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First CCW

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by toothpick, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. toothpick

    toothpick New Member

    Hi guys, here goes with the first post. Looking for first CCW.

    9mm for less recoil (not much experience with handguns) and economy.

    Manual safety.

    DA/SA or SA unless there is a DAO with a manual safety.

    Lifetime warranty both because I haven't got the money to keep replacing guns that don't work, and because it sounds like with Obama coming into office it may become easier to get a malfunctioning weapon repaired than to purchase a new one.

    Would prefer to avoid Taurus, other companies have lemons I'm sure but you see so many complaints on here and other places concerning quality and customer service it worries me. Where there's smoke there is likely to be fire.

    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2008
  2. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Ruger P95 meets all your requirement and is reasonably priced.
  3. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    the p95 is hard to beat.

    Rugers customer service has been absent lately maybe bc of their many recalls.

    Still though a good choice.
  4. JimG2

    JimG2 Member

  5. DMW

    DMW Member

    With a CCW, I think the most important element is ability to carry often and that means comfort and concealability. I don't own one but am thinking of getting a Seecamp .32 for these reasons. It is the smallest "mouse gun" allowed in my state and can be concealed in anything that I wear year round.

    Accuracy is probably only good for 10 yards with practice but in most real life situations, you are probably only an arm's length away from your attacker. Also, you can get a laser attachment that makes the gun "print" in your pocket like a wallet instead of a gun.

    Cost may be a little higher than you want to spend but they remain in demand so resale should be good.

    Check their website.
  6. Hawaiian

    Hawaiian Well-Known Member

    For a carry gun, I would not go below 9mm. There are a number of manufacturers who make great carry guns in 9, 40, and 45. Glock, Sig, HK, XD. You will get many different recomendations based on what the poster owns and carries.

    You need to research to find the right carry gun for you. At least go to a gun shop and see which one feels best in you grip and fits your hand. If there is a range you can go to and rent and shoot the guns, do this. When you find the one that fits you and works well for you then you know which one to buy. It is worth saving up to get what you really want. Don't get rushed in making your decision.

    And remember, the most important part of carrying a concealed handgun is having a quality holster and belt. I will repeat, belt.
  7. Dynamik1

    Dynamik1 New Member

    Well, I was in a similar position a few weeks ago. I recently received my concealed carry permit and wasnt looking forward to daily concealed carry of a Beretta 92FS IWB! I looked at the Kel-Tec P11, PF9 and P3AT. I also looked at the Ruger LCP 380 and others. For me, it came down to price and form-factor. I ordered the Kel-Tec PF9 from a great guy on Gunbroker.com and received it promptly and NewInBox just like he said! I really like the size, capacity and caliber.

    One consideration is to decide how you really are going to carry it. I initially thought the PF9 would be a pocket gun, but its really too big for a pocket gun which means it will be an IWB carry. Now that IWB carry is what I'll be doing, I probably would have included one of the Baby Glock's - total reliability and a great range of calibers in similar form factors.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
  8. 57shooter

    57shooter Member

    Lots of options, here are a few

    Seecamp 32 or 380 - SMALL, reliable, pricey, small calib.

    Bersa Thunder in 380 - Relatively inexpensive, reliable, small calib., great reviews

    S&W 340PD 38 spl and 357 mag - lightweight pocket pistol with big firepower, laser grips add little weight/bulk but great sighting.

    Kimber Ultra (3" barrel) 45 ACP - Relatively small and light, a bit pricey, too big for most pockets, a nail driver.........
  9. jerryrigger

    jerryrigger Well-Known Member

    Unless you're uncomfortable with Glocks, which is somewhat understandable, look at a G26 as well-very concealable 9mm and they're about the simplest operating guns in the world. You can beat it up without feeling bad about it, it's skinny but doesn't sacrifice too much capacity. S&W M&P9c would also be a great gun if you can get used to it enough to realize that a thumb safety is not exactly a necessity on guns like this or the G26-as long as it's in a holster with trigger protection, that is. Would I like my Glock to have a thumb safety? Kind of, but when push comes to shove one of the reasons I chose it for a ccw was the extreme caveman simplicity of operation-draw, point, click, bang (and I shoot it well and it's comfortable for me to do so, don't underestimate this at all!). If you're bent on DA/SA, though, look at Sig and HK. I don't shoot either as well as a Glock, which is why I own a Glock, but they are both high quality and many HK models can be had with a thumb safety as well. Good luck in your search!
  10. IamBigiron

    IamBigiron Member

    CZ or Bersa.
  11. ZO6Vettever

    ZO6Vettever Well-Known Member

    I believe the best bang for the buck is a S&W Sigma 9VE. They come with 2-16 round mags and have a $50. or 2 more mags rebate. Buds has them for $339. with free shipping. They are DAO and no safety but the trigger pull is like a DA revolver and no safety is needed. The trigger pull is the only complaint you will ever here about a Sigma but trigger pull is not important in a self defence situation.I tried to fire mine with a Bic pen in place of my finger and the pen would not do it. If you don't Mexican carry like Plaxico you need not worry about an AD. Plax had a Glock with about 6 1/2 lb. pull and a Sigma has about an 11 lb. pull. I'm perfectly comfortable carrying with one in the pipe. It's not a pocket pistol but it conceals fine for me with elastic waist shorts and T shirt.
  12. knicks118

    knicks118 Well-Known Member

    They used to have them for $289.00 shipped but raised up prices after the election.
  13. toothpick

    toothpick New Member

    Like the cz 2075, but don't they have only a five year warranty? anyone know anything about the Fnp-9m, aside from the fact that it was apparently discontinued?

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