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Galco "the waistband" I.W.B. holster anyone have one/like it?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by megatronrules, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. megatronrules

    megatronrules Well-Known Member

    I ordered one of these today for my glock 26 does anyone here have one of these holsters? If so how do you like it?
  2. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Seen em. like em, Im way too fat, they dont make em big enuf...

  3. Slow

    Slow Well-Known Member

    I have one and I guess I'm too fat also as it pops off the waistband at some inopportune times..would like to get a hip holster for the 2" snub... If your middle is well rounded you better pass.
  4. mgjohn

    mgjohn Well-Known Member

    I have one 2 in horse hide one for my Sig 220 and another one for a 1911 pattern pistol. I carry a Colt Gold Cup or a Colt Combat Target in one every day. Best IWB holster I have owned.
  5. Zander

    Zander member

    Have one; works fine for me...no problems.
  6. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

  7. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie Well-Known Member

    I prefer the Scout version for the quick IWB as it lets me carry cross or strong side either at the 4:00 or 2:00; its easy to remove or slip back in place and it fits inside the Uncle Mikes fanny pack (big zippered portion) when I need to carry it in that fashion still covering the triggerguard (Glock 26).

    But thats just me and its not really germain to your question as it is slightly different from "the waistband" I.W.B. Galco model.

    Since I'm straying O.T. slightly anyway, have you looked at or tried a Sidearmor Kydex IWB... seems like several people over on GlockTalk like theirs, price is about the same. It isn't leather but then a Glock is not a blued 1911 so finish wear isn't a real big issue.

  8. muddyboots

    muddyboots Well-Known Member

    I like the Milt Sparks Executives Companion. Very comfortable and it stays in place. Look here.

  9. TheOtherOne

    TheOtherOne Well-Known Member

    I have the Galco IWB for my Glock 27 (same holster that the 26 uses):


    You should be able to get it cheaper from someplace else though. I paid $50.

    I love it. Works great, fits perfect, you can tuck a shirt in with it and it has never "popped off".

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