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Ga. Attendant Brought Gun on Flight

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Mikebnice, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Mikebnice

    Mikebnice Well-Known Member

    [Tucker was arrested and cited on charges of having a concealed weapon at the airport.]:what: :what: :confused: :confused:
    I would think that it is illegal to bring it past the check point not just to the airport.


    WASHINGTON (AP) -- A uniformed flight attendant was arrested at Dulles International Airport after she turned herself in for allegedly carrying a concealed handgun aboard a flight from Atlanta, authorities said Saturday.

    The Transportation Security Administration, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies were investigating how the gun passed through security unnoticed in Atlanta, TSA spokesman Barry Phelps said. Flight attendants have to go through the same security procedures as all other passengers, he said.

    Janet Tucker, 45, of Lithonia, Ga., turned herself in Friday for carrying the weapon on United flight 7591, said Rob Yingling, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. She was in uniform but was not part of the duty crew at the time, he said.

    "It seems it was an inadvertent incident, from her description," he said.

    Tucker was arrested and cited on charges of having a concealed weapon at the airport. She was interviewed and released on a summons to appear in Loudoun County Court in Virginia at a future date, Yingling said. It was not clear whether a court date had been scheduled and he didn't know whether Tucker had a lawyer.

    United Airlines spokesman Jeff Kovick said a United employee had been arrested but would not confirm any other information.

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport spokesman Herschel Grangent had no further comment. A telephone message seeking comment from FBI officials in Atlanta was not immediately returned.

    (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
  2. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 Well-Known Member

    Since alot of the airports the working crew dosn;t clear secuity. She must of sliped in somehow with the working crew. Since the non working crew must clear secrity. It would be easy for the working crew to carry on.

    I just wonder why she turned her self. She could have not said anything. Left the airport and found a gun shop and ship the gun out to a local FFL.

  3. Run&Shoot

    Run&Shoot Well-Known Member

    I wished the entire crew carried. I think it is asinine for them to be scanning the flight crew at all. Maybe there was at least one security screener at Atlanta that had an ounce of common sense.

    Anyway, I hope the stewardess is not punished harshly as she did everrything she could by the book once she realized her mistake. I'ld like to know her carry method though as it must be good to be so comfortable that she forgot about it.
  4. Aguila Blanca

    Aguila Blanca Well-Known Member

    Gawd. Need more info, but at the moment it appears the woman made an innocent blunder, did what she thought was the right thing by 'fessing up ... and may now be convicted of a serious felony as a reward for trying to be up front about it.

    In the glow of 20-20 hindsight, I'll bet right about now she's really wishing she had just kept her mouth shut, and maybe dropped the roscoe in the Potomac when nobody was looking.
  5. Fly320s

    Fly320s Well-Known Member

    I agree with Aguila Blanca. She should have dropped it in the river or tried to ship it home.

    Of course, if she lives in Georgia but works for United, then she was probably going to IAD to start her trip. If she was going to be gone for several days, and going through multiple airports, then she might not have had a chance to get rid of the gun.

    Just think what could have happened if she had flown overseas with that gun. She could have taken over Europe. :neener:
  6. PPGMD

    PPGMD Well-Known Member

    Not all of Europe, some countries though heavily regulated still allow firearms. :neener:

    Anyways it's not true that the crew doesn't get scanned. They do, but they go through a different line that is private (so they don't have to deal with the long lines during holidays).

    I remember reading on a pilot board once that I pilot that was part of the armed pilot program was complaing that the TSA took away his Leatherman even though he had a pistol.
  7. LFI_Grad

    LFI_Grad Member

    Throwing it in the river is just silly. If it was found and turned in to law enforcement it would be investigated and maybe somehow mistakenly linked to a crime. If it was found by someone less than honest there could be serious criminal liability for allowing it to fall into the posession of someone that it shouldn't have and civil liability if it were used to harm someone.

    The proper alternative, and one that I am very surprised no one has mentioned yet, is to just declare it in checked baggage for the return trip. Problem solved.

    Yes, she did something wrong but no one was harmed and it apparently was not even an issue with anyone else so I think it would probably have been in her best interest to keep it to herself.

    I get the feeling this might have been a publicity "stunt" to again show holes in security similar to what has been done in the past by people making a point. Time will tell. I have to wonder if she tracks down a law enforcement official to ask for a ticket every time she exceeds the speed limit or fails to use her signal. Yes, these are lesser crimes but a crime is a crime and turning herself in for this looks suspicious.
  8. Mac Attack

    Mac Attack Well-Known Member

    This is a prime example why doing the right thing isn't always the best thing to do. Not only did this attendant bring trouble upon herself but she also most likely brought trouble upon the Security staff who let her bring it through security. Sure, it was the right thing to do couldn't she have done it in a more descrete manner without bringing media attention.
  9. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

    Arrested? They ought to give her a medal and a pay raise for demonstrating how easy it is to get guns past airport security.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2007
  10. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Wow. I'm pretty much speechless. She really screwed herself over.:confused:
  11. Flyboy73

    Flyboy73 Well-Known Member

    It variers from airport to airpot as to if the crew can bypass secuirty. The airport i worked at the working crew could.

  12. WeedWhacker

    WeedWhacker Well-Known Member

    Stupid laws harm honest people. Film at eleven.
  13. mbt2001

    mbt2001 Well-Known Member

    Rule of Acquisition Number 285:

    I have an old back pack that I use as a carry on or hiking day pack... I once borded a plane (about 2 years ago) with 100 round of 9mm ammo. I didn't even know it was there until I got to the destination. Obviously it was an accident, it

    I don't know if it is illegal, but if it isn't then I wonder why they bother with nail clippers and lotions....

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