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Finally got to shoot My Remington 700 SPSV .308...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by smullen, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. smullen

    smullen Member

    Jan 17, 2008
    St. Louis, Missouri
    My new father in law and I took a trip to my gunclub Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club This weekend to shoot a few of his pistols and sight in his deer rifle. I finally got a try out my Remington 700; I've had the damn thing seems like almost a year now... I had to save up and buy the gun itself, then the scope base and rings, then the scope.

    Impressions are: I really enjoyed it... 1st few shots the bolt was a bit stiff on loading and cycling, but after 4 or 5 shots, it started sliding a bit better. Loading the four rounds is a bit of a chore as I'm used to slapping a magazine in my ARs, AKs, Glocks, Mac-10 etc... My 1st bolt action of my own in many years.

    Having never shot this thing, I had no idea what to expect, so I started at 50 yards (less of a walk for target swaps) with a 8.5"x11" sheet of printer paper with a 4" black circle in the middle.

    1 shot was on paper. but about 3-4" high and a bit to the right, so I cranked it a bit took three more shots, cranked it a bit more, three more shots, repeat till I was hitting the center of the circle...

    My groupings seemed ok. If I shot three rounds, two were touching and all three would fit in a quarter or be touching the quarter if that makes sense...

    I know, I need to work on those and get them tighter. I did notice I have a bit of a wobble and I sometimes don't put the crosshairs in the exact same spot if I'm shooting at a white space and not somethign to pinpoint on...

    It was getting late, the sun was going down and I wanted to try some 100 yard shots before we had to stop to see if I could even hit the paper out there.

    I took aim at some 6" self healing plates that spin and reset when you nail them. I was able to put 6 out o 6 in the center. I'm not sure what the grouping was as I did not get out there to look at them. I'm guessing it was no where near the quarter size I was doing at 50 yards...

    Conclusion, very fun rifle to shoot... The rifle seems to have plenty of potential, I just need to master it...

    I need much more time and practice with it and learn it.

    I can't wait to stock up on some more ammo and go back...

    I'll try and get some pics of it soon...
  2. plinky

    plinky Member

    May 23, 2008
    Sounds like you have the twin to my own rifle. I like the looks and fit of the factory stock but it puts a lot of pressure on the barrel. I thought about working on the factory stock but got a Hogue pillar bedded one instead. Not sure what effect it has had because I changed ammo at the same time. The Hogue is free floated but it still is flexy enough to touch the barrel if rested out near the tip.

    It does seem to prefer 168 gr bullets over 150s. I thought with a 1/12" twist it would like 150gr or lighter but apparently these guns will shoot heavier slugs well also. Some guys say up to 190gr are good. I will try 175s and go from there.

    I've switched to Varget powder which may be working better than IMR 4064 although I'm getting a lot of powder fouling (most I've ever seen) as well as copper (SMK bullets) in 20 rounds.

    Like you, I'm learning what the rifle likes and it (we) keep getting better. :cool: Enjoy that rifle!
  3. bragood

    bragood Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    I have that rifle too. I love the look of the stock but it didnt do the trick so I put a 700PSS stock on it. I used 168 gr Hornady AMAX bullets with IMR4895 and got a .360 3 shot group. The rifle shoots amazing great. I have the problem with my sight picture that you talk about. I fixed it by putting the little orange dots you can find at wally world in the center of my target and it helped me a lot. Good luck with your rifle. Oh I also handloaded some 150 grain hornady sst bullets and still got moa with 4895.
  4. SpeedAKL

    SpeedAKL Senior Member

    Mar 5, 2007
    McLean, VA
    I recently bought that rifle. $550 out the door with scope, rings, and bases at a sale at Dicks.

    The stock is OD green, which apparently was a unique order by Dicks or so they said.

    I've had the chance to run it several times. This is an outstanding rifle, and great value for the money. I was honestly leaning towards the Savage 10FP before I stumbled across this deal.

    The rifle seems capable of tremendous accuracy. I had some trouble zeroing in at first, but I found a nice orange sticker on a box at 100 yards and when I finally got it right, bullets were flying through the sticker and making a single oblong hole. Very nice! I wasn't using high-class ammo either, just 147gr military ball.

    The bolt was a bit sticky at first but has smoothened up nicely with time. The 26-in heavy barrel does a nice job at controlling heat and provides accuracy shot after shot. The stock isn't spectacular but seems well-built.

    Complaints? Remington's X-Mark trigger is not as good IMO as Savage's AccuTrigger, but feel is still decent. It's currently at 4.5 lbs, I want to get it lowered to about 3. The rifle came with a factory scope and Leupold rings and bases. The Leupold mounts function well, but the scope itself occassionally will go off zero. I cannot tell which brand it is; it is a 4-14x unit with the Remington logo on the windage knob cover but IIRC they don't make any optics in-house. Anyone know about this?

    Lastly, the stock is decent but not great. I'm going to replace it eventually. I'm leaning heavily towards an adjustable McMillan unit.

    Bottom line, this is an outstanding rifle. It's easy to shoot and the accuracy for the dollar is hard to beat. To consistently beat this rifle or its siblings the 700P and 700VS, you will have to spend thousands on either a high-end factory rig or a custom or semi-custom job.

    My local range is 100 yards. With this gun, its like assaulting a go-kart track with a Grand Prix car.
  5. smullen

    smullen Member

    Jan 17, 2008
    St. Louis, Missouri
    HA!!!! Thats a great one....:D

    I want to upgrade the stock, try and get a detachable mag setup (fine with the 4 rounds) to make load/unload easier and would like to get a bit lighter trigger too... Right now, I'm looking around for a decent trustworthy smith to take it too...

    I'd really like to find a shop in Missouri that I can drop it off with and avoid the shipping hassles...

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