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feedback...looking to get .45acp under $600

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by kmrcstintn, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. kmrcstintn

    kmrcstintn Well-Known Member

    When I get a new job and get some $$$ built up, I will be looking for a good, reliable, rugged, accurate, and well supported (warranty, magazine availability, holster availability, etc) semiauto handgun for under $600 NIB or $500 in excellent used condition.

    NOT a CCW piece...HOME DEFENSE (apartment), VEHICLE, and RANGE GUN...
    I am putting all biases and dislikes aside for this one. Please state your recommendation(s) and why. Thank you for your input...just remember $600 for NIB and $500 for excellent used.
  2. salthouse

    salthouse Well-Known Member

    Ruger P90. You'll even have plenty of $$$ left over for ammo.
  3. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    Ruger P97 (More comfortable then the P90)
    Ruger P345 (More comfortable then the P97 but has a wind sail for a loaded chamber indicator)

    Possibly a CPO SIG P220, check out CDNN investments, download their flyer.

    XD45 (Been hearing good things about this one and I loved my HS2000)

    Glock 21 (BIG gun but lots of big bullets in a very reliable package)

    There are a few.
  4. Darkker

    Darkker Well-Known Member

    Buy a Springfield 1911. Either the mil-spec, or GI series. Despite what the snobs tell you. Even the ones that have made in Brazil stamped on them are great guns.
    1911 parts and reliability. 45 power. Springfield has a rebate program right now that gets you lots of stuff.
    I just bought another GI Widebody last week. Spent $450 New.
    The Mil-Spec a month ago cost $398
  5. Sergeant Sabre

    Sergeant Sabre Well-Known Member

    Springfield GI or Mil-Spec model.
  6. sithanas

    sithanas Well-Known Member

    Glock 21. 13 round mags standard, you can get +2 floorplates for 15+1 capacity.

    XD45 looks good too.
  7. 30-06 lover

    30-06 lover Well-Known Member

    For the price...Glock 21 should be the ticket, but the grip size if quite large, so be sure to check it out before you buy one.

    Personally, I would never get a pistol as my primary weapon for home defense. A shotgun is a much better defense weapon for the home IMO. I would buy an 870 for the home if defense is your only concern, but If you would like to go to the range and have fun shooting, go with the 45.
  8. bluto

    bluto Well-Known Member

    Check out Springfield MilSpec. I think its the best buy for the money out there. Comes with flared ejection port, decent sights. The new ones come with a spare set of cocobolo grips and a kydex holster. You can find them for about $550. All mine are nicely assembled, very accurate and reliable.
  9. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    Top of the list would be the SA Milspec 1911, SA GI 1911, or SA XD. Either way, your money is going to Springfield Armory.

    I love 1911s, so I try to suggest them whenever I can, but the XD45 sounds like a very strong contender.

    Honorable mentions:
    - Glock 21
    - CZ 97B
  10. Chuck123

    Chuck123 Active Member


    I several years ago I could only afford one handgun at the time so I must of spend over a year reading reviews, talking to policeman and seeing over and over were Glocks were get top awards and even one time I think in HandGuner magazine were Glocks got the top award for the past 10 years. I wanted a gun that I could count on for personnel defense with the highest ratings for reliability of any gun on the market and I could carry comfortably for 12 hours or more at a time. They do not weight a lot, so they do not fell as if you have been carrying a heavy brick all day, and some days I carry my Glock 23 for 12 hours or more. Glocks come in three sizes in almost every caliber, which is nice to be able to fit many people. Glock have a lot less parts that most guns. I bought the gun for self-defense and like a point and shoot gun. You train the right way and do not have to worry of the safety is on or not; three internal safeties on a Glock.


    I had a Glock 26 for several years and now own a Glock 23. Only took me two days in the newspaper to sale my G-23 which I regret saling it now. I do carry concealed and for years tried to find out the best (for me) method of carrying a gun concealed, most natural draw and somewhat comfortable. I tried the shoulder holster, the outside the waist, the cheep off the shelf holsters, one plastic IWB and I do have the Galco holster. I have sold or given away most of those holsters and will be looking to sale the Galco holster if you read my meaning. You can look a rigrate.com for input and ratings of holsters also.

    After going through all these different types of holsters; for concealed carry I totally recommend the line of Milt Sparks Holsters and for concealed the Milt Sparks Vera Max II. Cost around $100.00 to $125.00. No holster is God’s gift to mankind, but I can wear this holster for 12 hours and still feel comfortable. The Milt Sparks VM-II has received some of the highest ratings throughout the varies gun forums. It can be warn different ways.

    A holster and a good gun belt is a must. I had a costume made gun-holster belt made for me in Scio, Oregon. The name of the company is A.E Nelson Leather Company www.nelsonleather.com. I had a piece of spring steel sewn into belt to make it so it will not turn or twist. The total cost of the belt was approximately $50.00 including shipping. In addition, I have never seen any other hand crafted; top quality belt offered for such a good price anywhere.

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2006
  11. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    If you are willing to go used, it is tough to beat the S&W 4506 and they can be had in the $450-$500 range. For new guns, there are a lot of options under $600. Glock 21 & 30, EAA Witness series, Baby Eagle, several basic 1911's (Springer GI & Mil-Spec, RIA, etc), Ruger P-series, XD, Taurus and so on. We might be able to help you narrow it if you specify action type and polymer vs. aluminum vs. steel for the frame.
  12. Rangegod

    Rangegod Well-Known Member

    For your stated use and price range my # 1 non-1911 recommendation would be a CZ-97B. OEM mags are dirt cheep, leather is available from several sources, new springs a click away at Wolff’s and it is outstandingly accurate. It will do anything a Sig 220 will at 2/3 the cost and with a greater mag capacity. (BTW, for those who take exception to that claim, I also own three 220’s.)

    Now as to 1911’s; as much as I love them (currently have 13) I’m not going to open that can of worms.

  13. Juna

    Juna Well-Known Member

    I suggest either a CZ 97B or a Ruger P345. Both are outstanding guns. CZs are great handguns, and Rugers are rugged and reliable as can be. Ruger really improved their ergonomics with the 345, IMO.
  14. sanjuro

    sanjuro Member

    for 45ACP, you cannot go wrong with Glock OR Springfield-Armory (1911 or XD flavor)
  15. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    i ordered a park mil spec, total cost is 597, my gun prices locally are a bit high, so hopefully you can do better
  16. Just_a_dude_with_a_gun

    Just_a_dude_with_a_gun Well-Known Member

    A springfield GI/Milspec if you NEED a 1911, or a ruger P345 if you want a
    slightly lighter DA-SA with a rail.
  17. ARTiger

    ARTiger Well-Known Member

    I have a Ruger P90 which although inexpensive is not cheaply made. Great gun IMO. Some folks thinks it's a bit largish, but I have catcher's mitts for hands and it feels just right to me. Currently drooling over an XD45 though. Everyone I know who has one loves it and I like the higher capacity.

    If you want a 1911 style, the Springfields also are hard to beat in that price range.
  18. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    Ruger P-90, P-97, or P-345. Of the three the P-90 is my favorite, and is my primary HD gun.

    By all accounts the CZ-97 is a fine piece, but it's LARGE. It may not work well for you if you have small hands.
  19. cookekdjr

    cookekdjr Well-Known Member

    I would check, in order:

    Glock 21
    Glock 30
    SIG p220
    Springfield Mil-Spec.

    I would also consider:
  20. xMetal

    xMetal Well-Known Member

    Lately it seems like I'm the only person who knows about it, but the gun I just got is right on target for what you want, if 1911 style is your choice. Full size, brand new, very accurate, looks great.

    Para Ordnance 1911 SSP (PX745E)

    I'm loving mine, though they don't appear to be the "hot pick." I personally found the military-style sites to be worhtless on the cheap 1911's like the Springfield. 3-dot sites, for me, are a necessity. Maybe something to consider.

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