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Free State Victories 2005-2006 Legislative Session

Discussion in 'Legal' started by d_goddard, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. d_goddard

    d_goddard Member

    The Free State Project is an attempt to achieve, in one well-chosen U.S. State, a rapid return to Freedom that small-government Republicans and the Libertarian Party have not been able to attain in over 30 years of effort.

    The 2005-2006 legislative session is over and done with in New Hampshire.
    This was the first session in which over 100 of the "First 1000" Free Staters had actually moved in-state.

    We have already scored victories for gun freedom. We expect to score even more next year.

    In the blogpost below, I've listed some of our victories this year:
    Free State Victories: 2005-2006 Legislative Session

    Keep in mind -- all of these victories happened with just over 100 "early-movers", and not one Free-Stater in the State Legislature! This coming November, over a dozen Free-Staters will be running for State Representative positions. Representatives can submit any bill to the legislature, and can call for a full floor debate on any bill. Just think how much fun next year is going to be :)

    When you are tired of watching your freedoms evaporate....
    When you are tired of being a tiny minority fighting a losing battle...
    When you are ready to fight for Freedom -- and win, come join us in the Free State!

    Be part of the Second American Revolution: be one of the First 1,000
  2. NukemJim

    NukemJim Well-Known Member

    Uhm..... Pleae do not take this the wrong way but if you (the free staters) had no free staters in the ligislature and only 100 instate I must question if the "victories" would have occured with or without the free state project.

    If only 100 antigunners moved into a state elected no legislaters and claimes a "victory" in gun control laws passing in a state that was already leaning that way I would question their effectiveness as well.

    Sorry I am not trying to give you a hard time but I do try to look at things objectively.

  3. d_goddard

    d_goddard Member

    Aww hell Jim, if a libertarian can't take a good debate, then we ARE in trouble ;)

    As for "how can we tell we really did these victories", the best thing I can tell you to do is to actually read the post on my blog, where I go into more detail. I pretty clearly spell out which things were accomplished by Free-Staters, versus which things happened just because of the native goodness of New Hampshirites.

    For example, it was a Free-Stater who submitted the bill to roll back red tape for people who choose to homeshcool. She formed a homeschool lobby and organized homeschoolers to come testify at the State House -- many of whom had never engaged the political process before. It's a safe bet that red tape would still be in place if she hadn't invested all that work.

    Similarly, it was a Free-Stater who submitted the bill that inspired the NH Senate to create its "Katrina Bill".

    It was Free-Staters who organized the rally in front of our State House to protest the odious federal Real-ID act.

    I do not want to in any way belittle the awesome, hard work done by natives of New Hampshire. They are the people that make this state what it is -- the best state in the Union to fight for Liberty. What I am saying is, that when you pull up roots and move to a new state for the opportunity to fight for freedom and win, it just can't help but motivate you in ways you'd never believe.
  4. Phetro

    Phetro Well-Known Member

    Nice job!

    One irritating thing: the wording of the " castle doctrine"-type law is stupid. It's like the authors were so concerned with not angering any feminists that they just had to put "or she" and "or her" all over it. Proper English defaults to "he" when the sex of the subject is unknown. "He or she" is unnecessary, and it is very well understood that women are not exempt from laws with "he" as the subject. Why are even libertarians abandoning proper English in favor of feminist-sponsored PC garbage?
  5. d_goddard

    d_goddard Member

    Pehtro, I agree 100%
    The fact is, I'm an unabashed pragmatist and incrementalist -- we lost our liberties in this country to socialists who took a little bite at a time, over the course of decades.

    If wording a law to make it palatable to Ms. Murphy gets it to actually PASS, and thereby lets me keep my guns and protect my house, you bet your butt I'm gonna word it that way.
  6. Phetro

    Phetro Well-Known Member

    Well, okay--as long as you intend to keep going with the increments afterwards, until the whole situation returns to reason. :)
  7. d_goddard

    d_goddard Member

    That is indeed the plan.
    The deal is, the more people that join us in this fight, the faster we get there.
    Which is why I'm posting here :)
  8. Jake!

    Jake! Member

    FSP interests me more and more everyday. When I finally get my degree, perhaps I can make the move.
  9. d_goddard

    d_goddard Member

    I probably shouldn't say this yet, as the details aren't posted on the FSP webpage, but have a look at who the speaker is for the next FSP meetup:

    It seems some of the "big names" among libertarian circles are taking notice, too!

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