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FNP9 owners - buying decision & need your help

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by USP40guy, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. USP40guy

    USP40guy Member

    I am looking for FNP9 owners to provide their feedback about this pistol. How is the trigger pull in SA and DA? smooth and consistent? What about the sights? Does anyone have the factory night sights and what brand are they?

    Unfortunately none of the gunshops around here have any in stock for me to try.

    What are the things you like best about it and any things you don't like?

    I am close to making a decision to buy one of these in a two-tone, and the price/quality seems to make this a true value. price - what is a good price for this pistol right now, $450? I'm really looking for a 9mm to go along with my .40 and .45

    Positives -
    • great reviews for accuracy and feed reliability
    • changeable backstraps
    • hi-cap 16 round mags - 3 of them.
    • nice ergonomic control placement

  2. Princi

    Princi Well-Known Member

    I was a "FNP9 Owner", but never took possession of it. I won it in a drawing and the shop owner was kind enough to let me trade it in for the 5-7.

    FN had a promotion at the range and allowed you to shoot 40 rounds through 4 guns for $15. You also got to enter your name for the drawing. I wasn't impressed with the PS90, FS2000, or the FNP9 from a trigger standpoint. However, I thought the engineering on the FN's was exceptional.

    Based on your "USP" handle, I think you would be happier with a H&K product.

    I guess you could say that I wouldn't own the FNP9 if someone gave me one, but I'm really not negative about the pistol, I just wanted the other one, mainly because of the way it is made.

    If you were an owner of something like a Hi-Point, I think you would be very happy with a FNP9, but being a H&K guy, I think you would be disappointed.
  3. USP40guy

    USP40guy Member

    Princi - I saw a post on a different forum, which had some pictures of the disassembled pistol. While the exterior looks very precision, the inside polymer and metal trigger action looked crude and cheap. Maybe it was just this person's pistol, but it kind of reinforces what you are saying.

    It sucks not being able to see one in person at a gun shop where I live.

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  4. ftierson

    ftierson Member.

    I have one of the FNH FNP9 dutone pistols that I'm very happy with...

    Of course, I've only put a couple of hundred rounds through mine, so I can't speak to longterm questions.

    The gun feels really good in the hands and is very comfortable to shoot...

    I haven't shot the gun double-action, but the single action trigger pull is quite usable...

  5. Min

    Min Well-Known Member

    Very accurate gun! I love mine.
  6. gotime242

    gotime242 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely love mine. Super accurate, fits me perfectly, looks really nice and of high quality.

    I have no negatives.
  7. gotime242

    gotime242 Well-Known Member

    Oh and ive prob gone through 1500 rds with not one problem.
  8. SureThing

    SureThing Well-Known Member

    I have held one, they are made here in Columbia SC. The price is good, but i REALLY like the trigger in SA. It broke nice in crisp.

    BUY IT BEFORE SEPT 30TH, and get a FREE SHOOTERS PACK with holster and mag pouch.

    Look here on the right. http://www.fnhusa.com/le/

    CDNN used to have the best prices on them
  9. USP40guy

    USP40guy Member

    SureThing - THANKS for the special offer link!!
    I have a little time left before Sep 30 to decide on this and if I do this will be a nice bonus. Also, thanks for the info about the trigger.
  10. SureThing

    SureThing Well-Known Member

    USP's are good, but overpriced, as you know.

    The rails in the FN do look cheap, but they look like Glock rails IMO.

    Plus FN claims you can replace them should there ever be a problem, it is modular like the new Sig 250 is.
  11. greeno69

    greeno69 Member

    Love mine. No hiccups after +1000 rnds of cheap stuff.
  12. JustRick

    JustRick Active Member

    I've had my FNP9 for a month now, with LOTS of range time with my wife and younger son. After 1,000+ rounds, the only possible criticism of this pistol is that the rear sight might be off the tiniest amount. At any range I've tried, I consistently hit a little to the right -- the only pistol I have this problem with. Grouping is good, with everything except my occasional newbie flyer in a 2 or 3 inch circle at any distance up to 10 yards. I rarely shoot farther than that. No FTFs, FTEs, or any other FT. Nice soft recoil and a hassle-free gun. I don't know how I could be happier.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2008
  13. poet

    poet Well-Known Member

    Being in California, I'll be able to reply to this thread in 10 days.:eek:
  14. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    I love my FNP9-M, it is a great little gun, and it fits an MTAC for USP 40 I have perfectly, in fact the MTAC holds the FNP tighter to me than the USP. I like the trigger, I think it is tighter than the USP trigger, not as mushy feeling. Mine has had no problems at all at the range, is comfortable in the hand with either the arched or flat backstrap, I did have a slight training issue at first where I was decocking it while firing, but after a couple of magazines I realized what a knucklehead I was and it was not a problem again.

    I think the slide machining is fantastic, very smooth and well made, actually it reminds me of the inside of my USP, and I agree that the frame internals look pretty cheap. They seem to work perfectly though, so unless your pride of ownership depends on the way part of the inside of your gun looks, it shouldn't be a problem.
  15. shotgun12321

    shotgun12321 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how much you like Springfield Armory, but I just got a XD Tac 9 and it comes with 2 mags, a belt holster, dual mag pouch, and a speed loader (gotta love them goodies).
  16. LopezEL

    LopezEL Well-Known Member

    I was at a local gunshop yesterday where they had a FNP9 in bitone. It looked like a nice gun and the price was right... $300 OTD. The guy said it was used but it didnt look like the previous owner put many rounds through it. Decent trigger and ergonomics but I just couldnt justify another $300 after the money I've been spending on my CZs and ammo.
  17. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    I would buy one tomorrow if I could still get the FNP-9SAO with NS's.
  18. modifiedbrowning

    modifiedbrowning Well-Known Member

    I have a two tone FNP 9. Mine had a problem with the fire control group breaking before I ever fired a shot. I sent it back and FN USA fixed it.
    Since then the pistol has been 100% reliable with over 1k downrange.
    I have standard sights, nice sight picture, and the pistol is plenty accurate. Trigger is very good in DA and SA, but I prefer my Walther P99 trigger a little bit.
    One other issue some FNPs have had is slide lock problems due to weak mag springs. I have noticed this with one of my mags that barely holds the slide locked and when I remove the mag the slide will release.
    Overall, I find the feel of the FNP to very like SIG like, which is a good thing in my opinion.
    I paid $469 for mine at Sportsmans Warehouse and I am very happy with my purchase.
  19. SureThing

    SureThing Well-Known Member

    USPguy, did you get the FN?
  20. USP40guy

    USP40guy Member

    I am still considering the FN and everyone's replies have helped me form my impression of the FN. I think I would really like to get a hands opportunity before making the decision, but that has not been possible in the area where I live. Also, I have been looking at CZ, also excellent reputation and accuracy much like the FN. So for now still in a holding pattern.

    Thank you to all for there valuable feedback!!!

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