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FEG .32 ACP from www.centerfiresystems.com?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Hoffy, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Hoffy

    Hoffy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any feedback on the FEG .32 acp pistols from www.centerfiresystems.com?

    Overall quality of the pistol, including accuracy?
    Parts interchangability with the 9x18 version (including grips)?
    Differences in condition among the different billboard options?
    Perceived value?

    I'll pay the same transfer fee and shipping on a higher priced .32...so if I won't be happy with the pistol I'll pass the $130 deal by.
  2. scalper

    scalper Well-Known Member

    Just bought one

    I just bought one of these. I couldn't pass it up based on the price and I have been wanting to add some lesser caliber centerfire weapons to my collection.

    I will post when I get the gun and have had a chance to shoot it.
  3. Hoffy

    Hoffy Well-Known Member

    Thanks scalper...I'm looking forward to your review.
  4. msgttbar

    msgttbar Well-Known Member

    Just bought this locally.


    $155 total cost. Shows a lot of holster wear. Plan on going to the range tomorrow. Will report.

    This dealer has several HiPoints in stock including the 995, CF380, C9, 40, & 45 models. All below MSRP.
  5. GuidoTorpedo

    GuidoTorpedo Well-Known Member

    I'm also interested to know what they're like! These require FFLs right?
  6. ARTiger

    ARTiger Well-Known Member

    Interesting! Appears there are Hungarian, Belgian and German made versions. Are these C&R eligible?
  7. Glockorama

    Glockorama Well-Known Member

    They are not C&R.
  8. rklessdriver

    rklessdriver Well-Known Member

    Looks identical to the PA63 (9X18) FEG also makes. I've had quite a few of the 9X18 ones. Quality little pistols IMO. Very slim and light. The double action triggers are horrid on most of them, single action is OK thou.

    Seems the .32acp would be better suited as the 9X18 ones hurt my hand after a few mags at the range. The way the back strap of the grip is designed is just not a fit for human beings and the 9X18 kicks hard in the little guns. The .32acp would be much nicer to shoot.
  9. AZHighCountry

    AZHighCountry Well-Known Member

    I picked one up from J&G in Prescott AZ a while back . Changed the hammer spring, (PA63 spring is the same), making the da trigger much better. Overall it functions very well and shoots great.

    However, this weekend I started having trouble with the magazine. Rim of cartridge is comming up higher than the bullet causing it to push into the front of the mag instead of chambering. I have cleaned the mag and tried to get it to function with no luck. I have been trying to find another mag for this pistol since I bought it with no luck.

    Other than the mag problems it's a nice little shooter. If anyone knows of a place to get a mag please let me know.
  10. ARTiger

    ARTiger Well-Known Member

  11. Hoffy

    Hoffy Well-Known Member

    I understand that the pa-63 mags are interchangable...though I can't imagine how you could have a mag work for both 9x18 and 32 acp (but there are a lot of things that I can't imagine).

    I ordered one last week and should have it by this weekend.
  12. AZHighCountry

    AZHighCountry Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link ARTiger, just ordered 2 mags. Will probably go back to J&G and pick up another one of these pistols in the next couple weeks.
  13. Hoffy

    Hoffy Well-Known Member

    I just picked mine up from my FFL today, complete with a cleaning kit. I assume that the chain looking thing is a Hungarian bore snake...and the brushes hook onto that?
  14. scalper

    scalper Well-Known Member

    Still haven't received mine yet. Hopefully next week.

    I am sure it will show a good deal of wear. I intend to clean it up, do a little sanding, degreaser, and then duracoat it (black). I like the crisp look of a fresh duracoat.
  15. nytrumpet

    nytrumpet Member

    Just got one from Centerfire. It was in great shape. Well worth the 89 bucks.

    I took it to the range on Sunday and put close to 200 rounds through it. Shot like a dream and had zero problems. Great little gun!
  16. Hoffy

    Hoffy Well-Known Member

    I put just about 50 rounds through mine on Sunday. Though I had 1 FTE and the slide did not lock back consistantly on the last round, I like it!

    I spent 20 minutes with some 000 steel wool and took the majority of the finish off of the backstrap and frontstraps. However, the sides of the frame looks a little rougher.

    Has anyone else tried to dress up the frame?
  17. nytrumpet

    nytrumpet Member

    I've been trying like crazy to get the finish off the backstrap and other parts. Have it soaking in acetone right now. What in the world did they use as a finish? It's really difficult to get this stuff off.
  18. nytrumpet

    nytrumpet Member

    Here's a pic of mine after I refinished it:


    Took steel wool and finally polished the frame with a dremel.
  19. scalper

    scalper Well-Known Member

    NYTrumpet - I am refinishing mine as well, but am struggling with how to get the safety disassembled from the slide so that I do some work on the slide. Were you able to detail strip the pistol?

    By the way, I really love this gun.
  20. nytrumpet

    nytrumpet Member

    A friend of mine happens to be a gunsmith. He took the safety off so I could detail it.

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