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Folding Stock Rifles?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by .45&TKD, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. .45&TKD

    .45&TKD Well-Known Member

    Anyone else not have a folding/collapsible stock rifle and not sure if you want one?

    I try to be practical in my gun pruchases, but the only reasons I can come up with to get a folding stock is to keep an AK under my trench coat or to PO a Liberal.

    Any thoughts? Am I missing anything?
  2. everallm

    everallm Well-Known Member

    For folding
    For compact storage
    To take to the range in a less threatening looking EBB (Evil Black Bag)

    For collapsable
    Adjustable LOP

    Thats really it.
  3. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    I have a folding stock 10/22. I find it handier overall than a regular stocked rifle.
  4. JamesM

    JamesM Well-Known Member

    Easier to transport and I like to think the Brady Bunch cringes each time I buy one.
  5. Joe Demko

    Joe Demko Well-Known Member

    I have a Yugo underfolder because I got a good deal on it. Otherwise, I've never been much on folding stocks.
  6. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Well-Known Member

    I have a side folder on my WASR-10. If I could do it over again, I would buy a normal stocked AK. The folder just feels too flimsy and requires you to shoulder the rifle at a slightly akward angle.
  7. Tully M. Pick

    Tully M. Pick Well-Known Member

    I don't have any folding stocks on my rifles. I've never really cared for them. I do have a couple that are collapsible, just because I like the adjustable length.
  8. .45&TKD

    .45&TKD Well-Known Member

    Actually, it is the Yugo underfolder that got me to thinking about this. I just got the Yugo AK47 with the full wood stock and I really like it.

    The Yugo underfolder seems pretty solid, too. But I hate to spend that much money on another rifle, that I essentially already have.

    I have an nice Romanian SAR1 that I could put a folding wire stock on just to have folding stock, but I keep coming back to the question, what for?

    No offense to those that have them. Just looking to be sold on the idea so I can buy one.
  9. Joe Demko

    Joe Demko Well-Known Member

    It's darned compact when folded. The AK pistols I see for exhorbitant sums are only a little shorter and don't have a stock at all.
  10. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    I have one folding stock rifle:


    It's a USGI Underwood M1 Carbine made in 1943. The M1A1 folder is a replica. It is very short when folded, fits perfectly in an M60 barrel bag, making for a very compact setup. If I ever need to bugout, it's getting tossed in the truck within easy reach, along with several mags full of Remington 110 grain JSPs.
  11. Navy87Guy

    Navy87Guy Well-Known Member

    I have a side-folding collapsible stock on my Saiga -- it's the best of both worlds. Very easy to store - makes it convenient in the back of the truck. The stock is very solid and very comfortable. It also allows me to adjust the length of pull for my sons or my wife. I don't think I'd be very happy with a "traditional" side folder, though.

    Here it is:

    I wouldn't do it any differently.

  12. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    My side folder is rock solid when open. It is functionally identical to a fixed stock.

    Locking mechanism. Can't beat the mortis and tenon approach.

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2007
  13. alucard0822

    alucard0822 Well-Known Member

    IMO folders are nice if you intend to carry it, and shoot at short distances, but if it is to be a range queen for target work, then a solid stock is hard to beat. There is little reason to fire a rifle with the stock folded, so it basically is for compact storage, compact carrying, or for looks, I prefer to whip the rifle around on the sling and have it ready to go, instead of pushing buttons and flippy flopping some flimsy contraption around that is near impossible to get a decent cheek-weld on.
    but that being said both AK examples above are probably the most practical type of folders with the fewest drawbacks.
  14. Regolith

    Regolith Well-Known Member

    Dave: I really like that folding stock M1 Carbine. Who makes em?
  15. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

  16. Andrewsky

    Andrewsky Well-Known Member

    Zak, would that be because the stock does not have anything to do with the functioning of the gun?:)
  17. dstorm1911

    dstorm1911 Well-Known Member

    If ya ever need to carry the AK while riding a dirt bike or a quad ya will discover very quikly that a fixed stock or even a collapsable stock don't work well at all and actually become a safty hazard, a side folder is a lil better (provided ya don't mind the trunion digging into the seat behind ya) but it still limits how ya can carry the rifle because ya won't want the folded stock against your spine.... An Underfolder however the stock completally gets outa your way folded up against the bottom of the rifle the flat rear trunion won't effect your seat upholstery etc.. ya can carry it right or left side muzzle direction as there is no folded stock digging into your back it also has a thinner profile than a side folder allowing it to fit under most vehicle seats easily.........

    I never liked underfolders myself until I built my first Yugo M70AB2, it was far more solid than my Chinese or Polish UFs the angle when extended is more in line with the bore putting your head in perfect alignment with the iron sights, I braided black and grey para cord around the left stock beam as out here in the AZ desert that metal was a tad hot against the cheek...... added plus I use one of the knots the same way ya use a button on a hunting bow for consistant head positioning everytime I shoulder it...... makes for a super accurate AK.........

    Well those are my reasons for a folder while I have collapsable, side folding wire and Plastic the YUGO UF is the one that gets used the most......
  18. Father Knows Best

    Father Knows Best Well-Known Member

    There are good folding/collapsing stocks, and there are bad folding/collapsing stocks. Good ones lock up solidly, and bad ones will wobble. The folder on a FAL paratrooper is rock solid. Some other side folders can also be rock solid. Many are not.

    The other thing to consider is what a folding or collapsing stock does to your ability to get a good cheek weld. I tried a collapsible stock on my G3, and while it looked cool and made it easier to transport, it also made it almost impossible to shoot well, especially with a scope. As a result, I went back to a fixed stock. The folder on my Para FAL, on the other hand, accepts a nice padded neoprene cheekrest that makes it comfortable to use.

    Bottom line -- I'm happy with the fixed stocks on my AK and G3, and the folder on my FAL:
  19. ssr

    ssr Well-Known Member

    Why buy them?

    Because they're EVIL!:evil: Good enough for me.
  20. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    99% of the time a fixed stock gun will be fine. You really only need a folding stock for compact storage or for deploying (mounting/dismounting) from a motor vehicle. They're handier, for sure, but most of the time a fixed stock is sufficient, especially for the non-combat gunowner.


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