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For you CSI fans...?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bud45, May 2, 2005.

  1. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    On tonight's (5/2/05) early episode on Spike TV, Grissom was out of town in "Jackpot, NV" investigating a scene...he was in a makeshift lab in a veterinarian's office when something happened outside- he moved something on the table and relocated what looked like a Kel-Tec P-11 to a more reachable position...in a later scene, where he was sleeping on a couch in the same office, he was clutching the pistol; he woke up when a FAX came through & laid it on the table.

    Can anyone substantiate this? It sure looked like a P-11 to me! :scrutiny:
  2. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    I missed that part! But I did see the part where he crushed some pencil lead to make finger print powder. Reminds me of something McGuyver would do. :D
  3. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

  4. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, 444, that's what they said on the episode...but isn't it funny when we home in on the guns? I know I do! :D
  5. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Well, I went deer hunting near there, so this is definitely gun related.
  6. pops572

    pops572 Member

    Didn't see the episode tonight, but the only one I remember Gil using a gun in he had a subcompact Glock(i.e. 26,27,33). May not be the same episode. :confused:
  7. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    I've seen Gil hold a Glock as well.

    The detective who got killed in that bank robbery episode was also reaching for a Glock.
  8. CleverName

    CleverName Well-Known Member

    The CSI killed in the pilot had a Glock.
  9. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    I saw the episode.
    It's a Glock 19 or 23.
  10. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and the preferred weapon IS Glock...but in the aforementioned episode, "Jackpot", as he laid it on the table, barrel pointed toward the camera, it appeared to have the frontal appearance (business end!) of the P-11...just curious...guess I was the only person that noticed it.
  11. RTFM

    RTFM member

    No disrespect here 444 and Bud45, but the Jackpot in the CSI show is Hollywood's' interpretation of what they think Jackpot should look like.

    I live just north of the REAL Jackpot NV in Idaho, my area and south thru Jackpot is nothing but scrub land not fit for diddle.
    (except the 3 or 4 casinos across the state line to draw Idahoans south)

    One mans beauty is another mans hell I guess.

    I too thought it was a grock, but I'm not to familiar with the combat Tupperware to know a version on sight.

  12. thereisnospoon

    thereisnospoon Well-Known Member



    Are you a Grock hater? Don't hate man, don't hate... :scrutiny:

    Couldn't resist, as a glock carrying freak I had to protest, a little. :D

    Funny thing is this post cought my attention because my backup gun is a Kel-Tec P-11. How freaky is that. I think the gun in question was indeed a Very sub-compact Grock (oh, crap, now you have me doing it [ha,ha])

  13. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    Coulda been...

    ...a baby Glock, but...since they're rerunning episodes all the time, I'll hafta keep a VCR tape ready & maybe catch it, so I can hit the Pause button...it sure had the frontal appearance of a P-11, since I think Glock has a square shape all the way, front to back....

    Hey, RTFM, Hollywood ALWAYS goofs up the reality of things..and if they want a REAL reality show, they oughta follow around us tax-payers for a week! Can ya shoot jackrabbits up there in all that wasteland?

    Goodonya, thereisnospoon! Mine's with me a lot...

    onmilo, the regular carry weapons are full-sized Glocks; the "Jackpot" episode appeared to be a smaller back-up version- Grissom almost palmed the pistol both times he moved it, but the nose definitely appeared to be the aforementioned P-11....
  14. Malamute

    Malamute Well-Known Member

    I thought the little glocklets had a tapered slide at the front?
  15. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    Grissom also used a Glock at the end of an episode when he was at the range. Couldn't tell what caliber it was, it wasn't very realistic. The slide wasn't even cycling.
  16. Model 624

    Model 624 Active Member

    Let's expand this a little. See if we can account for all the guns carried on all of the shows.

    I'll go first on the ones I think I know:

    CSI Las Vegas:
    I've seen Gil on the range with a Glock.
    Warrick has a Smith.
    Nick has a Glock 9mm.
    Catherine ???
    Sara ???

    CSI Miami:
    Horatio has a Beretta Cougar.
    Speed died because he wouldn't clean his Baby Eagle.
    Callie carries a Lady Smith.
    Eric ???
    Wolfe ???

    CSI New York:
    All glocks all the time I think

    Tell me where I'm wrong.
  17. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    I have never seen Catherine carry. Am I the only one who finds her as an extremely attractive woman? :D

    I've seen Sara carry but I've never seen her draw her weapon.

    I only watch the Vegas CSI so I can't comment on the spinoffs.
  18. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    On one of tonight's episodes, where a security guard (Dominic something-or-another) gets blown to bits by a bomb, Catherine was carrying a full-sized Glock....Sara does, also; never seen either one use them. Incidentally, as an Extra Class Amateur radio operator, I noticed that the aforementioned security guard was monitoring UHF/800 MHz police calls on an HF ham tranceiver...Hollywood at it again, getting a two-grand piece of equipment to do what it wasn't designed to do!

    BTW, all the pictures of the "glocketts" I have in the Glock catalog have square slides, just like their full-sized counterparts; they have slightly rounded corners, but definitely NOT slanted like the weapon I mentioned I saw....
  19. Gus Dddysgrl

    Gus Dddysgrl Well-Known Member

    I think all the CSI's in Vegas carry Glocks most of the time, but I don't know. I know at one time when Katherine draws hers I tihnk it's a revolver. I've seen all of them draw at sometime. I don't watch Miami, but in NY they are all Glocks. I remember the episode, but don't remember recognizing the gun.

  20. bud45

    bud45 Well-Known Member

    Catherine NAILED a BG!

    In the episode, "The Strip Strangler" (aired tonight 5/24/05, a 2001 episode), Catherine offed the perp with a Glock 22, several shots heart-wise! Good girl! Saved Grissom's tail, too- I don't think he was carrying, since he was on admin leave at the time he came face-to-face with the strangler....

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