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For those who wonder what handgun to carry for bears...

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Elkslayer, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Elkslayer

    Elkslayer Well-Known Member

    This is for all of those who ask what handgun they should carry for bears.
  2. J Miller

    J Miller Well-Known Member

    OK, so whos the little kid standing between the guys in the bear suits?

    OH, he's full grown?:uhoh:

    Ah well, I hope this is a computer generated picture, if not I'd rather have a bazooka for bear protection.:eek:

    OK, seriously, what kind of bears do these represent? Grizleys?
  3. RCL

    RCL Well-Known Member

  4. Kor

    Kor Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of an old story...

    Seems there was this greenhorn on his first hunting trip in bear country, and he was a bit concerned about how to deal with being attacked by a bear. So, he asked his guide what kind of gun he carried in case a bear attacked while he was guiding a client.

    The grizzled old guide pulled out a snub-nosed .38 revolver.

    The greenhorn asked incredulously, "What kind of a bear gun is that - you don't seriously expect a .38 snub to do anything to a bear, do you?!?" :what:

    Replied the guide, "Well, sonny, I carry this gun because it's small, lightweight, and it don't get in the way - and if we DO get attacked by a bear, all this gun has to do is slow YOU down...":evil:
  5. Frohickey

    Frohickey Well-Known Member

    I want a belt-fed grenade launcher when I start hiking out in the wood for bear protection.

    And if I come into contact with those 5 bears and the guy... i'm shooting the guy first, he's probably the bear squad leader.
  6. Keith

    Keith Well-Known Member

    I don't know who that guy is or where that picture was taken, but those are (or were, prior to being stuffed) Alaskan brown bears - grizzlies on steroids.

    And that is why I tell people to buy a real gun instead of a .44 mag if they want to wander around in thse parts.

    They never listen....

  7. NewShooter78

    NewShooter78 Well-Known Member

    Them there is grizzlies alright, the stuffed variety for sure, but grizzlies none the less. I think I'd take a BFG for those.
  8. Shane

    Shane Well-Known Member

    Yep, those are Grizzlies. Possibly Kodiaks (which I think is a larger Grizzley Bear?).

    Not all bears require rifles though IMO. Most Black bears are small enough to be taken down by a large magnum (.41 and up is best IMO).
  9. trapshooter

    trapshooter Well-Known Member

    Serbu shorty, with sabot slugs, for close work. .50BMG for anything past five yards.:neener:

    Tam, what do you think?
  10. SodaPop

    SodaPop member

    Most black bear around here aren't much bigger than a deer. Most are in the 200-300 range. I've seen fat people sitting at McDonalds bigger than that.
  11. Elkslayer

    Elkslayer Well-Known Member

    Here is the thread over on Accuratereloading.com about these bears.


    here is what the guy said about them.

    Dan is 5' 6" or 5'7" so he is kind of short. But the big dark colored one in the center is very tall.
    The weight of the mounts as they are is over 300 pounds that includes each bears base.
    These Bears are from Russia. The Kamchatka??? area I think, sorry for spelling.
    The Hunters mostly used 338 win mags. I know the one on the left with it's arms down is the one that Dan shot. I think he used a 250 gr Nosler partition.
    The hair on these bears is amazing. It is so thick. The long outer hair is kind of coarse but the inner hair is soft as down. When you look at them from behind the width of their backs is incredable. None of these bears had their "rug yanked" they all took several shots to put down. The size is what just blows me away! You have to be up close to fully appreciate them.
  12. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    Kamchatka Peninsula has the largest population of brown bear on the planet. Rugged and wild country out there.

    Forget the handgun with something that size. You'll just annoy it more. .338 or better in rifle caliber is suggested. By the by these guys can run as fast as a race horse. They can disembowel a man with one swipe of those claws.

    Hunting one must be a great experience. Those that are negligent end up in a scat pile.

    Forget the pistol!:D :neener:
  13. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    For bears I'd say to go big. Look at the size of those guys, they could handle a big caliber. With the size of the paws I'd even say they could probably handle using a rifle as a handgun so I say give the bears an AK (needs to be rugged as I don't think bears are known for being particularly gentle) and let them have at it. I must say though that I never really thought much about whether bears should take up shooting though.:evil:
  14. nemesis

    nemesis Well-Known Member

    Support Your Right To Arm Bears!
  15. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    On bears of that size, I think that a LARGE can of pepper spray would give you far more protection than any handgun.
  16. buttrap

    buttrap Well-Known Member

    8 inch dia can of pepper spray and a coffee can full of wheel weights,nails and fishing sinkers down a 8 inch bore naval deck gun....:D
  17. Zander

    Zander member

    Ask the folks who actually come face-to-face with such bruins more frequently than any others...Alaskans.

    They don't rely on pepper spray; Redhawks and Linebaughs, yes...pepper spray, no. It doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing when you squeeze the trigger on a big-bore. ;)
  18. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft member

  19. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft member

    You guys are killin me!! :D :D
  20. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler Well-Known Member

    Here's an idea for a great Alaska anti-bear rifle, for dealing with really big game like this.

    Take the Russian VEPR rifles. They're semiauto AKs built on RPK receivers, which are heavier and stronger.

    Now, scale the gun up, up, up. .45-70 Government, .338 Win Mag, etc.

    Attach a big cushy recoil pad.

    It'd have 5 and 10 round detachable box magazines, and could be scoped without blocking the iron sights.

    To be really nice, give it synthetic furniture and nickel plate or polymer coat the rest of the gun, for weather proofing. These guns already have hammer-forged, chrome lined barrels.

    You'd have a 9-lb package, but you'd have at your disposal 10+1 shots of .338, .45-70, or whatever else you'd want (maybe 7mm Rem Mag?) as fast as you could pull the trigger.

    Not as accurate at long range as a bolt gun, but probably more solid than a BAR or Remington self-loader. Besides, most bear attacks happen at close range, right?

    Just an idea.

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