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FEG Hi Power clone

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by viking499, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any information on these?

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  2. nathan

    nathan Well-Known Member

    Looks like a GKK in .45 ACP.
  3. Tribal

    Tribal Well-Known Member

    I've heard that the FEGs are pretty decent. Not stellar, but decent.

    I will say, though, that the slide-mounted safety is going to be weird for anyone used to a regular Hi Power or a 1911.

    Also, what is this, BHP day? I bought one today and I've seen several threads today as well!
  4. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    Just saw these the other day. Wondering about them. Have an itch for a Hi-power, just don't have the funds available yet.
  5. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

    It looks kinda like a hi-power but that gun is double action, hi-powers are single action. Hi-powers have frame safeties. Mark
  6. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    The pistol in the photo is more of a S&W clone than BHP clone. Given the price of S&W police trade ins, usually under $300, I would pass. Regards, Richard:)
  7. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    The above is true. While FEG does make a Hi Power clone, this ain't it. Its a copy of an S&W DA/SA auto. M59? Don't know my Smith auto model numbers very well.
  8. Glockorama

    Glockorama Well-Known Member

    Yep, it's a Smith copy made to resemble a hipower.

    I agree with Richard, with the volume of low-priced S&W PD turn ins (as well as used civilian models), I would go with the real deal.

    I had an FEG hipower clone (FP-9, I think) and it was a very good gun, with total parts interchangability with FN/Browning. Didn't look as smooth, but a good shooter. Don't care for their S&W copies though.
  9. Z71

    Z71 Well-Known Member

    Not like that pistol. But I do have the FEG PJK9HP(something like that!). My gun is a more or less exact copy of a1960's Browning Hi-Power 9mm.

    I've actually had better luck with the FEG clone than I did with a genuine FN made Hi-Power 9mm.

    My FEG clone is an earlier model, and not as well fitted or finished as newer FEG made guns I've seen. However, it has functioned fine and supplied excellent accuracy. The FEG will function perfectly with cheesy aftermarket Hi-Power mags that wouldn't work worth a hoot in the FN product. I've experienced one jam since I've owned the pistol. The firing pin stuck in the extended position because of factory grease in the hole it rides in. Wouldn't chamber a new round because the firing pin blocked the round from getting out of the magazine! Cleaned the pistol completely down to the last pin, and have never experienced a jam since. Have not cleaned it much since either.

    Thats about all the dirt I have on my FEG pistol. My older gun is poorly and sloppily polished. Only so-so in the metal to metal fit. Was pretty decently blued(a bunch worn off the grip 'cause I use this thing). I have looked at some new FEG guns that are much better made than my early 1990's pistol.

    The FEG Hi-Power clone I own runs great! Despite being a bit crude, she's reliable and accurate.
  10. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member

    viking499, if your itch is for a Hi-Power clone you'll probably want to pass on the original pistol you asked about.

    The FEG Hi-Power clone is OK, and if you can score one for $250-350 depending on condition, they're usually worth it IMO.

  11. Dick1911

    Dick1911 Well-Known Member

    CDNN is still selling the Charles Daly Hi Power clones, the last time I looked. I'm real pleased with the one I got from them. :D
  12. Mojo-jo-jo

    Mojo-jo-jo Well-Known Member

    I had a FEG P9R. It's pretty much a BHP frame with a S&W (SA/DA) trigger group. I just didn't really like it and sold it off pretty quickly. It was reasonably well made, but not all that I expected it to be.

    If you want a S&W, find a good police trade in. If you want a BHP, get a BHP, or one of the licensed Argentine copies if you can still find one.
  13. kentucky_smith

    kentucky_smith Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Sarco was selling NIB Argentine FM HighPowers, but I can't seem to find them listed on their website anymore.
  14. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    I had a P9R, mags were hard to find, aftermarkets sucked. It seemed to have some accuracy issues as well. It's long gone though I still have an older BHP clone of theirs that is serviceable if not spectacular.

    Anyone ever notice that FEG products many time have very nice bluing? I'd like one of their AK's with the nice blonde wod stock.

    I also want to try thier PP/PPK clone in .22lr.
  15. Cliff47

    Cliff47 Well-Known Member

    FEG has introduced two single-action pistols under the PJK-9HP model designation. The first had a tapered slide (as opposed to the step in the Hi-Power slide) and had a ventilated rib with sights that stood up and got in the way of the weak hand. This model has been re-designated the FP-9. Accurate, yes. I remember picking up my version for a hair over $300 (including state sales tax) about ten years ago. The second pistol to bear the PJK-9HP designation had the Hi-Power stepped slide and smaller sights. The manual safety was a welcomed increase in size from the Browning/FN version. I remember picking one up for $225 at a gun show. The blueing is a touch thin, but still very nice.

    FEG has produced the second-generation PJK-9HP for Mauser (as the 80SA), Israel (as the Kareen), and for one individual that reportedly sold a number of them to Saddam Hussein in exchange for a pile of petro-dollars. Currently, the FEG pistols are being assembled in the USA by Charles Daly and marketed as the Charles Daly HP. The CD version has an initially gritty trigger pull that seems to take forever to smooth out.

    Another Hi-Power clone that you might consider is from Argentina, the FM Hi-Power was produced on FN machinery under license (early FM Hi-Powers are just as good as the Belgian versions, there is also the M90 and M95 with the slab-sided slide so beware). My personal Hi-Power is an FM frame with an FN slide. Prices on the FM's run from $200 to $325 (this was used and new, respectively, and eight and twelve years ago, respectively).

    Another clone is the Arcus 94 from Bulgaria. Nowhere near the elegant lines of the FEG or even the FN, it would serve to be a "truck gun" that you won't feel bad about tossing in the glove box. Slightly rough finish, blocky lines, but takes the same magazines and is utterly reliable. I have picked up an Arcus 94 for $245.
  16. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    Arcus is ugly I feel but I hear good things about them. I srt of want the Kareen. Is there an Israeli clone that is not a repackaged FEG though? I also want an Argentine version.

    I like the vent rib look on the FEG also.
  17. RaspberrySurprise

    RaspberrySurprise Well-Known Member

    It's a FEG P9R looks like a HP but it's not. Magazines are hard to find and expensive, and repair parts non-existant as far as I know. I plan on trading mine in after only having it for a few weeks due to this and extractor problems.
  18. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    Moonclip, of the BHP clones that I have tried, the Arcus is the best . Regards, Richard:)

  19. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    I passed a $200 Arcus at $200 in 2004:(
  20. golden

    golden Well-Known Member

    Feg P9r

    It looks like a FEG P9R. I owned one of these for a number of years.

    FEG is a Hungarian company that makes BROWNING Hi Power clones as well as traditional double action/single pistols. The P9R is a good gun.

    The double action works well.

    On the negative side, they can be finicky on ammo. They are or at least were designed to feed ball (FMJ) ammo. If you use hollow points, you may want to stick with REMINGTON JHP which seem to feed in every gun.
    Also, the sights are the tradition small ones used before the 1980's switch to the larger combat sights used on most pistols today.

    The action is similar to the S&W auto pistols, but was most likely inspired by the WALTHER P-38 from which S&W based their double action design.


    Using ball and REMINGTON ammo, it is a good, inexpensive pistol.


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