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Gander Mountain in Richmond/Ashland, VA

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by RNB65, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

    The new Gander Mountain store is open. I stopped by there tonight. Nice looking store. Lots of long guns but a surprisingly small selection of handguns. The store staff attacks you as soon as you step foot in the door and try to give you a GM hat in return for filling out a credit card app. I declined.

    Prices are obscenely high. And not just gun prices, but everything in the store. There were a lot of people in the store, but I didn't see much buying going on. There was no one at the checkout registers other than board looking clerks. I don't think Green Top and DeGoffs have too much to worry about.

    It was worth one visit, but it will be a long time before I go in there again. There was nothing in that store that I can't find for 20%-30% less elsewhere.
  2. Redneck07

    Redneck07 Active Member

    The agressive sales pitch pisses me off too. I like to be left alone when I first walk into a store.

    The GM up here in Kingston, NY is pretty good. They have a good selection of long guns and handguns.
  3. Dgreno

    Dgreno Well-Known Member

    Thats not cool. I will be going out there this coming week to check them out. I am hoping they can find a GM special Taurus for me...
  4. Dgreno

    Dgreno Well-Known Member

    Thats not cool. I will be going out there this coming week to check them out. I am hoping they can find a GM special Taurus for me...
  5. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Not sure on the new stuff, but I know for a fact you can haggle on the used firearms.

    Case in point, a used Mossberg 500 had been sitting in the rack for a couple months, priced at $219. I pointed out a brand new one they had was $199. After a couple calls to the manager, they gave it to me for $169 *with* the 1 year free service.

    But you're right a lot of their stuff is fairly high.
  6. pete f

    pete f Well-Known Member

    Ganders can be good or bad on prices, I just bought some more Carhartts work pants for 29 bucks a pair, well short of the going 36 to 40 dollars a pair.

    same with canvas shirts, just bought two for 19.99, well under the 50 dollars Columbia likes to get.
  7. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    Well heck, I was going to stop by for a look on my way to Green Top. Maybe I won't waste my time this morning.

    I think the radio ad yesterday said GM has 2,000 guns. Whatever it said, Green Top has 4,000 with lots of turnover.

  8. dust_101

    dust_101 Well-Known Member

    GM tends to be high on most all prices, but if you look around you can find some things on sale or deep enough discount to warrant a purchase. As for firearms, when a new store opens they send used firearms from the other stores to help stock the new store. They just opened 5 new stores including the one in VA so every store lost inventory trying to bulk up the new stores. ....and you can bet they didn't send their best stuff.

    The only good way to get to the good stuff in the firearms is to know someone who will bring things out of the back. Or you can bring in something to trade, they were paying 70% off blue book based on condition, and a bit more if you were trading in on another firearm.

    Just have to learn how to work the system. ...and to know you can get things cheaper elsewhere.
  9. frank23185

    frank23185 Well-Known Member

    Greentop "ain't" exactly cheep either.
  10. VTKFJoe

    VTKFJoe Well-Known Member

    They advertise a price guarantee so I took them up on it. I went in on Wednesday this week and saw that the WWB 9mm was $22 - I told them I could get it for $15.72 up the street, the very nice and proffesional clerk at the ammo counter placed a call to Walmart (didnt need to tell him what up the street was, everybody knows Green Top doesn't have it for that price) and even though he didn't get an answer at the ammo counter (shocking:neener:) he honored the price.

    Everything was very expensive except the $349 Sig p225s which are calling me... hopefully after they are around for awhile they will get some more used stuff and maybe they can balance out with GT - who knows maybe both will become more affordable. Well, a guy can dream can't he?
  11. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    Up 95, the Gander Mtn. in Frederickburg has been a great place for me. You never know what you'll find. So far the good news;

    They price match ammo
    HK P7 PSP w/ four mags for $550
    LNIB Sig P232 for $315
    HK USPc $600
    $350 Beretta 84 w/ three mags
    ...several others too.

    I shop down at Green Top too. Give the G.M. a chance. Competition is good,and may bring some surprises.
  12. 45Badger

    45Badger Well-Known Member

    You're not kidding! I heard and read about Greentop for months, so decide to visit. Good size inventoryt, but nosebleed prices on used guns compared to local availablity. Maybe they dicker with regular customers, but the prices on their tags sent me packing.
  13. Stover954rr

    Stover954rr Well-Known Member

    RedNeck: I know what you mean, I live down in Fishkill NY, and made my first trip to the GM in Middletown. I thought I was going to the "walmart of Firearms" But my local gun shop had them beat on EVERYTHING!
  14. Conqueror

    Conqueror Well-Known Member

    It would LOVE an aggressive sales staff. At my local GM it takes like 45 minutes to get any service at the gun desk, and the service you get is half-assed.
  15. JohnBT

    JohnBT Well-Known Member

    "Maybe they dicker with regular customers"

    I don't know, I've only been going to Green Top for 30+ years. :)

    I don't really dicker. For instance, I found a nice field grade Winchester SX-1 with a MOD barrel and stage three trigger with a price tag of $499. I went to the manager and asked how much. He looked at the computerized inventory on the register and said $449. I bought it.

    The managers do the dickering on the used guns.

    I pay cash for new guns and ask for some ammo or cleaning supplies or something. This doesn't work too well if you're using a charge card and they have to eat the card fee out of their end of the deal.

    Yeah, GT has gotten expensive, but they have a huge selection of models, barrel lengths, etc. If you don't see what you want, ask, it's probably in the back and they can look at the inventory on the register and tell you.

    I didn't get by GT or GM today. Tomorrow I think I'll stop by Runion's in Harrisonburg and Dominion Outdoors in Stuarts Draft (or Fishersville if the new store is finished.) Maybe Nuckols in Staunton, too. I'm not driving all the way to Harrisonburg and back every weekend to visit my folks at the home without hitting some gun shops.

    GM can wait.

  16. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    my local gander mountain just ended an add where those same sig 225s, turnins from some eurocountry, were going for $299. I only stopped at one store, and it was after the add expired, and they didn't have any.

    I will say the 1 year guarentee is really nice....

    truth is, the one I stopped at had a handful of ruger min 14s for 1000 plus change, and some ARs for high 800s (and I think the AR's are more gun for your money anyways...) However, they had a very nice on the exterior used ruger mini 14 for under $400. I want to say $350ish but I don't recall for sure. Normally I think if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is, as in, the gun has some functionality problems, etc...except with that gunsmith pre-inspected, and the 1 year warrantee...I start to think it cannot be that bad, and if it is it gets fixed for free.
  17. bender

    bender Well-Known Member

    the Cabela's I go to has the same "credit app / free hat" guys standing inside the front door... but I've always just walked by them, and they never bother me.
  18. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Well-Known Member

    Shoot I was in there Gander mtn in Fredericksburg today stood there for 1 hour trying to find out if the gun smith was going to be in today.

    I just found out that in VA you have to have 3 forms of ID to buy an AR.
  19. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    GM is ok, I don't buy anything from them since they are expensive. I haven't bought anything from GT either. Their prices are also no different than Northern VA. If anyone's looking for a good deal and lives in the Northern VA area, look up Joe Elarde, he's a kitchen table FFL and works out of his home in Leesburg. He's often at the Fredericksburg, VA and Chantilly VA shows.

    Great guy, he can beat GM, GT, and any of the other local stores by 100-150 dollars on most guns. Granted, he doesn't have the overhead, but he's willing to dicker on most anything.
  20. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Stopped by the local Gander Mtn. to buy a Ruger Mark II magazine. They wanted $30. Ruger's SRP is $23.something.

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