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Flinging Poo at stupid myths and moderators...

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by gyrfalcon16, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. gyrfalcon16

    gyrfalcon16 member

    Your wish is my command...

    So since you think that pushing a round out of the magazine slows the slide significantly, why don't you elaborate on how much it does. I would also like to comment that replying to a four year old thread is A-OK... This is the Internet and it's fine to add to old information or correct it as you see fit.

    From most calculations I've seen, pushing a round out of the magazine on most pistols maybe slows the slide around 10%...
  2. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    Maybe as much as 20%, but I can't see any more than that. Of course, that's an uneducated guess. I assume it depends heavily on the firearm, proper cleaning and lubrication, mag spring strength, recoil spring strength.

    ETA: Oooooh, I wouldn't call a mod stupid. Unless, you don't enjoy THR. Then, heck, do what you want.
  3. SigfanUSAF

    SigfanUSAF Well-Known Member

    Well, grab a loaded 1911 mag in your dominant hand, catch the rim of the top cartridge on a scale and push it out. Note how much force it takes. Then consider what pound recoil spring you've got, and not taking into account the motion of the mass of the slide you've got a rough idea of the percent of lost motion in the slide. Sounds pretty good in my head anyway.

    Flinging poo at moderators=Bad idea.
  4. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member


    In the previous dead thread, the firearm discussed was a 1911 pistol.

    You do not seem to understand how a 1911 feeds ammo. Ammo does not have a direct line into the chamber of a 1911 like it does on a Glock or a Beretta.

    In a .45 caliber 1911 the round first impacts the feed ramp, then the upper portion of the slide, then it enters the chamber. Each impact slows the slide. Without the ammunition feeding, the slide slams into the rear of the barrel hood, impacts the barrel feet, and can even damage a finely honed sear.

    No, it is not. Dredging up old threads is bad form. Most of the participants in that thread no longer post here. Two of them were banned. One is dead. Do you really expect them to respond?

    Now, I ask you directly sir..........in the title of this thread are you calling me stupid? Please respond promptly.
  5. arthurcw

    arthurcw Well-Known Member

    Point 1)

    Al I know is that if you don't let the mag slam forward with all its mass and spring strength on some guns (my MK9 for instance), you are NOT going to chamber the round cleanly.

    So my guess it that: On some guns, you will need a good deal of the kinetic energy potential of the slide and springs to chamber a round. A formula that is greatly affected by tolerances, cleaning, mag springs, lube, feed ramp, and dimensions of the round itself.

    Point 2)

    Do not tick off Their BOLDYNESSES. They shall smite.
  6. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    So is your point to justify the practice of dropping the slide on an empty chamber because the presence of a round doesn't slow it enough to matter?

    The reason that dropping the slide on an empty chamber is bad in most any semi auto is that there isn't a nice soft piece of brass there to stop the forward movement of the slide.

    So its not that stripping a round of the magazine and into the chamber slows the slide to a "safer" speed, its that the presence of a cartridge in the chamber prevents the fast moving piece of metal from directly striking the non moving piece.
  7. Autolycus

    Autolycus Well-Known Member

    Surprised this was not closed. Just because you disagree with someone does not give you the right to call them stupid or other names.
  8. Autolycus

    Autolycus Well-Known Member

    Your not Gunkid are you? The attitude kind of reminded me of him...
  9. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    I always feel the need to let a member clarify their statements. Alas, I can only wait so long............
  10. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Well-Known Member

    I read both thread and I am curious as to whether or not this practice could harm the sear of a modern design defensive pistol? Is the sear damage strictly a 1911 problem?

    Edit: By modern I mean the CZ75, HKP2000sk, M&P and the such. The use of the word "modern" not meant to imply that the 1911 is an "outdated" or "old" design as I have seen in other threads. I like the 1911 just fine and do not want come across as critical of the 1911.
  11. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member

    With regards to sear damage, Monkeybear:

    On a modern pistol, no.

    On a general purpose 1911? Not really.

    On a 1911 with a finely honed sear intended for target use? Yes.

    It's been over 30 minutes. I'm hitting the sack.
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