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Getting licensed.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by The Unknown User, May 3, 2007.

  1. The Unknown User

    The Unknown User Well-Known Member

    So I've decided I'm going to start planning what I'm going to do as far as getting my license, taking classes, etc.

    But I don't know what order to do it in. This is what I need help with.

    I need my FID card first, right? Then what? When do I get a gun? When do I take the CCW class? When do I apply for the CCW license?

    I hope you understand what I mean. I don't know what I have to have when, and all that. Oh, I'm turning 20 in like, 10 days, so I can't get my CCW license yet. I just need to know what I need to do when so I can apply for it.
  2. eric.cartman

    eric.cartman Well-Known Member

    there is still hope for you!
    i moved out of NYC when i was 26, well, still am 26, but that's besides the point.

    if you can, and if gun laws/freedom are that important to you (sure are for me)... http://www.uhall.com/

    :evil: :D


    and i wouldn't count on it when you do turn 21, or any age for that matter. not in MA.
  3. Spare

    Spare Member

    I actually just applied for and received my LTC Class A.
    First, I would recommend reading the FAQs here:

    Second, you don't need an FID first, you can take the 'NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course' without a permit. Also, most classes provide a pistol to use for the class.

    Third, licensing requirements are by town/city, so it will vary widely throughout the state. I am in Somerville, and the application process wasn't too bad. I didn't get a non-restricted LTC though, so I have the right to "high-capacity" handguns and rifles for "Target & Hunting" only. You'll learn more about restrictions in your class. This is basically what they do to prevent people from legally carrying a concealed weapon for self defense.

    Fourth, I recommend checking out NortheastShooters (http://northeastshooters.com).
    This thread here: http://northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=8703
    contains an updated list of gun rights by town. Basically if you town is green, you don't have anything to worry about. If it is black or red, you might have some difficulties getting your LTC.
    There are some very informed people on NES, including some Mass. lawyers that are familiar with the intricacies of getting a firearms license in MA.

    The class that I took (at A & G Guns in Lowell) provided a few types of semi-autos and revolvers for us to practice handling, but we completed the class without actually firing a shot (they have a video system with simulated recoil, but it isn't like the real thing). It was a good class, but I would recommend looking at the MRA course (http://www.massrifle.com/ , click on the safety classes link).
    I am a member of MRA, and I think it is a pretty nice organization. The facilities have been sufficient for my needs so far, but this is the only club I've been a member of, so YMMV.

    Lastly, Congratulations on your decision! I applied for my permit in January, and I got it just about two months later (some towns take MUCH longer, and some are shorter, btw).

    Edited to Add:

    To apply for an LTC, you have to be over 21. I think it would be a good thing to get your FID card ASAP, so in a year when you apply for your LTC, you can show that you've been a responsible and safe gun owner for a year, so they should trust you with an unrestricted LTC. :cool:

    As for moving out of the state, unfortunately Florida doesn't offer the same type of jobs at the same amounts of pay, so I can't move there. New Hampshire would leave me in the vicinity though... Being originally from Vermont makes all these hoops we have to jump through so much more annoying.
  4. The Unknown User

    The Unknown User Well-Known Member

    Spare, thanks for the information. I'll check it all out later.

    But what order do I have to do everything in? Or does it not matter? I don't know when to get my FID, when I need to take the courses (two courses, right?), and so on.

    I don't mean to be a pain, so if you could tell me what order you completed each step it would help.

    Also, what does an FID allow me?

    And what class of LTC do I want to apply for? How do they differ?
  5. Spare

    Spare Member

    No problem. MA needs more gun owners!
    An FID allows to buy and possess "non-large capacity" rifles (i.e. ten rounds or less) and shotguns. It lets you use these weapons for hunting and target, and you are allowed to transport them (locked and unloaded) to and from target & hunting locations. No handguns, no concealed carry.

    Requirements for an FID application vary by town, so you need to go to your town's police station and ask for an FID application (It is actually the same form for an LTC and an FID, you just check a different box). They will tell you (or you will ask) if there are any additional requirements. Some towns require letters of recommendation/reference to show that you are a "good" person, some towns require a letter from a physician saying you are mentally capable of owning a firearm, this is all town-by-town. Basically the state law says that to get a firearms permit, you must meet the state requirements plus any additional requirements set by the town police chief and/or licensing officer, so it is really different depending on where you live. The good news: FIDs are much easier to get, and basically considered "shall-issue" (as opposed to "may-issue" for LTCs).

    You will need to take the safety course before submitting your application, as your safety certificate is part of the application itself. So you should contact one of the organizations that offer these classes and ask them what you need to take. For example, A&G Guns was very helpful when I emailed them for more information, because I had no idea what I needed to do when I was starting. Their web address is http://www.agguns.com/ and there is a link to their Instruction Institute website. I *think* it is one course for an FID, and a different course for the LTC. I only took the Basic Pistol Safety Course to get my LTC. I could be wrong, so ask someone who knows :D .

    As for the class (I'm talking Class of license, not safety class) of a License To Carry to apply for, the options are Class A and Class B. An LTC Class B permits you everything you got from an FID, plus the ability to own and possess "non-large capacity" handguns. So again, rifles and handguns (10 round capacity or less) and shotguns, no concealed carry.

    An LTC Class A basically removes the capacity restriction, so you can buy firearms that hold more than 10 rounds. The 'gotcha' here is that so-called "high-capacity" mags are only legal if they were manufactured before some date in 1994. New mags aren't legal to sell or own in MA unless you're a LEO, but since most manufacturers don't stamp their mags with the manufacture date.... :scrutiny:
    Regardless, gun shops will usually only sell these mags if they were actually made before that date.
    PLUG: Four Seasons is a great shop in Woburn that currently has 15-round mags for the Beretta 92FS. http://fsguns.com/

    Now, aside from Classes of your LTC, the licensing officer or chief of police can place restrictions on your LTC. A common one is what I have, "Target & Hunting". This means that I can use the capabilities of my Class A license in the pursuit of target shooting and hunting only. So I cannot carry a concealed weapon with this license. I also can't have a loaded or unlocked weapon in my vehicle on a public way. But I can own and use normal capacity handguns (those mags from Four Seasons are working flawlessly ;) ).
    If you're in a good town or if you have some connections, you can get a Class A with no restrictions, meaning the licensing officer has deemed you worthy enough to be able to legally exercise your rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

    Enough reading for ya? Here's the bottom line: check with someone who offers the courses, they will be willing to help guide you through the process and they should be more familiar with the peculiars of your town. I'm no lawyer, and I think everything I wrote above is true, but I could be mistaken with some of it.

    Edited to add:
    You want to apply for a CLASS A when you're old enough. Worst case, they bump you down to a Class B. Best case, you get an unrestricted Class A. Applying for a Class B is (IMO) a waste of time.
    It costs 100$ for the firearms application, and can take a while for them to give you an answer. You'll be fingerprinted, photographed, and entered into the system. It also involves a background check done by the Mass State Police (I believe). Make sure all of the information you put on the application is correct, they can deny you for any error that they discover. The class will cost you as well, the Basic Pistol Course at MRA is 150$. I don't know the price range for the FID class though.
  6. The Unknown User

    The Unknown User Well-Known Member

    Damn, so your LTC doesn't allow you to have a CCW? :(

    Okay, so...

    1. Safety course
    2. FID
    3. CCW course
    4. LTC Class A

    Right? :D
  7. Spare

    Spare Member

    Yes, but your town may have additional requirements.
  8. Spare

    Spare Member

    Oh and if you're living in Boston, move first! :evil:
  9. FireArmFan

    FireArmFan Well-Known Member

    wow, glad I don't live in MA, I dont mean any offense by that as I'm sure it's a very nice place, but that's way a more complicated procedure than here.
  10. The Unknown User

    The Unknown User Well-Known Member

    I don't live in Boston. I'm in a "green" town. :D
  11. Blackfork

    Blackfork Well-Known Member

    Find a shooting discipline

    I very strongly encourage you to find some kind of competitive shooting sport and give it a try to build a base of experience being safe and improving your shooting skills. There are all kinds, even in Mass. Gotta be some smallbore, Highpower, pistol league, something! It will make you much safer and put you in touch with other functional members of the gun culture.
  12. Blackfork

    Blackfork Well-Known Member

  13. The Unknown User

    The Unknown User Well-Known Member

    haha, wow. Thanks. :D

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