisy strangers in a dark room. ;)
  15. pkariher

    pkariher Member

    No CC in NC in a theater.

    Places off limits:
    Assemblies and establishments where admission was charged. §14-269.3
  16. Rail Driver

    Rail Driver Well-Known Member

    Dillinger committed a crime with a gun in a theater? Or are you referring to John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln in Ford's Theater?

    For what it's worth, my father in law is an OTR trucker and believes that it's illegal for him to carry a gun in his truck as well - I need to replicate the research in order to prove him wrong (and so he finally decides it's worthwhile to defend himself).

    As far as theaters - Never heard that one before.
  17. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    I think that might be more like the true reason right there; although I could Homeland pushing for that as some way to fight terrorism (in their minds)
  18. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf member

    Then it could perhaps be argued that one can carry nowhere as we are charged taxes for admission and assemble and actually comprise any and all establishments.
  19. AlaskaMan

    AlaskaMan Well-Known Member

    Seeing as how that theater is now a National Park, it would be illegal to carry in that theater.

  20. Quat

    Quat Active Member

    There obviously had to be *some* kind of law passed in response to Lincolns passing.
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