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'Give every man a gun'

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Drizzt, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    'Give every man a gun'


    Wednesday, June 9th 2004

    OPPOSITION Leader Basdeo Panday has called for every man in the country to have a gun to protect his rights, liberty and property since the Government has failed to do so.

    Speaking at the St Helena Hindu School at the UNC's Monday evening people's forum, Panday told the hundreds gathered that the PNM government had failed in its first and basic function of any government to protect the rights, liberty and property of its citizens.

    Panday said: "If Manning and PNM cannot perform the first and basic function then they must pull up their pants and go home."

    Using the political theories of philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau and John Locke to make his point, Panday said in a civilised society man had handed over the powers of self-defence to the government and so there was a social contract between the people and the State.

    He said when such a contract was formed and a citizen was offended, he "would let the State deal with them (the offenders) so we would live in a civilised society where life was not crude, nasty, brutish and short."

    The UNC leader said: "Once the contract is broken, then we have reverted to a state of nature and I have now got back my right to defend myself because the Government will not defend me."

    Panday added: "So that is what we got to do. We have got to find ways and means to defend ourselves. The Government will not defend us. They cannot defend us. They are part of the criminals who attack us. They are kissing the criminals and hugging them up. Those criminals who attack us and steal our children. They are part of those criminal gangs. How will they protect you?"

    He said: "We must start protecting ourselves."

    Panday also slammed President George Maxwell Richards for telling Indo-Trinidadians on Indian Arrival Day that fighting against discrimination was fighting like Don Quixote, "it was like fighting against windmills".

    He said the President had the temerity to abuse and insult Indians that they were not being discriminated against. "I was sadly disappointed," he said.

    He also criticised Health Minister John Rahael for saying that the reason Indians were being kidnapped was because they were wealthy. Panday agreed that a few Indians had money but said many still lived in poverty.

    "They make you disrespect yourself," he said.

    He said the PNM was not only practising racial discrimination but also political discrimination and cited the police killing of Galene Bonadie, the common-law wife of Sean "Bill" Francis, both of whom, Panday said, were card-carrying members of the UNC

    Meanwhile, members of the Police Special Branch were said to monitoring the meeting.

    One member was spotted peeping through a window of metal louvres where he could have seen the backs of the speakers on the podium. He had in his possession a notebook and tape recorder.

    Uniformed police officers at the meeting told the Express that the man was an officer from Special Branch.

    When UNC leader Panday arrived at the meeting he was accompanied by at least four personal security officers. Two of them were on stage during the meeting while one monitored a door and the other watched the Special Branch officer at the back of the school building.

  2. whm1974

    whm1974 Well-Known Member

    I disagree that we "hand over" our right of self-defence to a government for a social contract.

  3. ksnecktieman

    ksnecktieman Well-Known Member

    ok, we are not surprised that another government failed to protect it's citizens after disarming them. Where is this one at? Which country? Or is this part of California?
  4. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    KS - It's in Trinidad. In the Carribbean.
  5. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    We could tell that to most of the Democrats.

    or Lawrence, KS :neener:
  6. ksnecktieman

    ksnecktieman Well-Known Member

    sorry,,,,,,, no offense intended riley..... I left my ex wife in lawrence..... she is a sheeple, and belongs there
  7. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    "Give" every man a gun?

    At whose cost, might I ask?

    Just another person wanting his chance to suckle at the teat of the gov't coffers.

    Now, if a man wants to go buy a gun, well, I'm all for it.
  8. Firethorn

    Firethorn Well-Known Member

    Do a $300 gun 'credit'. The .gov sends you a 'coupon' good for up to $300 off on any firearm. Or an appropriate amount for an inexpensive firearm in whatever country that does it.
  9. RangerHAAF

    RangerHAAF Well-Known Member

    They have no tradition of arms

    The island nation of Trinidad & Tobago is a socialist model of England. My wife hails from there. There are a few independent thinkers but the majority of people have gotten use to getting along with their government in order to maintain social order. In general, Trinidad's society is fat and happy because the government can provide the basics for the people because of large oil exports. The last thing they want to do down there is rock the boat. They don't have a tradition of arms as the US does; but maybe it is a concept they should consider for the future.

    Back in 1989, about the same time the US military invaded Panama the government of Trinidad was briefly overthrown and it's parliament members were taken hostage by Islamic terrorists. The Prime Minister was shot in the leg and they didn't know what to do or how to respond; fortunately for them neither did the terrorists, they(government police forces) waited for about 2-3 days to get a plan together and in the end the terrorists gave up without any further bloodshed. If ordinary citizens would have had access to firearms to defend their country and repel the muslim invaders, the situation would have been resolved earlier.

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