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First revolver (.44spl)

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by powerhouse, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. powerhouse

    powerhouse New Member

    Well I bought my first revolver, a Taurus 441 4" .44 special. I wasn't even really in the market for one but at $199 I couldn't resist. I'm sure it's not as nice as a smith or Ruger but the bluing is excellent and feels very nice.

  2. Schmidlin

    Schmidlin New Member

    oooo thats pretty.
  3. wuluf

    wuluf New Member

    Congrats on the purchase! I have a Taurus j-frame type .38 and i've never had a problem with it. .44 spc is my favorite revolver cartridge...
  4. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    Excellent pickup! I think that the taurus 441/431 .44 specials are the best products that they put out. I'm on the lookout for a SS 2.5" 431 round butt .44:) congrats again.
  5. PRM

    PRM Active Member


    When Taurus first started coming on the scene their reputation was so-so at best. Over the last few years their quality and quality control has really went up. They offer a unlimited life time warranty and are really putting out some nice guns. I have several friends who own and carry them and are completely satisfied. One guy rates his Taurus over his S&W as far as final finish and smoothness out of the box. Give us a range report after you shoot it.

    MMCSRET New Member

    I own a 441 stainless 6". It is the easiest to shoot, most accurate big bore revolver I own. I cast my own bullets using an obsolete Lyman # 429360 and wheel weights. Drops 238/240 at .431 over unique or hs-6 or AA#5. Fine, fine shooter. I wanted a 4" so I ordered a new barrel from Gunparts and changed it out myself, I can do it in about 5 minutes, makes for a very versatile revolver.
  7. dispatch

    dispatch New Member

    I’m envious. I have been looking for one of these for sometime. Around here the seem to be pretty rare and priced at a lot more than your find. I think you “done good”. Enjoy
  8. Loosedhorse

    Loosedhorse member

    So what's not to like?

    My second handgun was a Taurus revolver, same reason: Smith-like, but what a price.

    I still have it, 20 years later, so that likely says something (about me or the gun, or both).

    Very versatile, the .44. If you don't reload, check out any cowboy load for soft-recoil practice, defense rounds by Corbon, and hunting (yes, indeed) rounds by Buffalo Bore.
  9. Norm357

    Norm357 New Member

    Where the heck did you find one for two bills?!?! I have been looking for one for several years, but the asking prices are out of this world. Great find!
  10. bluetopper

    bluetopper New Member

    Are they current production or have they been discontinued?
  11. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    They are out of production:(
  12. 44and45

    44and45 Member In Memoriam

    I have the SS model 441 with 3-inch barrel, I like them better than the two S&W .44 specials I own...they are the older model Smiths, a 2nd and a 3rd model with fixed sights.

    The Taurus .44 spl. gives stellar accuracy for an old man to shoot.

    However, I've found the cylinder throats to be a bit big at .434 diameter, however, I just cast and size my bullets to .432 dia. and everything is Jake.

    Powerhouse, if you want to make a hundred dollars profit on that blued 441, I'm ready to deal.

    You can buy a plastic Taurus gun case for a 4-inch Tracker model and it will fit you gun nicely like the picture here, price $10.00 & $4.75 shipping.


    HKS five shot speed loaders...

  13. powerhouse

    powerhouse New Member

    "Where the heck did you find one for two bills?!?!"

    I bought it at Scheel's in West Des Moines. They said a cop traded it in a few days earlier.
  14. 44and45

    44and45 Member In Memoriam

    Lets see that beauty again...a little brighter picture.


  15. philbo

    philbo Member

    One the my favorites from Taurus, but not easy to find. Heck of a deal for $200. Excellent find.
  16. Gunner4h1r3

    Gunner4h1r3 New Member

    outstanding piece there powerhouse! i myself have a .44 special too, although from charter arms. always wanted one of those taurus 44's though.
  17. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    I have the fixed sighted stainless version; the 431. I had to buy it twice (2nd time from now EX-wife). It has always performed perfectly and was my primary self defense weapon for about 20 years. I has been relegated to part time duty by my new Taurus 605. (I'm older and it's lighter.)
    I sold guns for 18 years, and I never had any issues with Taurus, and I probably sold more of those than anything else, because of prices. These two Tauruses are now the only DA revolvers I still own. All the Smiths, Colts, Rossis, and Rugers are all gone to (hopefully) happy new homes.

    P.S. - Get a Wolff Spring kit and use the medium spring. The Taurus mechanism is simpler than the S&W, and a spring kit makes a world of positive difference.
  18. absolute0

    absolute0 New Member

    I picked up a minty model 445 (2" snubbie) Taurus in .44 spl at the Minnesota Weapons Collector's show earlier this year. I had to pay a bit more than you did to get mine but I'm extremely pleased with it and would love to add a 3" model 441, especially for 200 bucks.

    Nice Score!
  19. tbtrout

    tbtrout New Member

    Looks sweet, good shooting
  20. jjohnson

    jjohnson New Member


    Yeah, I've had mine for maybe 12-15 years, and it's been a little quirky at times. Disassembled, they certainly aren't the S&W copy you'd think inside. That being said, it's well balanced at 4 inches, and will fit in the same holster as my 686+. Very handy, really, and you got one super deal on it. Go buy a Lotto ticket while your luck is good!:D

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