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FNX-9 v. PT809 v. Px4

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bconwil, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. bconwil

    bconwil New Member

    I'm looking to purchase a 9mm. I'm left handed and leaning towards a ambidextrous model like the PT 809. Also, I live on the coast and would prefer a getting a weapon with a stainless barrel, and slide, if available.

    I will be using it mainly for target practice and home defense. I plan to get my CCL, but I cannot carry at my job so I don't envision carrying very often.

    My biggest concern is getting an accurate reliable weapon. Most of the use will be target practice. I like the PT809 and it is the best priced; however, I don't see very many comments on them in the various forums. I've read various posts regarding problems with other taurus pistols, but they seem to have a great warranty program.

    I've read good things about the FNX's and it comes with an extra magazine which would be handy. FN's quality control seems to be respectable and the weapon feels good in my hand.

    I like the way the Px4 looks and I'm intrigued by the rotating barrel. Discussions on the forums lead me to believe that it is accurrate and has a lighter recoil. I really like the aesthetics on this gun, even though it only has a right handed slide stop.

    I would be interested in any comments about your experiences with these weapons or suggestions. I also just noticed the PT92 AFS....so many guns... so little $$$.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I've posted this same message on another forum. I just want to get as many opinions as I can.


    Looking foward to your insights.
  2. Roughneck08

    Roughneck08 Well-Known Member

    My co-worker recently purchased a FNX-9 and it is one of the best pointing handguns I have handled. Being ambidextrous is nice, I am left handed as well. FN makes fine weapons indeed. Another co-worker owns a PX4 and it is nice but just not appealing to me (personal preference). If it was up to me the FNX-9 fits the bill. I really enjoyed it. I hope to purchase an FNP45 soon. Hope this helps.
  3. legion3

    legion3 Well-Known Member

    Not knocking Taurus but a lot of hits and misses have been reported about some of their newer designs. The PT 92 is an older gun and not their design,so to speak and has a good reputation. And Having a great warranty program is fine, apparently Taurus needs it for some of their guns and turnaround times to "repair" have been not insignifigant.

    The FN's and PX4's ar both great guns that unfortunately are not big sellers in the grand scheme of polymer pistols. Either should be very good for your purposes.

    Most lefties I know learn very quickly to manipulate the issued gun without much issue.

    BTW the new Beretta PX4 Compact (not the sub compact) which is supposed to be out soon has ambi slide locks, unlike the full size.
  4. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb Well-Known Member

    Anything will be more accurate than you are. It takes a metric ton of practice, and innate ability, to be more accurate than any modern pistol.

    With respect to the PT809, Taurus's new designs are nice with good triggers. That said, they still have a rep for ****ty customer service, should you have a problem. I don't know FN or Beretta's rep, though, and the price of a weapon does not indicate the customer service you get (i.e. kimber, who sells expensive guns, is known for ****ty customer service. kel-tec, who sells budget weapons, is known for great customer service).

    Between the three you list, I'd probably go for the FNX, just because I think they're cool :eek:
  5. Azb

    Azb Well-Known Member

    I have a Taurus, a FNX 40, and a friend has the PX4.

    They're all great guns. The Taurus had a ejection problem (possibly user caused) and they sent a new ejector out at no cost. I installed it and the pistol has been flawless.

    The Beretta is a very nice pistol. I really like the way it's set up and it's very well made and accurate.

    But my daily carry is the FNX (or FNP 45, I have both) I shoot and carry ambidextrous, so it's nice to have one (or a pair) of pistols that are fully ambi. They are well made, very accurate, and a joy to shoot.

    I don't think you could go wrong with any of these choices, but my pick goes to FNH in whatever caliber you like.

  6. gearhead

    gearhead Well-Known Member

    I've never fired a PX4 but I owned a Beretta Cougar which had the rotating barrel and even in the heavier all-metal frame of the Cougar platform it still had more perceived recoil than my FNP. The FNX should be on par with the FNP since the ergos and weights are virtually identical.
  7. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can go wrong with either the PX4 or the FNX, both quality pistols.

    Though I don't own either, they are both on my "next pistol list" which is a very short list. The only question I will have is which one to buy first. Hopefully I will be able to see the FNS-9, in time.

    Good luck to you. :)
  8. SuperNaut

    SuperNaut Well-Known Member

    I really dig my PX4.

    The FN is a nice value and really well-built, but I wasn't wild about the trigger. I'm not a Taurus fan so I haven't given it more than a cursory inspection.
  9. italian biker

    italian biker Well-Known Member

    After seeing and handling the fnh fnp 40, before the fnx series was released, I loved the feel of it, but the safety lever seemed flimsy to me. So I waited for the fnx series to come out since the lever seemed like it will be better. BUT, I have been a member of the fnh forum, and there have been some issues with quality on some of the fnx's. Some have had the sight dots fall out. The replaceable grip straps are loose. Among some other issues on listed issues on the forum. But some have gotten fnx's that are flawless. Another issue which is more design flaw then quality, is they changed the magazine catch location on the magazines, and that has caused an issue with people not getting them to latch, not realizing it, and they fell out when shooting. It seems that without a hard slap, or to angle them a certain way, they don't latch. Also multiple people have had ftf's and slide staying open on full mags.
    I'm not here to tick off any fnx owners, but this is what I've read and I have since shyed away from that gun. I'm not a big fan of the feel of the px4 storm, or the steel version, the stoeger cougar. Granted I've not tried the storm with all of the back straps yet, so maybe one will work for me. I'm not in the habit of buying things that are in their first year of production either. Also, holster and accessory support for the fnh pistols is hard to find.
  10. migkillertwo

    migkillertwo Well-Known Member

    Full Disclosure, I do not own the weapon I'm about to plug.

    That said, check out the European American Armory EZ9. It costs 301$ from Buds and has almost exactly the same ergonomics as the Sig P226 and looks almost exactly like the 226. Also, regarding corrosion resistance, the barrel of the Ez9 is hard-chromed inside and out.

    The owners at cz99.org seem to have very high confidence in their weapon
  11. Shadow 7D

    Shadow 7D Well-Known Member

    Actually, you sometimes can find such unknown 'eurotrash' pistols for very reasonalbe prices... and it's almost a full clone.
  12. Steelshooter101

    Steelshooter101 Active Member

    I have an FNX9 which is a fine pistol.before you buy try all three magazines make sure they lock positive then pull and jerk on it to make sure they stay in. The later ones have solved the magazine problem. I have a problem that when I shoot speed plates and drawing cocked and locked when I push off the safety sometimes I push to hard and decock the darn thing. other than them problems it has never malfuntioned and off the bench is as accurate as my XDM.
  13. Rule3

    Rule3 Well-Known Member

    I have the FNP 9mm for a long time, the FNX is tweaked a bit and the control levers are a little better.

    If the rest of the gun is the same I would go with the FNX. My P version is one of the best 9's I have. Pretty close to the plastic Sig.
    FN knows how to make weapons.

    The Beretta is nice but too fat for my hand.

    The Taurus is well. a Taurus. Do not think you can group it with the other two
  14. EdLaver

    EdLaver Well-Known Member

    The only thing I dont like about the FNX is how you have to lock the damn magazines when you insert them, its not like a traditional gun where you just slap in the mag, you have to push the mag in then push forward on the floor plate to lock it in place. Other than that its a great gun IMO.
  15. tescrex

    tescrex Well-Known Member

    I have the aformentioned EZ9 (known as the Zastava CZ99), not to be confused with CZ as in Czech, but as in Crvena Zastava.

    I have an affinity for Serbian arms, and here's the article that pushed me over the edge:


    My shooting buddy as a P226, and he can't believe the quality of my firearm for the price. It's definitely not as refined, but it's a damn fine handgun.
  16. Idaho Dana

    Idaho Dana Active Member

    I just picked my FNX 9 up and had time to run 50 rounds through it.
    The pistol points great and comes on target quickly. I did not have any failure to feeds or eject issues.
    Even with cheap 9mm ammo the gun was exceptionally accurate. Actually it was way more accurate than it needs to be for a sef defense weapon and more accurate than I am.:eek:
  17. teirst

    teirst Active Member

    I am an fnx 9 and like it. The slide release can be a little difficult to use so you might want to get your hands on one before you buy. (or just learn to slingshot instead of using the slide release) Gun also points great
  18. killchain

    killchain Well-Known Member

    Go with FN.

    You cannot go wrong with them.
  19. oasis618

    oasis618 Well-Known Member

    FNX-9 is going to be my next purchase.
  20. IdahoLT1

    IdahoLT1 Well-Known Member

    I shot my buddies px4 next to my 92F and using my reloads, the px4 had noticeably less recoil, even weighing 6oz less. And the 92 series is known for being a soft shooter.

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