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Foreigners and gun purchasing

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Tinker, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Tinker

    Tinker Well-Known Member


    While I was browsing at a local Academy sporting goods shop I saw a fellow (mideastern looking and strong accent) filling out paper work to buy a gun. I was already looking at the pistols under the counter when he came up and started filling out papers on that same counter. Judging by the conversation and attitude he'd already been working with the clerk and had come back to fill out papers. I have no idea what he was going to buy, but the form was for firearms pruchases.

    I was still looking at those same guns and he kept looking back at me like I was spying on him even though I was not. He even adjusted hiself so I couldn't read the info on the form like some nerdy school kid trying to make sure his test answers were secure from prying eyes. I honestly hadn't paid him much notice until he started acting like that and I noticed the accent. Also, the clerk stressed that he must fill in "country of origin" on the form. After I left the store I wondered if it is legal for non-citizens to buy guns.

    I didn't think non-citizens could. Am I wrong?
  2. White Horseradish

    White Horseradish Well-Known Member

    You're wrong.

    I bought my rifles before I was a citizen. You only need to be a Permanent Resident (in other words, have a green card) Now that I am a citizen, I still have to put down my country of birth on the yellow sheets.

    As far as the guy being fidgety, these days can you blame anyone "mideastern looking" with a "strong accent" getting a little paranoid when someone listens in on his conversation with a gun dealer?
  3. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    Ditto, White Horseradish.

    Sheslinger was able to purchase firearms before becoming a citizen.

    It's easy to be suspicious of all Middle Eastern folk because like the Japanses before them have a certain look to them . Hey I admit it, middle eastern folk creep me out a bit.

    That being said you can't fault the dude for a legal firearms purchase because of what he MIGHT do with it. Heck we are all fighting that battle are we not.

    Now maybe if he had an Ak slung over his back with DA switch and a few pounds of C4 strapped to him.....then maybe we could get away with a little profiling.

  4. Tinker

    Tinker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. I thought you could only buy one if you were a citizen, born or naturalized.

    White Horseradish,

    I wasn't "listening". I was bent over and looking at guns when he came up ahead of me and started filling out the form. He was a clean-cut fellow. Maybe a doctor or something. Who knows. His behavior is what dragged my attention away from the revolvers. ( I had an Iranian freind who had become a citizen years ago. The accent was real simular. ) I have good ears, so it's hard to block out conversations from 4 feet away.

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