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Fratelli Tanfoglio. any info welcome

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by WIFF, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. WIFF

    WIFF New Member

    Today i picked up a new to me gun, i know nothing about it except i liked the look of it.
    It is a model BTA 90 - made in Italy 9mm para
    Any information on this handgun would be very welcome, inc value.
    thanks WIFF.
  2. MikeRussell

    MikeRussell New Member

    Tanfoglio pistols are usually imported through EAA and renamed "Witness". Sounds like you got one that came through other channels. My experience with Tanfoglio pistols (especially those from the Custom Shop) are that they are dead on accurate, very well made pistols.

    Here's their main site...
  3. AndyC

    AndyC New Member

    I once owned a CZ75 clone made by Tanfoglio - to give you an idea, my gunsmith cursed loudly when I gave it to him to drill the front sight for a tritium capsule. He said it was the toughest steel which he's ever had to work ;)
  4. slicknickns

    slicknickns New Member

    I've shot a 9mm Tanfoglio. Very nice gun. I almost preferred it over the Glock 17 and Sig p226!

    You've come up on something very lucky.
  5. AndyC

    AndyC New Member

    There's an older thread on one here
  6. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Active Member

    As a relative newcomer to the gun manufacturing scene (especially when one considers the location), Tanfoglio has definitely distinguished itself by imroving on and increasing the selection of CZ-75 style pistols.

    FT guns have been imported by several companies over the years (I have guns marked Excam and Targa), but EAA is the only one bringing them in right now. Fortunately, EAA's customer service seems to have improved as of late.

    The BTA 90 is an older version of the Witness Compact, but with a decocker (which actually makes it closer to the Baby Eagle). Excam was the importer when these were being made.
  7. WIFF

    WIFF New Member

    thankyou all for taking the time to reply to the post.
  8. full metal

    full metal New Member


    The tanfoglio is a italian made CZ-75 copy they were imported by FIE back in the 80's.the only difrence is insted of a thumb safty it has a decocker on the slide and the front trigger guard and the bottem front of slide have a angle on them.from what i hear there as good as the CZ-75's.
    Well happy shooting.oh yea they also take regular CZ-75 clips and change the gun a little and name to EAA WITNESS.over and out
  9. xv920j

    xv920j New Member


    I have a Tanfoglio TZ75. It's the most accurate of the three 9mm pistols I own. Everyone who shoots it wants it. Not for sale.
    I also have a Witness compact 40. Also quite accurate for a short barrelled pistol. Tanfoglio works for me!
  10. Patnav

    Patnav New Member

    TANFOGLIO TZ75 Series 90 9MM

    I bought my gun in 1990 and it says Tanfoglio TZ75 Series 90. I got it $200 new from an FFL, selling out of his home. It has the frame-mounted safety, blue steel with the dark wood checkered grips, and came with one spare 15-round mag. I bought 9 extra Ram-Line 17-round mags for it back then. I believe they cost only $19.95 each, at the time.

    I still have the bullets that I bought back then. Mag-Safe, Hydra-Shok, Corbon, Silvertip, Glaser, Gold Dot, Black Talon [and] Blitz Action Trauma rounds (at $1 a pop, back then).
  11. hdrider2245

    hdrider2245 New Member

    I purchased a armi fratelli tanfoglio yesterday. a Mod bta -90 9mm. Its all steel/blue and has a slide mounted decocker .I t appears to be at least 90% and shot the first 50 rds perfectly. Are witness or other tanfoglio parts, ie:mags,grips interchangeable? someone suggested cz-75? any help would be appreciated.2245

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