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Gibralter Trade Center Gun Show Was a Near No-Show

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Geno, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    I haven't been to a gun show in about 3 years. I was so excited that my daughter asked me to take her now that she is old enough to shoot with me. We rounded up the gear and drove an hour, anticipating the gun shows of old.

    Used to be that 100 to 150 displays took up the majority of walking room, and what space was left was should-to-shoulder occupied by the several thousand spectators/buyers. Wow! Anti-climatic!

    When we walked in, we immediately noted that there were very few displays. Those that were there, were disappointing. Selection was weak, and prices? Forget it! I get better prices day-to-day at the regular gun store. In all seriousness, there were about 50 people looking and/or buying. Saturdays, before, were massively attended.

    So, this is my question to my fellow THR readers: is this the gun show trend only in S.E. Michigan, or is this happening on a wider scale? How are the gun shows, selection, prices, and their attendance in your areas?

    Thank-you in advance,

  2. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    Here in Indy we still have 4-5 big shows a year. Yes they are smaller than in the past, 20+ years going to gun shows,and SOME prices are crazy. If you know what you want and what it is worth you can still find a bargin.

  3. 71Commander

    71Commander Well-Known Member

    Gibralter ain't no gun show. It's a flea market with gun shops bringing their stuff once a month.

    Birch Run has a gun show next week-end. It's a whole lot better. Here's a link of their schedule.

  4. gulogulo1970

    gulogulo1970 Well-Known Member

    Gunshows around here are nothing compaired to when Clinton was in office. They will boom next time a democrat is elected president. Everybody thinks, "I gotta buy'em while I can." I had that fever for a while myself.
  5. thereisnospoon

    thereisnospoon Well-Known Member

    GUn shows here in Alabama have been hit or miss the last few years. Some weekends you can't take enough stuff and people will pay crazy prices, some weekends you might as well stayed at home.

    Like you, I have been doing the gun show thing since 1999 and I have seen a steady decrease in attendance on both sides of the table.

    I think the internet has a whole lot to do with it. I can do the gunshow thing right here on my laptop 24/7/365 and it doesn't cost anything...

    Could it be? Let's just pray that Nancy Pelosi et. al. don't figure that out.
  6. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    In my area, I have noticed that there are fewer tables selling guns relative to days gone by. There is a lot more junk now- flea market junk. Attendance seems to be okay. It varies with who is sponsoring the show for the most part. Back in March I went to two shows in Nashville on the same day (sat)and was really pleasantly suprised that both were pretty well attended. I pretty much don't even bother going if the show is much less than 300 tables.
  7. Blackcloud6

    Blackcloud6 Well-Known Member

    I go to Gibraltar every month as it's not far from my home and it's free on Friday nights. The show really declined after Detroit tried to sue them some years ago and to get out of the suit the promoters agreed to only allow Dealer FFL holders sell at the show, so all the old guys who used to bring good deals and the folks walking around with guns for sale went away. The summer months are always bad with not many dealers showing up, but as hunting season approaches the show gets better. But it never gets like the old days.

    A great show to go to is the Michigan Antique Arms collector show in Novi that will start up in October (may September, I'm not sure). This show is worth going to.
  8. Rich K

    Rich K Well-Known Member

    I gave up on Gibraltar shows a long time ago.Too much junk and not enough guns.I remember the shows that Bill Goodman used to have at the Light Guard ARmory on 8 MIle rd and Ryan,many moons ago.There were some really beutiful guns and a load of really great folks there.

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