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First time this happened to me at the range

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by doubleh, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. doubleh

    doubleh Active Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    NM-south of I-40
    There were two groups of us shooting yesterday Four people were set up at two benches at the south end of the covered range and I was at the far north end where the 25 yard backstop is as I was messing with .22LR pistols. The firing line is about 50' long. Everyone had taken a break and the guys on the other end were chewing the fat and I was tinkering. A car drove up and parked beside me. I really wasn't paying attention to him at that time. He walked up to the bench beside me and without a word started firing a centerfire pistol into the berm underneath my target. None of us had hearing protection on. I grabbed mine and put them on and said a few unkind words to him which he couldn't hear because he was wearing hearing protection. He emptyed the magazine and without even looking at any of us returned to his car and drove off. At least he didn't hang around.

    The range is unsupervised and common courtesy rules. If you need to go down range you ask and everyone clears and waits on you. When everything is clear you check and announce you are going to shoot and wait until everyone is ready. Once in a while someone will start shooting without announcing their intentions but very seldom. I always go during the week when the least amount of shooters are there.
  2. SharpsDressedMan

    SharpsDressedMan member

    Feb 18, 2007
    NE Ohio
    Well, you got it off your chest here, but if you didn't get his license number or know who he is, you can't report him to the range staff very well. I'd let it go, unless you can identify him later.
  3. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Dec 14, 2005
    Stanwood, WA
    That is the exact reason my carry gun remains loaded and in it's holster on my belt when at the gun range. If someone was down range and he started shooting, things could have ended tragically - not necessarily for the people downrange.
  4. btg3

    btg3 Participating Member

    Oct 30, 2007
    As you admit, it happens.

    Presumably, this is your choice because you know that at an unsupervised range, not everyone observes common courtesy.

    When I see another shooter arrive, I keep an eye on him and am seldom surprised or unprepared when he starts to fire. Failure to practice common sense in the absence of common coutesy is equally culpable.
  5. buck460XVR

    buck460XVR Mentor

    Feb 6, 2007

    :rolleyes:........while murder may be the ultimate cure for stupidity, I doubt that it is an acceptable practice in our society. Over the years at the local unsupervised range, I have seen many unsafe shooting incidents.....including someone shooting at targets at the berm while others were still downrange. Was it unsafe and discourteous? Yep, but was it a legitimate reason to shoot the offender?
  6. Oldfalguy

    Oldfalguy New Member

    Mar 11, 2009
    I agree with everything you said Navy but what good would having your carry gun handy in this set of circumstances? Drawing down on someone at a range seem somewhat imprudent
  7. FC

    FC New Member

    Feb 8, 2011
    Just for you oldfalguy, I carry a pistol at the range for the same reason.
  8. mbopp

    mbopp Active Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Upstate NY
    The ranges at our club are unsupervised. There's a red line that runs the length of the range about 5' behind the shooting stations. And there are switch activated red lights and buzzers on the ranges. If you're done shooting you step behind the line. When everybody agrees to go downrange all the guns are unloaded, actions locked open, and are on the bench. The first person going downrange turns the buzzer on. Nobody goes forward of the red line or touches any guns until the last person back shuts off the buzzer.

    Eons ago there was a LGS that had an open outdoor range. I think I went twice, and each time it was like a free-fire zone. No RO, no safety line, nothing. I'm really surprised nobody ever got hurt or worse.
  9. JackTheRipper

    JackTheRipper New Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    That's honestly sorta scary! Sounds like he was venting...
  10. oldbear

    oldbear Participating Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    South East Coast
    It appears as if the number of rude and selfish people in this world is increasing at a rate that outpaces the population growth. Sad but true. :fire:: :cuss:

    Well, all's well that ends well. :D
  11. NMGonzo

    NMGonzo Senior Member

    Sep 10, 2009
    Albuquerque & Santa Fe
    BUG stays with me if firing primary.

    Primary on holster ready to go when firing BUG.

    Both at the ready when firing rifle.

    I wear plugs and muffs ... leave the plugs on all the time.

    Hearing is precious.
  12. medalguy
    • Contributing Member

    medalguy Senior Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    New Mexico
    I shoot on public land, BLM land, way away from everyone else. I usually have a buddy with me but sometimes I go alone. I ALWAYS carry a loaded handgun everywhere I go on the range--well not really a range, it's an open area about 300 yards to a clay bank. But I'm always armed. I also keep an extra mag for any rifles I take out.

    I have seen some somewhat scary dudes drive up sometimes when I'm shooting. Frequently they stop and start shooting, sometimes stop, look, and decide to go elsewhere, sometimes just stop and watch for a while. I never feel comfortable without some kind of protection with me. I guess that's the price we pay for a (somewhat) free society. I'll add I've never had a problem with anybody but there's always a first time.
  13. Ruger GP100 fan

    Ruger GP100 fan Member

    Jun 14, 2010
    At the range where I shoot you are not allowed to have any gun loaded when someone is downrange,holstered or not.
  14. armoredman

    armoredman Elder

    Nov 19, 2003
    proud to be in AZ
    Free unsupervised public range, well taken care of, and I always go early morning during the week. One reason is the safety aspect, the other is walking away from expensive stuff that might be difficult to replace. I may start carrying my rifle at sling arms when I go set up targets...
    I have had stupid people do stupid things at the range - I leave when they demonstrate their stupidity the first time.
  15. Jesse Heywood

    Jesse Heywood Senior Member

    Dec 9, 2009
    You haven't lived until you have seen someone walking downrange to change targets while you are shooting. Happened to me twice before they fenced the shooting area and hired a RO.
  16. XD Fan

    XD Fan Participating Member

    Jul 26, 2006
    Stuck up here (rural Missouri) and got Dixie on my
    The public range where I sometimes shoot has three staggered berms at 25, 50, & 100 yards. I had a guy ask me if he and his young son could walk up and shoot from short hand gun distances at the 100 yd. berm while I continued to shoot at the 25 yd. berm. He figured they would be safe enough since the 50 yd. berm would be mostly between us. I declined his offer and took a break while he and his son shot at the 25 yd. range.
  17. orionengnr

    orionengnr Mentor

    Jan 3, 2005
    There, fixed it for you.
  18. kalash

    kalash New Member

    Nov 21, 2007
    A few months back me and some buddys went to the range. While I was shooting there was a older man that would walk up range while hot and everybody was firing to check his targets at 100 yards. He would only fire about 5 rounds and he was back cecking the targets. Every 5-6 minutes he was wandering out on the range. He could usually jog up to 15-20 yards befoe anyone seen him and called cold. Pissed just about everyone off and everybody that was smart left.

    We were at one end of the range and he was at the other, by this time it was just us and him. After being scalded SEVERAL tims he stopped running up there every couple of shots and waited for cold. I figured I was OK not watching him like a hawk. SOOOO I'm looking down my acog at my target not paying attention to much except for the paper, I look up, and he is at the 100 yard mark taking down his target!

    GREAT!!! he is leaving!!!

    Turns out he was a brass collector.

    He packed his guns up and came back with some bags. Stayed about a half hour picking up loose shells. Figured I was safe to shoot. By this time my buddys had ran off somewhere doing god knows what and I was alown. I am looking down a scope, I start to squeeze the trigger and all of a suddon it turns BLACK. The DUMB SOB had his HEAD infront of my rifle picking up MY brass!!!!!:banghead:

    This was the LAST time we went to that range.
  19. paramedic70002

    paramedic70002 Member

    Jun 7, 2006
    Franklin, VA
    Wow. Murphy, Darwin and the Grim Reaper were working well together on that one.
  20. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Elder

    Jul 30, 2006
    Johnson City, TN
    At any kind of informal range, I don't shoot all of my guns or all of the ammunition.

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