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Finally Made the Upgrade: RL550B

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Woolecox, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    I have been rolling my own for 30 years now. My Marine roommate got me into it with a single stage press. As my demand for more pistol round production grew for competition shooting, I invested in a Lee Classic Turret press. (has been sold)

    Just last week my Dillon RL550B arrived with enough parts to set up for 9mm pistol. 1000 rounds later I am just kicking myself in the butt for not doing this 20 years ago. I have complete quick change kits on order (be here this week) for 40S&W, and 45 ACP. Guess I will go ahead and get dies, etc. for my .223 M4.

    All the guys in my IDPA league that spend the most time on the range and win the most matches were all using Dillon's. Now I know why. You can produce more high quality ammo in far less time. The thing just functions flawlessly. It ain't cheap. Everything you see here plus two more calibre kits and dies cost me a total of $830. I guess that is why I waited so long. I also got the instructional video (highly recommended), spare parts kit, tools, extra primer tubes, milled primer tray, etc.

    Of course I will still use my single stage to go through all the meticulous processes for rifle loads. But, I now have a Lee Classic Turret press for sale.

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  2. Osageid

    Osageid Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I started on a 650 , so glad I did!!!!

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  3. Lost Sheep

    Lost Sheep Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your Dillon

    I feel the same way about my situation. I don't have the need for a Dillon, but my two Pro-1000s did not fit my needs, nor my first press, RCBS single stage. I delayed over 30 years before getting "THE ONE" that fit my needs. A Lee Classic Turret, as it happens. I am SOoooo happy.

    My quantity needs are more varied (7 chanberings/calibers and much lower quantities than you need), otherwise I might be hankering for a Dillon, also.

    What pieces are you selling to accompany your Lee Classic Turret and what is your asking price? Also, what part of the country are you in (shipping).

    Lost Sheep
  4. rajbcpa

    rajbcpa Well-Known Member

    I use my 550b for rifle too. There is no need to use a single stage press for rifle.
  5. HexHead

    HexHead Well-Known Member

  6. Rodfac

    Rodfac Well-Known Member

    Here's my setup, two of those great 550B's, so I don't have to change over from one primer size to the other. I'd loaded my own for over 40 yrs on a single stage Herter's press before investing in them. If you ever need it, you'll be well served by Dillon's superb customer service as well. Congratulations on a first rate investment. Rod

  7. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    Outstanding reload room!! Getting ready to build some hanging cabs for mine as well.
  8. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    Just curious, You use your Dillon progressive kit for making match rifle ammo? I'm talking bench rest disciplines out to 1000 yards and F-Class out to 600, shot from bench rest rifles and precision tactical rifles.

    I don't know of anyone who is doing this. Most are using single stage. A lot of guys using Arbor presses and L. E. Wilson dies that can be used on site.

    I would surely see no problem using my 550 for .223 ammo that is fed through a carbine for 3 gun comp or home defense. I have these dies and conversion kit on order but, they are about 6 month back ordered.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2013
  9. HexHead

    HexHead Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest, I don't get having two presses just so you don't have to change primer feeds. Takes me about two minutes to remove the tube and swap out the primer bar. You have to periodically take it off anyway to clean the area.

    It's a bigger hassle to swap out the powder bar than the primer feed, and that's not such a big deal either.
  10. swiftak

    swiftak Well-Known Member

    Why are some people so neat and orderly? My reloading room looks like a grenade went off in there.
  11. rajbcpa

    rajbcpa Well-Known Member

    The only bench rest rifle I shoot is 22LR.... I have several bench rest rifles including a Winchester 52C for 22LR

    I do center fire hunting rifle loads and center fire self-defense rifle loads with the 550B. I have not used a single stage press since I bought the Dillon.

    If I was doing center fire E-Class bench rest rifle, the biggest issue is likely the precise measurement of the powder charges, and I may use a automated powder measure and possibly a single stage press.
  12. Potatohead

    Potatohead Well-Known Member

    How much for the LCT ? I'll see if my wife will let me have some of my money.
  13. Potatohead

    Potatohead Well-Known Member

    Hey Rod- that's a darned nice setup you got there. Looks about perfect from here.
  14. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    I have not found it much of a problem either. I always have primers left over at the end of a session and just take the tube off and dump them into a labeled storage container. Same with left over powder. I just don't like leaving things that blow up out in the machine. I also like cleaning it all up.

    Heck I feel fortunate to just have one machine with all the shortages caused by the pending gun grab. I still have dies and components on order until infinity.
  15. Frankl03

    Frankl03 Well-Known Member

    Within the last year I also made the switch to a Dillon 550B. I was using a lee 4 hole classic. I love the Dillon! I'm currently reloading .40 s&w. I have a bulge buster installed on a single stage press.

    Now for cleaning up my reloading bench .....
  16. harvester

    harvester Well-Known Member

    You are going to like it.
  17. chrt396

    chrt396 Well-Known Member

    WWAAAYYYY too clean for any work being done!! You must be an engineer!!
  18. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    What is a Bulge Buster? Is that the die that corrects Glock fired cases? I have an after market modified Lee sizer die that does that. However, the first 1000 round of 9mm I just finished loading, only 3 did not pass the chamber gage check.

    All of this brass was range brass. A lot of it mine and a lot that I scrounged. A lot of it (probably 50%) bore the striker mark of a Glock.

    So, I think the Dillon dies are taking care of the majority of "unsupported" Glock brass. I also heard that Glock is no longer making their barrels that way. I have a Gen III Glock 22 (40 cal), a Gen IV Glock 34 (9mm). The G22 has a Barsto barrel and getting ready to put one in the G34. But I have never had a problem running Glock brass through any of my other guns. The Lee mod die I have way overworks the brass.

    Shot 50 rounds today from my new 550B. Some target loads with 124 Montana Gold's and some 115 Barnes Tac XP. No failures. Excellent accuracy. Happy :)

  19. gahunter12

    gahunter12 Well-Known Member

    You will love it! I started out on a RL550b nearly 4 yrs ago. It was the single best investment I have made. I load 40s&w, .45acp, .38spl, and .223 on my Dillon. Dillon dies are pricey, but worth the investment. I use Dillon dies for all of my calibers, except .223. Not sure if you got a Strong mount or not, but I highly recommend it. I flip flopped back and forth on the Strong mount til I finally decided to go with it. I didn't buy the bullet tray, but instead built my own out of a Ackro bin mounted to my strong mount.
  20. Woolecox

    Woolecox Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did get the strong mount, bullet tray, and empty case bin. Very handy.

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