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Free Pro 2nd Amendment Rally Banners

Discussion in 'Activism' started by 109Hammer, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    Hello Folks,

    I own a large format printing company, and in my effort to counter this Anti Firearm legislation I am offering Free "Pro 2nd Amendment Banners". If you are, or if you know someone who is attending a rally, event, town meeting, etc have them PM me and i will ship one out.

    We are working on an intelligent design, But are willing to customize.
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  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Outstanding offer on your part!
  3. BemidjiDweller

    BemidjiDweller Well-Known Member

    I agree with hso, thank you very much for your offer. Be sure to celebrate the first time you see one on TV in a distant state!
  4. Doc7

    Doc7 Well-Known Member

  5. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Just doing my part. There are so many good people here spending their time and money to keep our 2nd amendment rights. Its just something i feel i can do that will make a difference.

    Interestingly so, I have had a couple people ask me to print anti gun banners for rallies. It felt good to decline. :neener:
  6. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Or you could have misspelled something to embarrass them.:evil:
  7. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    I thought of embedding a small NRA logo in the art. Subliminal message of sorts :)
  8. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    Keep the addresses coming. I plan on shipping a lot of these.
  9. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    Wow! Talk about timing! I'm driving up to Albany on the 28th of this month with a van load of buddies for the big rally to tell Emperor Cuomo what I think of his SAFE Act.
    Thank you, sir! PM sent.
  10. mcdonl

    mcdonl Well-Known Member

    We have an ice fishing derby coming up next weekend at the gun club, and next week we have the Executive Director of the Sportsman Alliance of Maine coming and I would love to hang a banner for both events.

    If this is an appropriate venue you can send to me... the clubs PR guy...

    Leroy McDonough
    32 Holly Way
    Limington, ME 04049
  11. Akita1

    Akita1 Well-Known Member

    T-shirts are another great way; lower key than banners but there are a number of sites out there with pro-RKBA and liberty-themed tshirts for sale at reasonable prices. Been buying many different ones and wearing them as much as possible - will post some sites later if possible (posting from my phone).
  12. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    great, i'll ship you one out.
  13. 2 Wild Dueces

    2 Wild Dueces Well-Known Member

    What is the message on your banners?? i.e. What do they say?

    I may donate some banners locally (if / when we need 'em) at future rally's. Fishing for a good banner idea.
  14. HankR

    HankR Well-Known Member

    Thanks for doing this. Very generous offer and another sign of how we are sticking together.
  15. mcdonl

    mcdonl Well-Known Member

    I wish I didn’t work three jobs. I have a Screen Printing shop in my basement but never got the gumption to learn how to print.

    We have several 2nd amendment designs I just never printed them.

    We have one that is the fallen soldier memorial (Rifle, Boots and Helmet) with the slogan... "He died carrying his, so you can carry yours" "Beginning of an Error 01/20/2009" or something to that effect. I have the transparencies and everything...

    Another more radical that is you facing down the barrel of a revolver with the slogon "If you want to take my guns, go ahead and try...."

    If there are any screen printers on here I would be happy to send either the transparancies or the ai images to you.
  16. sanforb

    sanforb Member

    This is great. Thanks
  17. 2 Wild Dueces

    2 Wild Dueces Well-Known Member

    Shall not be infringed!

    I think a best banner and / or bumper sticker may say:


    I want bumper stickers like that!
  18. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member


    I had a lot of motivated takers on this. The first batch of 2nd amendment banners are shipping out today.

    Lets all get out there and put them to good use. Use them at rallies, then hang them up for all to view.

  19. quartermaster

    quartermaster Well-Known Member


    I received your banner today. Thank you. It is very impressive and I will display it proudly. I'm going to look into the cost of a large sign to display out by the side of the road by my house. Would you mind if I duplicated your banner?
  20. 109Hammer

    109Hammer Well-Known Member

    Bumper Stickers

    I have a bumper sticker in the works.

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