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FFL mess

Discussion in 'Legal' started by llanero, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. llanero

    llanero New Member

    Jul 18, 2003
    SW MO
    So I go to the local gunstore to pick up a receiver that I had sent to me--no big deal, right? Weeell, they ask me to open the package in the store-ok, no big deal still. The lower receiver for an AR is in there, but the store owner flips out over the fact that there isn't a copy of the sender's FFL included! I told him that I didn't believe it was necessary and he tells me that the local ATF agent says that it is.
    He calls the sender and tells him in a borderline confrontational demeanor that he needs an FFL to give me the receiver. The sender says (which I can gather from overhearing the conversation) that it really isn't necessary and the store owner gets a tad...agitated.
    End result, I wait a couple of minutes for the FFL to be faxed, so in the end it was no big deal.
    I was wondering what the conventional wisdom of this board has to say about this issue. As far as I knew one only needs an FFL to FFL transfer for handguns across state lines, but rifles only need to sent to an FFL...
    Any and all input would be appreciated.

  2. clem

    clem Active Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Arizona Territory
    In this day and age, with current events, it probably wouldn't hurt for dealers to exchange copies of their FFLs.
  3. dksck

    dksck member

    Jun 30, 2003
    You are correct. The law requires that the dealer receiving the weapon must send a signed copy to the sender, but the sender is not required to send a copy of his/her ffl to the receiver. In fact, the send need not be a dealer. An individual is allowed to send a firearm to a dealer as long as he/she has verified that the receiver holds a valid FFL. The only requirement of the sender is that he/she include a name and an address that is not a PO box so that information can be entered into the receiver's A&D log. Unfortunately, there are many uniformed dealers such as yours who believe they need a copy of the senders' ffl. In light of his attitude and resistance to being educated, I suggest you find another dealer. Best of luck.

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