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Give me input on a possible precision .30-06

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by bernie, May 12, 2006.

  1. bernie

    bernie Well-Known Member

    I have wanted a heavy barrel .30-06 Remington 700 for some time now, like a Sendero but in .30-06.

    There is a store near me closing out New .30-06 Remington ADL's for $300.00. I am thinking of getting one and using it to build what I want.

    I know the rebarreling is not that big a deal. However, how easy is it to find a good stock for a long action ADL (not BDL). Also, is there a way to make a BDL stock work?

  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    Rebarreling is not a big deal, it is just about $500+ for a name brand barrel.

    If you use a BDL stock, you must buy BDL bottom metal = triggerguard and floorplate.
  3. hillbilly

    hillbilly Well-Known Member

    I'd say your best bet for a precision 30-06 would be one in .308.

  4. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    i dbuy that one for the money, then go get a savage long range.
  5. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Check e-bay. If it's not there, it's going to be hard to find. Anything even remotely available anywhere is on e-bay. You can probably find a factory take-off barrel if you want a different one.
  6. bernie

    bernie Well-Known Member


    actually, at long range with heavier bullets, the .30-06 has a decided advantage over the .308. I want more than a .308 but I do not really want to go the "magnum" route.


    While the Savages are probably the most accurate for the money, and anyone with a little sense and the proper tools can upgrade the barrel on one, I do not trust them. A few years ago I actually had a savage scout. Great rifle. Until the pin that holds the bolt head on decided to break. Because the firing pin has to go through the bolt head retaining pin, there is a spot where there is just not a lot of metal holding the bolt head on. That is where mine broke. This can lock a rifle up tighter than Dick's hat band. Been there...done that. While I never dog someone for buying a Savage, and have even recommended them to some deer hunting buddies of mine that shoot them once a year, I will never buy another.

    I knew that getting a barrel changed would not be a bid deal, and that getting a better trigger would be simple, I was more worried about getting a good, bedded stock, that is not some superheavyweight target gun stock, but more of a varmint hunter's stock.

    I appreciate all the input so far.

    <edited because I cannot spell "through">
  7. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    The guy wants a Remington and you folks are pushing Savages off on him.
    I will stay focused here.
    The ADL will be a great starting point for you especially if you are wanting to do most of the work yourself.
    A receiver is a receiver and there isn't any major differences between an ADL and a BDL other than the ADL is a cheapened version of the original designed to be affordable to the masses.
    This gives the prospective gun crank a great platform for learning the finer arts of barrel fitting, polishing, fitting and trueing.
    Stock fitting, stock accessory fitting and aligning, pad or plate installation, hand stop rail fitting and alignment, etc.
    And that basic barrelled receiver, ahh you get to decide exactly what kind of sights or scope platform you wish to use, barrel contour, exact headspace and lead,( pronounced 'leed' not 'lead'), etc.
    Exactly what you want and how far you wish to go is limited only by your wallet and your patience.
    Nothing wrong with that .30/06 caliber choice either.

    When you get done with this project write another thread and I will tell you about the .300 Winchester Magnum,,,,
    Good luck and good build.
  8. bernie

    bernie Well-Known Member

    Thanks Onmilo,
    That is pretty much what I was thinking about the rifle. Looks like I may be getting this rascal next week and sticking it back in the safe. This will be a "as funds are available" project.

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