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Georgia Arms .44 magnum power

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by seed, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. seed

    seed Well-Known Member

    I am currently interested in ordering some Georgia Arms .44 magnum JHP's in 240 grain. On their site, this ammo is rated at 1325 fps (not sure of barrel length -- probably 10" though). On their energy calculator, these are rated at 935.8 ft/lbs.

    I want them for my Desert Eagle, Mark XIX. I just want to make sure that they will function fine and cycle my gun reliably. I would also like to know how dirty they are and how powerful they feel...Do they give off a huge fireball and loud report?
  2. AirForceShooter

    AirForceShooter Well-Known Member

    Never shot their .44's.
    Done .45, .357,.38, .380, 9MM

    Wasn't dirty and very relaible.

  3. GCBurner

    GCBurner Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried the .44 Magnum, but I've shot their "Canned Heat" bulk ammo in 9mm and .45 ACP in practice and competition for IDPA, and found it clean, consistent, and pretty accurate.
  4. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    One of the Mods here recommended their .44 Mag 300gr SP so I did a little research. Georgia Arms' offerings are less pricey than most and have an excellent reputation. So, that's what I bought... but I haven't been to the range yet.
  5. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    I've been using Georgia Arms ammo in all of my handguns for years with complete satisfaction. I've not shot any over a chronograph so I cannot vouch for their advertised velocity. But I've never had the first problem with anything.
  6. Dain Bramage

    Dain Bramage Well-Known Member

    I've shot their .44 mag 240g JHP Gold Dots in my Blackhawk. It's clean and accurate ammo. Recoil was crisp, and probably toward the higher side of mainstream ammo. I have not chronographed it.

    Their SWC was a lot sootier, but still accurate. They probably drive it too fast. Between this and some crappy Outdoor Marksman reloads, they leaded my Blackhawk pretty bad.
  7. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    I to like and use there ammo. I shoot there canned-heat for carry practice and there speer deep curl ammo for carry in several firearms. There ammo has allways matched there FPS claims to . Maybe then some. A buddy that videos his bullet test for his you tube site (NCFLYFISHER) just did there 9mm 124gr +P load. Prices are better than most and burns clean. All new ammo use's starline brass.
  8. seed

    seed Well-Known Member

    I ordered 600 of their 240 grain JHP rounds, which they advised would work fine in the DE. They list a 200 grain JHP, rated at 1650 fps (!), but were sold out. I will be keeping my eye out for those. Great price, but shipping was really high ($40 to Cali). I'll post my experience when I shoot them.
  9. hardluk1

    hardluk1 member

    Check to see what gun shows they are comeing to and when its on there site. You could order a 100 to try and then you can buy a larger amount at the show to say on shipping. I have not chrony'd ther 44 mag ammo in some years but it use to be with in the velocity range advertized out of my a 7 1/2" ruger BH.

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