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FM Hi-Power

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by timburn, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. timburn

    timburn Active Member

    OK, bought the J&G Argentine Hi-Power. Bought the higher grade and it appears new. Very nice. I have fed it 3 kinds of ball and 3 HP with never a hicup or burp. I have wanted a Hi-Power for 30 years. Not Belgium but for $360 w/2 mags I will adjust. Easiest breakdown ever. Any body else have one? Only question I have makes me feel stupid, but.......... I bought three
    17 round " military" magazine. Came with 2 bases ( KRD) and I can't figure out how to change them. No release to push up. Antone have a tip.
  2. 66912

    66912 Well-Known Member

    Love my FM. It could use better sights but I certainly do not feel bad about beating it up. I carry it quite a bit and do not feel under-gunned at all.
  3. Rittmeister

    Rittmeister Well-Known Member

    I bought an FM about 6 years ago. It now has Novak sights, C&S hammer/safety/sear/hammer strut and Uncle Mikes' checkered grips. I like it very much...

    I had some of the KRD mags for a while and the experience was decent, but in all honesty I never took them apart so I can't help you there.
  4. Cliph

    Cliph Active Member

    I have had two for years;PITA to change out, but still decent mags. I changed one , but couldn't get the other.
  5. DWhitehorne

    DWhitehorne Well-Known Member

    The last KRD mags I got from CDNN, the base just slid off. Not very easily mind you but you just put a corner of the magazine base on the work bench and push hard. The KRD mags didn't work perfectly for me so I got some Mecgars from Brownells that were perfect.

    I've owned 2 FM's and let them both go like a big dummy. One was factory hard chrome and you couldn't miss with that thing. David

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