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Floridians: When SB 234 Passes....

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Packman, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Packman

    Packman Active Member

    Nov 12, 2007
    Southwest Florida
    What will you do?

    Let's presume that HB 517 and SB 234 both pass as currently written and are signed into law. Open carry is now permitted: How will you approach it?

    Presuming you have a desire to carry openly, how long will you wait to do so? Will you commence immediately, or would you prefer to wait for a test case?

    What actions will you take after passage? I expect, for example, that there will be little issue in Daytona Beach (My current location) as I know StogieC has spent a large amount of time working with the local Police on various open carry events. Thus, they're already familiar with the practice, and less likely to have a gross overreaction.

    In my home County of Sarasota, however, I predict greater resistance and harrassment from the Police. It's a far more strict and uppity County than Volusia. Thus, prior to carrying openly in that county, I think some judicious phone calls to the city/county police may serve to cut off some trouble ahead of time.
  2. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

    Mar 26, 2004
    AL, NC
    Moved to Legal from ST&T...


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