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front sight adjustment screwdriver Enfield No4MK1*

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by armoredman, May 17, 2006.

  1. armoredman

    armoredman Elder

    Nov 19, 2003
    proud to be in AZ
    Anyone know where to get one/borrow one, anything? The local gunsmiths don't have one, and I only found one online for $40 plus shipping from Austrailia!
    I don't have a Dremel, as one fellow suggested, and would prefer to borrow one, or buy a cheapie - I'll only need it once!
    Dadgum reversed slot screw!
  2. Detritus

    Detritus Senior Member

    Jan 19, 2003
    Central NC
    I've been looking for one for two years now, i'll tag on in case anyone has a lead, but i'll be honest the pickings are slim.

    as you've undoubtably noticed, here in the US it looks like everyone who wants to turn that screw gets out a file, hacksaw or dremel and cuts on a flathead to get there. in fact in my searches the only ready made tool i've found so far that does the job is that "combo tool" that used to be issed with some of the rifles, and they cost more than that Aussie thing you found.
  3. Limeyfellow

    Limeyfellow Participating Member

    May 31, 2005
    NC, USA
    The more I think about it, its got alot of the features of a commercial E.A.L rifle.

    They had no bayonet lugs, a front sight that looked the same, the charger bridge and area around there have both been milled away that should leave only the base for the backsight to fasten into, since most would be fitted with target peep sights and both have similar stocks. Even looks to have the semi pistol grip.

    Easy to tell if it is since it should have written on the side .303 E.A.L-**** (the last 4 digits being the serial number. Being as its in Canada its a possibility. Could of course be one of the many sporters that copied the design.
  4. Diomed

    Diomed Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    I think the average striker removal tool has a reverse screwdriver included as part of the handle. Haven't had to adjust a No. 4 sight blade so I don't know personally, just never come up (and I just got my first No. 4 a week ago). You can get them from various dealers or on ebay for fifteen bucks or so. There's also a fellow making them in New Zealand, only they're the full-on tool plus the screwdriver ($40 American).

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