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Form and function - ''top gun'' winner?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by P95Carry, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    You may be in the revo camp - or the auto camp - or both. Ergonomics IMO plays quite a roll in firearm's choice, certainly where carry is concerned.

    For some, the 1911 has it all .. for others, something like an M19 Smith or N frame M27 may be ''it''.

    Is there an ''ultimate'' ... or ''definitive'' piece, that in your opinion surpasses all others? I do not place total store by aesthetics alone ... what counts is how a gun feels .. whether ''instinctive'' point and shoot is easy. Are reloads easy?

    The humble and inexpensive P series (95 or 97 in my case) - are 'fugly' guns and yet to me perform very well indeed. Some will say the same of Glock .... others will go with 1911. Yet others will stay totally in the revo camp and choose accordingly.

    The question then is .. perhaps. Is there an ''ultimate handgun''? One which surpasses all others ... and is yet a suitable carry piece with regard to accuracy, reliability and concealability.

    What then is .... ''top gun''?? Let's see how this stacks up.
  2. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    Yep. Valtro.


    Accurate, reliable, pretty (IMO), and I know the guy who put it together in case something goes south. Sorry for the big picture. Oleg took that one...
  3. Feanaro

    Feanaro Well-Known Member

    I submit my choice, for my needs and wants; a 1911-A1 pattern pistol, specifically the Mil-Spec offered by Springfield. Visually pleasing, to my eyes, and functionally robust. Concealable if you put some effort(and money) into it. Suitably accurate as well. It fits like no other.

    If I had to pick a revolver I would take the S&W 27-4 with "target" grips. It has a classic look, that I really wish S&W would bring back, as well as ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy. The four inch barrel still gives fairly good ballistics while maintaining the classic look and some concealability.
  4. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    I am not the 1911 fan that some are - for me it has its place, that's for sure. Feanaro - you mention the M27 ... in fact this is for me nearly up at the top .. well, I am a revo fan anyways.

    For me the 5" has everything .. it is still compact and yet ... it is a solid robust and reliable gun. That is not to demean the 4" ... just that I think the 5" is the ''ultimate'' for an N frame.

  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    High Standard Victors and Colt Pythons have always impressed me as being the tip-top best.
  6. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    Well, somebody has to say it...

    GLOCK perfection!!!

    :neener: :p :D
  7. sm

    sm member

    Government Model 1911
    Browning High power
    S&W K frames

    IMO these 3 share top gun honors for a proven design , proven history, and continue to do so.
  8. faustulus

    faustulus Well-Known Member

    For me, it has to be a HiPower.
  9. TK73

    TK73 Well-Known Member

    Basically I agree with sm, ...

    ..., but I would also add the Glock 17 to the list.

    There are a couple of sidearms I respect a lot like the P220-series or S&W's L and N frames. It's difficult to pick a single best handgun.

    Kind Regards!
  10. SAG0282

    SAG0282 Well-Known Member

    SIG P226.....IMHO the finest combat/defensive handgun ever made.

  11. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna submit 2.

    SA - The 1911. Perfect pointability, looks, the way it shoots. It jus' works the way I want it to.

    DA/SA - Many guns these days are functioned this way. For me the Sig Sauer P series (P220,226 etc...) has what I consider to be the best there is. As a DA/SA pistol of course.

    But between the 2, the 1911 is better than the Sig. :D
  12. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member


    Browning High Power

    K-Frame Smith (esp with a 3" barrel)
  13. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    S&W Centennial Model. "The original point and click interface." :)
  14. thatguy

    thatguy Well-Known Member

    Well, best is as best does, I guess. IMHO the best:

    Carry revolver: Centennial M40/42

    Carry semi-auto: PPK

    Police revolver: M19

    Police semi-auto: M59 series

    Military handgun: 1911

    Hunting revolver: Blackhawk (inc Super) & Redhawk (DA)

    Deal on the used market: Trade-in M10s

    Best best: Toss up between Python and M27 with 27 getting slight edge

    For world traveling: Hi-Power
  15. sigman69

    sigman69 Well-Known Member

    I dont think that there is one best gun.....

    for me though...revolver S&W M66

    auto...well there are a few....for handling the 1911, for durability and the gun I shoot the most....Glock, and the most accurate auto I have ever shot...SIG P229 in 357Sig
  16. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    Semi: Browning HP, but I'm warming up to the Beretta 92

    Revolver: K, L frame smiths with 3"-4" barrels and the GP100 with 3"-4" barrels.

  17. entropy

    entropy Well-Known Member

    Auto: 1911, with the HP a close second.

    Revolver: 2 1/2" Python, with S&W 40 /42 /640 /642 a close second.
  18. RON in PA

    RON in PA Well-Known Member

    Do it all: range, belt carry and HD, 3" S&W M10/64 or Ruger G100.

    If you like autos: BHP, Ruger KP95, Glock 17.

    pocket carry: Smith 642.
  19. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Form and function? 1911.

    - Gabe
  20. ceetee

    ceetee Well-Known Member

    I must be an oddball... for me, I think a lot deeper when I think in terms of "the ultimate." I think of things like "What if every gunshop in the nation got torched, and it's TEOTWAWKI" kind of stuff.

    Suppose I had to run and keep on running. Suppose there would never be any chance to get spare parts. Suppose I couldn't take a chance on being able to find "that special load" that my highly tuned semi-auto likes...

    I'd pick a gun with the legendary durability of stainless steel. The mechanical simplicity of a revolver. The ability to shoot the widest possible range of ammunition. Concealability (okay, with the right grips and holster...). Accuracy with any load you care to shoot.

    My choice, over all of my autos, would be my S&W 686. It just has never, ever failed me. It's like an old, comfortable pair of shoes, that never go out of style, and never stop looking good...

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