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Free firearms FTW!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Magic_Man, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Magic_Man

    Magic_Man Well-Known Member

    Early birthday gift. Ruger 10/22. I'm going to break her in this week & as long as she's good, I will replace the wood stock w/a black synthetic & toss a scope on her. I might even sell my 597 if I like this one enough. I also thought about selling both & buying a GSG-5. This 10/22 is at least 10 years old. I was told the stock may be Walnut & worth something. Any input?

  2. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd Well-Known Member

    I think that new they go for about $200. Yours would be a little more desirable IMO because it should have an all metal trigger group. As to whether you could get that much, I rather doubt it. Even if it's in great condition, it's still a used gun and there were literally millions of them made. I'd expect to pay about $150 for one used.
  3. husker

    husker Well-Known Member

    ya your $150 rem 597 will shoot circles around your 10-22. i have both to. i keep my 10-22 for my friends to shoot. they think im this great shot. they dont no that the cheap,crapy looking 597 is the more accurate of the 2. + check this out for the 10-22. i got to have it. www.1022fungun.com
  4. Magic_Man

    Magic_Man Well-Known Member

    I wasn't asking for prices, I know what they go for, but thanks. I was asking about the Walnut stock.

    My 597 fails to eject all the time. COmmon problem apparently. That's the main reason why it may be sold.
  5. husker

    husker Well-Known Member

    ya the woods hot on it no dought about it. as for your 597. mine had probs to at first. mines picky when it comes to ammo. it really likes the cheap dirty rem thunder bolt.$1.99 a box or cci. if it has loose bullets like the value packs for get it. neither will shoot that crap. and it aint a value when i throw 20% of the ammo in the lake
  6. elmerfudd

    elmerfudd Well-Known Member

    You might want to check over on Rimfire Central about the 597. Apparently they had a lot of reliability issues with them for a few years but now they have things ironed out. If they've got the new guns working right I'd guess there's probably a fix for yours too.
  7. Gelgoog

    Gelgoog Well-Known Member

    hmmm 10/22 you say? never heard of it...hmmm I wonder if they make aftermarket parts for such a rare beast? :D
  8. Spyvie

    Spyvie Well-Known Member

    Rimfirecentral.com is the center of both the 10/22 and the 597 universe. Somebody on that forum may pay good money for that stock.


    A $130 Marlin model 60 is more accurate than either of those rifles, BTW.
  9. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    Contact Remington and have them send you a new magazine for your 597 (free). Visit RimfireCentral.com and find out how to adjust the guide rail screws (finger tight). Then shoot the snot out of your 597. Keep it.

    Keep the 10/22 (just the way it is, IMHO) too and shoot the snot out of it also. No reason not to have more than one 22. I would guess they're both paid for and don't eat anthing. Why get rid of one?

    Nice looking rifle BTW.
  10. snowtigger

    snowtigger Well-Known Member

    A 10/22 that don't eat anything? You must not have any kids around. Put that 25 round mag in and hand it to a ten year old. It will be hungry before you can turn around... So will the ten year old .....LOL
  11. Magic_Man

    Magic_Man Well-Known Member

    I called Remington before & they didn't offer a mag. FYI, I use the metal mags, not the old junk ones.

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