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Forster Co Ax good for big stuff???

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by snowshooze, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. snowshooze

    snowshooze New Member

    Hi all;
    Is the Co Ax good for the big belted magnums like the 375/416 etc?
    I just sold my presses and am going for a brand new shiny Co Ax, but they aren't a huge press at all, and I am wondering if I should invest in a heavy single stage for the big stuff... if I do it will be the Redding ultramag...but is it necessary?
  2. noylj

    noylj Well-Known Member

    Call Forster. They make dies up to the .375 Rem Ultra Mag.
    You don't need a heavy press to reload. You need to lube the cases.
    I have only loaded up to .30-06 (more than enough rifle for me) and it was very easy. Love the press.
    Now, if you want to swage bullets for your .416, you might need a big, heavy, "O" frame press.
  3. Greg Mercurio

    Greg Mercurio Well-Known Member

    Mark: The Forster is a great press and has all the leverage you need for the large cases short of a 50BMG. I loaded .375 H&H for 30 years on my little RCBS Jr. and only had to adapt the bullet loading procedure for the minimal press opening. I finally traded up to the Rock Crusher last year for ease of loading both .375 H7H and .416 Rigby. I'd trade the Rock Crusher in a NY minute for a Forster. Happy reloading. :D
  4. flashhole

    flashhole Well-Known Member

    People (read Forster press fans) will throw stones at me for this but I sold my Forster because I got tired of pinching my fingers when loading for 300 Win Mag. The ergonomics of the Forster are not for everyone. I migrated to a Redding Ultramag and I like it a lot better.
  5. snowshooze

    snowshooze New Member

    So far, so good...thanks guys!
    Flashhole, did you have the current model with the 1 1/2" extended yoke on it, or the older production model? Where was it biting you?
    If there are any other issues with the Co Ax, well, that's why I am asking... I can't get the straight talk from a catalog. No offense taken, and thanks for the response.
  6. flashhole

    flashhole Well-Known Member

    Mine was the B2, not the B3 with the extended yoke. The yoke was only a problem with seat dies that had a micrometer adjust because there was not enough clearance. The problem I encountered was seating long bullets in long cases. There just wasn't much working room for my big hands and I had to stick the bullet up into the seat die then drop it down onto the case. When I held the bullet in place and raised the case I was always getting pinched fingers. It was a great press for shorter cartridges but I didn't care for the way it was adapted for long cases. I had the same issue loading 45-70.

    Notice I did not say it was a lousy press, I just didn't care for the ergonomics and pinching my fingers. I like my Ultramag much better.
  7. JimKirk

    JimKirk Well-Known Member

    I'm a big fan of the Forster/Bonanza press ... had one for almost 40 yrs. . I could see there being some problems getting fingers in there for the long cartridges, but I never loaded anything longer than 300 WM and never had any problems. The Redding Ultra mag would be my next choice, after the Forster/Bonanza.

    Jimmy K

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