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Glenfield Mod. 70, Marling arms .22LR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by boredelmo, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. boredelmo

    boredelmo member

    Found this rifle in dad's closet. Looks a lot like a 10/22 to me.

    ANyone have any info on this rifle? Where can i get parts? Maybe just maybe 10/22 parts interchange? Mags?

  2. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

  3. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    The Model 70 is a nice little carbine and I have one here. There are no parts that interchange with the Ruger.

    Parts are available from any of the on line parts houses, like Brownells, and Numrich, and should be available from Marlin as well. Magazines are not hard to find and your local gun shop may even carry one on stock.
  4. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    The bad news: it's unrelated to the Ruger 10/22

    The good news: it's simply the mag-fed version of the Marlin Model 60, one of the most-produced rifles of all time. It's popular for a reason: they're great rifles! Marlin is up to, what, about 10million rifles produced in the '60 series? I prefer the 75C myself, but I'm a freak.

    Find the instructions online, clean it up, and take it out shooting. Here's a basic article about the Marlin .22 rifles: http://www.chuckhawks.com/marlin_model_60_rifles.htm

    Are you coming back to the UT Austin shooting range this coming semester? I'll be abroad all year, but I'm sure Jack would be glad to have you around.
  5. 115grfmj

    115grfmj Well-Known Member

    The good news...its much more accurate....

    than an out of the box 10/22:neener:. And you wont need to spend any money to get it that way either:cool:. Mine is a 93 vintage, that i've retrofited with the last shot hold open feature ( no mods just swap the parts), I also get 1/4" groups with it at 50 yds (federal gold medal). I can't even begin to tell you how many rounds have gone down range with mine....it comes with me to my club every time I go.
  6. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    How, exactly, is that BAD news?:p

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