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For those laughing at CO

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MachIVshooter, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. C.F. Plinker

    C.F. Plinker Well-Known Member

    The background check bill required that the dealer charge no more than $10 for his or her services. The bill that charged for the background check did not give the amount that the CBI was to charge the dealer for performing the check. The number that was bandied about was $10 - $12. However, it, according to the bill, must be enough to cover all direct and indirect costs incurred by the CBI in running the checks. So the dealers will be limited to charging $10 from July 1 until the CBI figures out how much they will be getting. Then that will be added on.
  2. racenutz

    racenutz Well-Known Member

    I'm sickened that the politicians in Colorado have such little regard for the second amendment but I'm for sure not laughing as the same could happen in my state easily. We have one large city in the state (Omaha) that tries it best to emulate Chicago. So far they've been held in check by the state government but that doesn't keep them from trying.
  3. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    There was an interview with The Firing Line in Aurora the other night on the news. The owner just laughed when asked if he would do background checks for $10.
  4. 481

    481 Well-Known Member

    Such onerous additions suggests that they (the legislators) were never truly concerned about safety in the first place. It's (fee or tax, the effect is the same) all about making government larger and funding it off of our backs. Besides "gun control" it looks like they wanted more "monetary control", too.
  5. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY Well-Known Member

    Laugh at CO? Heck, I would take what they have right now

    I cannot overemphasize the need for all of the Pro-Liberty, law abiding, firearms owners of the United States to quit being provincial and join together as one. The 15 round magazine limit in CO is more than 2x what is legal in NY. Pre-bans may still be legal there, I have not yet read the law; in NY, possession is a FELONY. UBC's, we have them too. But in CO, you may still be able to buy ammo without a BC. And, you still can carry on a college campus (felony in NY).

    What was jammed down the throats of CO citizens was an abomination, but in NY, it was imposed from the Emperor without even a hint of legislative process. An edict, legalized by a body of sycophantic dictators. Want to live here? Want to find a reasonably priced 7 round magazine for a Browning Hi-Power? Want to realize the LGS won't purchase your AR because the cost of shipping it out of state will wipe out their profits?

    This is what faces all of us. Look at the postings here. King Michael the B. is pouring money in to Wyoming to propagandize against their 2A rights. IL is facing restrictions like NY and CO. At least the Emperor is beginning to realize he is ruling what may become an ungovernable territory and the Democrats are looking at a landslide defeat Upstate if they do not roll back SAFE Act provisions.

    If you take your 2A rights for granted, you will be disarmed and declared a felon, forever to be prohibited from legal ownership of firearms. Mark my words. Now is the time to fight like caged animals using our brains and our ability to get the word out. The alternative will be less pleasant.

    Laugh at CO? No, I cannot, but I can have sympathy.
  6. MErl

    MErl Well-Known Member

    what government in the history of mankind had ever not been looking to increase revenue? If you can harass a few million gun owners at the same time all the better.

    The flashpoint may have been safety but that got left on the side of the road early on. Oh we cannot pass 10 rounds because it'll affect every handgun designed since 1930? Better bump that to 15. Never mind that handguns are what are used for crime.

    Mental health? Ha! Was alot of talk about that before the actual bills showed up, suddenly that has vanished.

    This is gun owner harassment, not violence reduction. They threw as much as they could at the wall to see what would stick. No AWB because that wouldn't stick. Liability, yeah, folks saw right through that bill.

    Sorry that rambled, still quite pissed off. If there is a point, the rest of the nation better hope for one hell of a backlash against these bills in 2014. If there isn't one then this will spread fast.
  7. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    It was 13 years ago, and it most certainly is state-wide. Until now, that was the ONLY law we had that was stricter than federal.
  8. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    There's a lot of blaming the victim in all of this.

    While the influx of leftists from places like California is likely a large part of what's caused this, the Republican party has managed to shoot itself in the foot in order to court another demographic imported from California: the religious right.

    The Colorado Republican party's stance on social issues has been and, so far as I can tell, will continue to be an albatross around the neck of Colorado Republicans and Libertarians for the foreseeable future.

    Very, very few Colorado conservatives are primarily motivated to hit the polls because they want to prevent members of the LGBT community from getting into a civil union, or because they're well and truly afraid that some working professional might opt to light up a joint on the weekend instead of getting blitzed on liquor.

    The Colorado Republican party is, unfortunately, in a shambles because the two major hills they've opted to make stands on (civil unions and legalized weed) have done nothing but drive people into the arms of the opposition while simultaneously galvanizing the people in favor of those things into a serious political force.

    Had they stuck to being pro-business, pro-freedom (like the majority of Colorado citizens) this situation would have never happened.

    Blaming Colorado voters for this situation is akin to blaming a domestic violence victim for the bruises she's got around her eyes.
  9. mokin

    mokin Well-Known Member

    Well said Justin.

    I remember my eightth grade social studies teacher expressing his satisfaction on the fact that over two-thirds of the states' population lived east of the the Rockies, specifically along the I-25 corridor. That was in the eightys.

    I always figured those chickens would come home to roost. Now I'm waiting to see what happens in the next election cycle. Things just got interesting. We need to really come together as gun owners and take back our rights. The Republican party in Colorado needs to do a better job on picking its' battles.
  10. hovercat

    hovercat Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that yhose issues were not the major party platform. Any republican candidate in the country can walk out of a meeting with business leaders about bringing in more jobs. Outside, after 30 questions about the meeting, one reporter will shout "Do you support gay marriage?" The candidate answers 'no' and goes on to answer another 30 questions about the meeting. Guess what the headlines will be?
    These are not the battles that are sought.
  11. MErl

    MErl Well-Known Member

    Here in CO they spent alot of time & effort blocking it last session.
    This session, even with no chance of it going anywhere, there were still multiple abortion restriction/ban bills submitted.

    Stuff like that is not helping bring in more votes. Not here at least. I'm just afraid that they'll run some fundamentalist against Hick and he'll get re-elected. Gun owners may not be enough.
  12. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Well-Known Member

    Well, who else would be to blame?
    The voters elected the schmucks who just took a giant dump on your civil rights. They didn't get into office by way of a coup.

    Voters who have forgotten, or perhaps never learned, that you're supposed to EARN your way instead of allowing the government to hand it to you by taking it away first from the people who did earn it.

    And a few too many people think that going through life stoned, lazy and stupid is easier than working.

    Got the same dynamic up here in Washington.

    The fact that Republicans occasionally field a bonehead would be offset by the boneheads Democrats field, except that the press is largely in the bag for the far left end of the Democrat party, so naturally they will ignore "D" stupidity and focus on "R" stupidity.

    I can say that because I'm a card-carrying journalist and I know the turf.

    The press has lapped this B.S. up about "assault clips" and "people don't hunt deer with bazookas." And too many voters lapped it up as well, and they keep voting for these people.

    We've evidently reached a point where social issues trump civil rights. Somebody explain how that is a good thing.

    However, this is not like blaming the domestic violence victim for her bruises. A lot of those voters don't feel abused or bruised, and they honestly believe that stepping on your rights makes them safer.

    A while back I did a story about a gun shop owner down in Arizona who refused to cater to anybody who voted for Obama in November on the grounds they were too stupid to own guns. It was an interesting interview.
  13. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    The Republican party in this state is grossly out of touch with the voters, which is why they've essentially handed the House, Senate, and Governorship to the Democrats.

    Read my previous post.

    From what I've seen, the MMJ and recreational weed dealers seem to be some of the most industrious and productive new members of the Colorado business community. Of course, the alternative is that a bunch of disheveled, shiftless, jobless, bong-huffing bums were able to route the state's Republicans, in which case, we're in much deeper trouble that I thought.

    The problem is at the party level, not at the level of individual candidates. The Republicans in this state managed to try to shut down two major issues that, so far as I can tell, had overwhelming public support: civil unions and legalizing marijuana.

    I hate to say it, but those are terrible flags to try to rally the troops around.

    On top of that, you have the perception that Colorado Democrats were "different." Hickenlooper is the perfect example of that. He's generally pro-business, pro-energy development (he's a proponent of fracking), and has, at least in the past, been neutral to vaguely-pro on gun control.

    For instance, here's what he said on gun control on July 22 2012:

    Between the Republican party's missteps on social issues, and the perception that Western Democrats tend to be more pro-liberty than their east/west coast brethren, the Republicans didn't stand a chance.

    Again, this isn't a failure on the part of the voters. It's a failure to connect with those voters on the part of the Republican party in a state that leans pro-liberty and has a media that is not nearly as aggressively leftist as you find in most other places.
  14. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member


    Colorado is a very libertarian state. We have a HUGE independent voter base, and the population is overwhelmingly comprised of fiscally conservative, socially liberal voters. I'm in that crowd; Don't give a rat's posterior about gay people doing their thing or legalized pot, and I want minimal government interference in my life. Basically, if you're not hurting anyone else, carry on, and leave me in peace.

    As a state, we lean right more often than left historically, but it's never been a solid red state like our neighbor to the North. In presidential elections, we've been red 22 times, blue 12 times and independent once.

    The republican party HAS to start being more libertarian, or it is doomed. That applies nationally as well as the state.

    That said, I am quite confident the democrats have sealed their fate here. People are PISSED. Even I am shocked at the number of times so far I've heard "I voted for (Hick, Salazar, whatever democrat). I will never make that mistake again." from democrats and independents alike. They really are going to pay for this. They might have gotten out with just a few lumps on the UBC, but the mag ban is going to leave them bruised and beaten.
  15. mrvco

    mrvco Well-Known Member

    Agreed Justin.
  16. HankR

    HankR Well-Known Member

    What they said

    +1 on Justin and MachIVshooter above. And this is a model for the rest of the country. The Republicans need to wise up or be replaced with something that works.
  17. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    I'm always amused by those who think we will win by being more like them. Many of us believe the immorality and lack of values that the opposition exibits is nothing we wish to emulate. I have no problem with true Libertarian values but to me that means not recognizing the rights of some at the loss of others nor embracing anarchy and no rule of law. I won't be so bold as to claim to speak for the majority but outside the I-25 corridor social issues matter to conservatives.
  18. grilledcheese

    grilledcheese Well-Known Member

    “It's 11:59 on Radio Free America; this is Uncle Sam, with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: "The chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall", "John has a long mustache, John has a long mustache". Its twelve o'clock, America, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.”
    [The Battle Hymn of the Republic begins to play]

    Justin has a line from the above as his location. Seemed fitting to post the whole thing.

  19. Arbo

    Arbo Well-Known Member

    I pretty much agree with this. I support the Constitution, not a party. In my view, the 2nd is a right that can not be taken away (legally) by government, and in the same matter, equal rights is equal rights, even if you find 'those people' to be 'icky'. Neither party shows much consistency, thus I have a hard time voting for either... We need more people that stand for the Constitution over party.
  20. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member

    It appears to me, an outsider, that CO voters shooed in some dedicated anti-gunners when they legalized dope: The Democrats picked up five house seats in 2012.

    In 1980 the national Republican party redefined conservatism to mean a bunch of feel good stuff. Their so called "American values agenda" worked wonders for years, then in2006 it failed. If the party is to remain viable they need to get their act together.
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