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Flashiest rifle powder you've used?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by jstein650, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. jstein650

    jstein650 Well-Known Member

    Curious to see what the flashiest rifle powder you guys have come across. Some years back I was shooting my 7mm Mauser, and noticed muzzle flash in broad daylight! Now, it is a short barrel carbine, and it was a max load, but jeeze! The powder was AA4064 under a 140gr bullet. I tried it at night into a known backstop - impressive to say the least! The pic - if it comes over right - was illuminated entirely by the muzzle flash at night with the camera on B setting (yeah, before everyone had digital).

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  2. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

    You'd better stay outta the brush with that thing, you'll set the place afire!
  3. Kachok

    Kachok Well-Known Member

    A 30-06 63gr highly compressed charge of RL22 pushing 165gr SGK in a 22" barrel, no pressure signs but I am missing my eyebrows LOL
  4. hueyville

    hueyville Well-Known Member

    A little glitter has been known to spice up a flame. Biggest flash of me life was an evening celebration of 4 July. Back when still partook in adult beverages and we had spent the better part of the day building our own personal version of a 4" Navy cannon.
  5. hipoint

    hipoint Well-Known Member

    while it is a somewhat worthless answer... years ago I had a 6.5x5 carcano. I'm not very knowledgeable about these guns, but I do not think it was sporterized and it had a very short barrel. That thing would send a fire out the end of it (using surplus ammo) that was scary in the daytime. We always joked about shooting/cooking a deer at the same time with that gun.

    I guess it was on it's way out, developed a headspace issue and I quit firing it. Sold it to an old man as a "wall hanger only" for $40 bucks.

    I do miss that fire though, have even thought about getting another one ;-)
  6. NWcityguy2

    NWcityguy2 Well-Known Member

    Thats odd you mention Accurate 4064. I use that in 303 Brit and 223 and have never noticed any flash from it even shooting fairly early in the morning.

    For me it would be 2400 in my 357 magnum. Not bad but thats the most flash I get with anything.
  7. rodregier

    rodregier Well-Known Member

    H335 in .308 Win with 130g projectile and 20" barrel. (bolt gun).

    First shot fired in testing and at first I thought I'd had a casehead separation it was so loud. Lot of flash too, even in overcast daylight.
  8. oldpapps

    oldpapps Well-Known Member

    A Thompson Center Contender, 30-30 Win, 10 inch barrel. 110/111 grain GI carbine bullets, Win 760 powder.
    Nice big blue donut rolled out away from the muzzle. Maybe 3 1/2 to 4 feet in diameter.

    Very inefficient but fun to shoot at night. :D
  9. jstein650

    jstein650 Well-Known Member

    (Thats odd you mention Accurate 4064. I use that in 303 Brit and 223 and have never noticed any flash...)

    I've used it in the .223 too with no noticeable flash. I think it was that 7x57 combo and that really short barrel. Good on the fun factor though.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  10. billymarr

    billymarr Well-Known Member

    H335 in 308 win out of my Saiga is both loud and a massive muzzle flash.
  11. jstein650

    jstein650 Well-Known Member

    Guys should try to capture some pic's. I think a digital on a dark night on the 'fireworks' setting might work.
  12. CGT80

    CGT80 Well-Known Member

    Slow powder from a short barrel is good for a flash.

    8mm Romanian surplus ammo from a twin 1919 BMG with short barrels was pretty impressive. It was loud and had a big fireball. The 1919's were unfortunately semi auto only, as I live in CA.

    My x frame revolver has a big fireball during the day. 240 grain 45 caliber bullet over 45.0 grains of win 296/h-110 and 1916 fps from an 8 3/8" barrel.

    Last shot is the full power load.


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