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Feg Sa2000M Conversion Hicap Question

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by hkmp5g17, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. hkmp5g17

    hkmp5g17 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone out there converted one of these to Hicap? Any links/ advice?

  2. hkmp5g17

    hkmp5g17 Well-Known Member

    Anybody?:rolleyes: I woild imagine it must be similar to converting a Saiga.
  3. gogetumnow

    gogetumnow Well-Known Member

    I've done one. Be sure to keep it compliant, you'll need to add some US parts to it. 6 I believe. Most of those came with Choate stocks so there are 2 parts right there. Add a tapco G2 trigger, hammer and disconnector. That brings you up to 5. Then maybe go for a Tapco gas plunger or something to make it 6.

    Is all you have to do is mill out the mag well to accept the double stack mags. Go slow, and check your work as you go and you're GTG. SA-2000's are fine Hungarians imported by FEG. Wish I still had mine.

    Edited to add: They're actually easier than Saiga's cuz you don't have to mess with the stocks, trigger, or trigger guard.
  4. hkmp5g17

    hkmp5g17 Well-Known Member


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