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G27/G33 + Conversion Barrels OR G26

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jwalker497, Jan 15, 2010.


Which Option?

  1. G27/G33 + Conversion Barrels

    4 vote(s)
  2. G26

    7 vote(s)
  1. jwalker497

    jwalker497 Well-Known Member

    I need someone to help me figuere this out. For the life of me, I cannot decide if I should go with the G27or G33 and buy the conversion barrels to shoot 9mm OR if I should just get the G26 9mm.

    If I go with the G27/G33 and get a conversion barrel I have the ability to shoot 3 calibers. The disadvantage if that I am not accurate enough with the 40/357, I would be left to carry a conversion 9mm barrel which many people have said that's not a good idea to carry a conversion barrel for the potential reliability issues

    If I go with the G26 in 9mm, it's got softer recoil for followup shots but I cannot shoot other calibers and I may be stuck with an inferior CCW caliber.

    I am torn. Please vote And I would love to hear form those who have converted from 40/357 to 9mm - how has the reliability been? What brand conversion did you use?
  2. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    what's keeping you from being accurate with the .40?
  3. jakk280rem

    jakk280rem Well-Known Member

    9mm is a generaly accepted ccw caliber. g26's sell like hotcakes on the used market. i doubt youd be stuck with it.

    two ways to go here. one, why incure the expense of a gun, two barrels, and magazines, to get a cartridge you are not comfortable with? two, get the "better" cartridge and train with it until you can shoot it well.

    my vote was the 26. get it, leave it stock, and try every premium self defense load you can lay hands on, pick one that you can shoot and that your gun shoots well.if, at a later date, you feel under gunned, you can trade up.
  4. Mastifflover

    Mastifflover Well-Known Member

    I voted G26. Load it up with good ammo and you are not undergunned in any shape or form and you have the benefit of faster follow up shots if you need them. If you decide later to get a .40 for whatever reason, you won't have any trouble selling the 26.
  5. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member

    if your planing on carrying a 9mm, then by all means buy a 9mm. i have a 27 and almost wish i had gone for the 26 for the cheaper ammo. they are great little guns and a 9mm is a more than capable defensive round.
  6. bds

    bds Well-Known Member


    I have Lone Wolf replacement and conversion barrels for my G22 and G27 to shoot 9mm ($99 from Cheaper Than Dirt http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/GNS141-1.html)

    - Can shoot cheaper 9mm bullets from G27
    - Match grade stainless steel with standard land/sea rifling (can shoot lead bullets for even cheaper practice)
    - Polished ramp
    - Chamber "better" supports case bottoms (Glock barrels do not fully support case bottoms)
    - Drop in replacement (no gunsmith work needed - other brand replacement/conversion barrels require some fitting by a gunsmith)
    - Reliable (G27 extractor works fine on 9mm cases)
    - Accurate (2" group from G27 shooting 9mm from 10-15 yards off hand)

    None - too bad Glock does not make one! I wish Lone Wolf made conversion barrels for other pistols.

    I have 10,000+ rounds shot through the Lone Wolf replacement and conversion barrels using jacketed, plated, lead and moly coated lead bullets and I am very satisfied with their performance.

    I also got the replacement 40S&W barrels for G22/G27 because the Lone Wolf chambers "better" support the case bottoms and eliminate bulged cases for easier case sizing and longer case life for reloading. The traditional land/sea rifling allows shooting lead bullets for cheaper practice.

    FYI - Accuracy of 40S&W should be similar to 9mm
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2010
  7. jwalker497

    jwalker497 Well-Known Member

    BDS, would you carry the 9mm conversion?? See I know the 9 will be easier to shoot and proably more accurate. I have shot 40s and was not crazy about the recoil snap. owever, I do elieve it is superior caliber for ccw and I do want to be able to shoot the 357sig, etc. My only hesitation would be that many people advise not to carry a conversion barrel, yet I see all these posts that the conversion has been 100% reliable.
  8. bds

    bds Well-Known Member


    I have hesitated carrying a non-factory barrel in Glocks for many reasons in the past (reliability/legal issues).

    The conversion barrels are thicker/heavier than factory/replacement barrels since they have the outer diameter of the 40S&W barrels, but smaller inside diameter of 9mm barrels. I thought the added weight might be an issue, but with slightly sub/near factory 9mm reloads, they cycle the slides well.

    My only concern was the larger G27 extractor on the smaller 9mm case to grab enough of the case bottom brass to reliably extract the case out of the chamber.

    Since I have shot enough rounds through the Lone Wolf conversion barrels (I cannot speak for any other make of conversion barrels) without misfeed or other barrel/extractor related malfunction, I am convinced that they are reliable enough to carry - But that applies to my barrels/extractor I have extensively tested. Your results using your G27 extractor and other Lone Wolf conversion barrles may be different. I would recommend you shoot enough rounds in your G27 with the conversion barrel to test the reliable extraction of cases and cycling of the slide before you consider carrying G27 with the conversion barrel.

    But why won't you carry the G27 with factory 40 S&W barrel for more stopping power? If you are not quite comfortable handling the 40S&W recoil or not as accurate, practice with the conversion barrel, but still carry the factory barrel in the G27. Have you tried the pearce grip extension on the G27 magazine? The added support of 3rd finger (pinky) has helped many shooters get a better grip and add one more round to the bullet count (for G27, pearce grip adds +1 for California legal 10 rounds).

    At work, several coworkers have purchased Glock 27s for carry and have been practicing with 9mm loads (I have provided reloads in graduated powder charges) and many of them have migrated to 40S&W after several months of shooting 9mm. They state recoil is more snappy, but with practice, are able to maintain the same level of accuracy as shooting 9mm - reality drill I run is quick draw fires from holster to notebook size target at 5-7 yards.

    I hope this helped.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2010

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