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ffl in a differant county?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by ultradoc, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. ultradoc

    ultradoc Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about getting something from gunbroker. I have a friend who lives in a differant county than I. Can I have the weapon shipped to him or does it have to be in the same county that I live in? Also, he said that he would get me a copy of his FFL,I order/bid on the weapon then it gets sent to him. How long can I 'hold' onto his FFL? Thanks.
  2. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    He's a friend? He's only a phone call away, and as an FFL holder should know all the state laws. All the feds require is that the deal go through an FFL holder.

    Texas law is unconcerned with any county issue; dunno 'bout elsewhere.

    How long you have/use his FFL # is up to him. The feds don't care, as near as I can tell.
  3. ultradoc

    ultradoc Well-Known Member

    he said that we could do it the way I described I would just like a second opinion....
  4. subknave

    subknave Well-Known Member

    Generally a copy of his FFL will be sent to the seller to ensure it is a valid ffl and it has to be shipped to the address on the FFL. Once your friend receives it just do the paperwork and take it home.
  5. alistaire

    alistaire Well-Known Member

    Buying a firearm and having it shipped to a 'friend' is a straw purchase and is illegal in the USA.
  6. expvideo

    expvideo Well-Known Member

    You misunderstood his post. A firearm has to be shipped to an FFL. His friend is an FFL. His friend is offering to do the transfer for him, most likely at a much cheaper rate than a gun store. He is not straw purchasing through his friend.
  7. ultradoc

    ultradoc Well-Known Member

    Update....I was looking for an AK type rifle. I looked on gunbroker and was planning on getting one there. I called Gander Mtn. and told them my situation but they seemed kind of unsure. Well after some hunting around I found Rapid Fire or Ohio Rapid Fire and called them and told them what I wanted to do. They said it was do-able then just asked if they had any underfolding Aks in stock. He has one Polish underfolder for $750. I put my name on it for him to hold it for me. This was yesterday. Today I am going to drive over to check it out. I am in Columbus and they are in Troy so it's only about 2 plus hrs away. So if everything looks good I might be coming home with an AK!! The only accessory that comes with it is a steel 30 rd.mag. Wish me luck

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