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Glock 19 concealed carry questions -

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GratefulGuy1234, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. GratefulGuy1234

    GratefulGuy1234 New Member

    Oct 29, 2011
    I have some questions about how folks carry their Glocks or really any substantial pistol. I am 6' 3" feet tall, weigh 220, athletic build and can't seem to conceal it to my satisfaction without a sweatshirt or flannel over it. Even then... the butt of the gun sure likes to poke out and 'print'.
    I am not new to carry, I am way over the thought that everyone is looking for/can see my gun, etc. but I am just wondering how everyone else does it, I have always carried a p64 AIWB, and it disappeared for the most part.
    Now I have a Glock 19, I have an MTAC Minotaur holster, I have a true gun belt, I have pants that are oversize and I have pants that are the 'correct size'. I have carried it daily for over a month and a half to try and get used to it. I have never tried 4 o'clock carry until now, and I like it except for the fact that I drive a lot and I can't stand sitting on the weapon or it pushed into my side - it feels like my back is out of wack a little from me not sitting 'square'. :confused: Do you guys just 'deal with it?'
    I have since tried carrying at 2 o'clock - 3 o'clock and that works better for driving but it makes me look like I have a tumor on my hip when in just a t-shirt. I am against AIWB now while driving because there is a greater risk of my seatbelt hurting me with it there if I was in an accident. I am really trying to make this work but I keep regretting that I didn't get the G26. I know that neither of those guns will be ideal in only jeans and a t-shirt - or is it possible? I have kids, go to the park, etc and I don't want to alarm anyone if someone sees me printing. I work with some folks that would flip if they thought I had a weapon on me because they noticed it printing... If someone is walking behind me in Home Depot, I don't want them to see the butt of my gun stick out as I walk along like I see all the time in there... For winter and with a flannel on, seems doable - I like to take my flannel off in Home Depot, etc but I guess that's just a trade off for concealed carry. I will say that the Minotaur is pretty comfortable. I wear it on the lowest riding setting of all it's adjustments. Any other setting, and I have tried them all, is worse off in some way or another. I have a junk leather galco that had a thumbstrap too, that one rides too high and has a less than ideal clip.
    I am planning to purchase an LCP for deep concealment, pocket, IWB or otherwise... but I just don't get the thousands of posts that say that folks carry G19 and G17 all over without any issue concealing it. I have taken video of myself armed and it's way easy to see, especially with just a t shirt on. Will a G26 make a big difference or do I really have to go with a LCP? (Both? :cool:)

    Am I missing something? I feel like 'you all' :D sit on your weapon while you drive all day, never take off your coat or jacket, and somehow never print with a bazooka under your shirt.

    Thanks in advance -
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2011
  2. FMF Doc

    FMF Doc Active Member

    Sep 9, 2011
    I used to carry a G19 myself. I am 5'6'' and 160lbs. I found that one of two things worked for me. First, the right combination of ride height and weapon cant. I am not especially familiar with your holster but I do think that it is fairly adjustable. It may seem counter intuitive, but a highride combined with forward cant (15-20 degrees) can make a cannon disappear. The other thing that I did that helped, as I also did a lot of driving, was use a shoulder holster while driving. When you get to where you are going you can switch to the IWB holster an drop the shoulder rig while still in the car with little difficulty. Without a gun in the holster, you won't harly notice it is there. I found shoulder holster worked best for driving. Just my thoughts, but you can find a way to make it work, just don't write off anything as "too crazy" because you never know what will work for you. Good luck.
  3. orionengnr

    orionengnr Mentor

    Jan 3, 2005
    I could never make a double-stack of any type conceal well, or carry comfortably for me. And I tried a number of times.

    After having owned several Glocks and a number of other double-stacks, I do not own any now.

    I would like a G20 or G29 because I am a 10mm fan, and there are very few good chioces in 10mm. But any double-stack would be either a competition gun or a nightstand gun for me.

    JM .02.
  4. Chris Rhines

    Chris Rhines Senior Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Potomac, Maryland - Behind enemy lines!!
    'Printing' is a non-issue. People just don't notice it. As long as you have something fairly loose over your gun, no one will ever see it.

    I've successfully used untucked golf shirts and t-shirts to conceal a Glock 19 and a S&W M&P9 all over northern VA, among other places.

  5. Scipio Africanus

    Scipio Africanus New Member

    Feb 20, 2011
    North by Northwest
    I am of similar build to you and I conceal S&W N frames all the time.
    Two things that have worked for me:
    1. Holsters that blend the into the contours of your body are awesome. Simply Rugged's pancake holsters are hard to beat for comfort and concealability. They are not tacticool but they work wonderfully.
    2. A light fleece vest is an indespensable part of my wardrobe. It covers a multitude needs and covers big guns well.

    And you probably aren't printing as much as you think you are. You are hyper aware, which is great, but the guy at Home Depot is gonna think that lump under your shirt is a tape measure or a smart phone pouch, if he notices at all. Unless he or she is a gun person, then you'll make a friend :)
  6. WvHiker

    WvHiker New Member

    Apr 19, 2010
    West Virginia
    I'm 5'8", 165 and carry a G19 year round. I carry at about 3 o'clock or so with a 15 degree cant. Not sure about rise, but the bottom of the trigger guard sits about flush with my jean's waistline. I still wear medium sized t-shirts. I don't use a fancy holster, just a FIST 1-A (IWB with a steel clip.).

    I think the trick is in the forward cant. The butt of the gun is over the barrel at this angle, so you don't get that bulge of the butt sticking out. Putting it at about three o'clock places the gun discreetly in line with my torso with neither the butt or the rear of the slide jutting out. You might try adjusting your holster to this cant, or maybe just buy a different holster to try it out. I've never regretted buying the 19 over the 26 and am toying with the idea of an even larger Glock, either in .45 or 10mm.
  7. ckone

    ckone Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    Ditch the MTAC, I'm about the same size as you and EDC a G19 AIWB without a hitch... You need a holster with a smaller footprint is all, those MTAC's, CTAC's, Crossbreed holsters work best at 3:30-4:30 and for heavier guns where that kind of support is needed. A G19 is light and that gigantic footprint isn't needed, and lately I've just been using an inexpensive Blade-Tech Phantom or their slightly pricier Nano with excellent comfort and performance (in leather, a couple of the HighNoon offerings work real well too).
  8. voyager4520

    voyager4520 New Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    SE Colorado
    I carry a sub-compact Glock. The only way I can carry the compact model without printing is if I'm wearing a really baggy shirt or a jacket. With the sub-compact it doesn't print at all for me. If you can get used to the two-finger grip it's a great gun, I'm actually more accurate with my G27 than I am with my G23.
  9. plouffedaddy

    plouffedaddy Member

    Nov 1, 2011
    I carry a G19 frequently at the 4 o'clock position and I'm 6'0'' 180lbs. It probably prints sometimes but, as mentioned before, 99% of people are oblivious and the ones that aren't are probably carrying too.

    As far as driving, I feel your pain. I have a seat holster so I just take it out and put it in that while I'm driving. If it's just a short drive I leave it in my IWB holster and deal with it.

    If that doesn't work for you, I also occasionally carry a Kahr CM9 in my pocket (with holster) for times I'd like more mobility.
  10. smalls

    smalls Senior Member

    Feb 8, 2011
    Macomb County, MI
    Wear it at 4 o'clock, and take it out while driving. You won't be able to draw, anyway with it at 4 o'clock while driving, but it's comfortable for other daily activities.
  11. Ledgehammer

    Ledgehammer Member

    Jun 2, 2010
    I'm about your size . I'm 6'2 about 210. The only place I can hide any ccw really is appendix it seems. I could probably hide a full-size duty pistol there. I struggle like you though when I holster anywhere else to keep the grip from printing. I'm going to try the cant tilt another poster mentioned and see how that goes.

    I've gotten used to appendix, but would like another option besides pocket. If you figure something out please post for us. I'm sure there are more people with the same issue.
  12. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Senior Member

    Jan 15, 2010
    I agree. People generally just don't notice. I'm 5'10" and 180. I carry a g19 in shorts and polos without issue. Sometimes I print and I really don't care.

    That being said, something like a single stack 9 (Like a Kahr cw9)sure is comfortable to wear, also. I can wear something like that IWB with my regular sized pants.
  13. Lucky Derby

    Lucky Derby Senior Member

    Aug 23, 2006
    Colorado Rockies
    People don't notice printing. People generally aren't looking for guns. Don't worry about it.
    I an 5'10" 235lbs. I wear a OWB at 4 o'clock, often just under a T-shirt. One of the guns I do this with is a 4" Colt Trooper .357 revolver.
  14. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Senior Member

    Mar 28, 2009
    Yakutsk, Sakha Republic
    I use a Crossbreed at 5oclock with my exactly the same size Glock 23.

    For long drives, I can grab the clips and pull it around to a more comfortable but less concealable 3 oclock.
  15. Sulaco

    Sulaco Active Member

    Mar 21, 2003
    South Carolina
    You started off by saying,

    "...I am way over the thought that everyone is looking for/can see my gun, etc."

    and then you wrote an entire paragraph about why you are worried you'll be seen when carrying concealed.

    Most folks go through lots of holsters and several guns before deciding on the ideal carry method for them. I am about your size and I can carry anything concealed with the right holster and clothes.

    I am not sure that your technique is the problem. It sounds to me like you are way over-analyzing this. Quit thinking about it so much and just carry.
  16. wgp

    wgp Active Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    I usually carry 1911s of one kind or another and find their rounded contours go a long way to prevent printing. I also carry a Glock 19 or 23 sometimes and the squared-off rear of the slide is a problem. I use a OWB or IWB holster that pulls the pistol as close to the body as I can and use a loose untucked shirt for cover. It works well enough. To me the Glock is just harder to conceal but it can be done.
  17. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Participating Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    I only stand 5'5.5" and weigh 147 pounds. My regular carry is the G36 in an IWB holster. I use a holster similar to the crossbreed hoslters. I have the same slim build of the OP and can easily hide it under a loose shirt. But now with the colder weather , I am carrying my G19 in a cheapy $22 but effective OWB Fobus holster under my fleece jacket.

    Another contributor was right - people really don't care what you wear or needless to say what you "carry" under your clothing. Any bulge will look like a cellphone. Once I was carrying a fullsized XD40 in an OWB Fobus holster under my fleece jacket. Nobody gave me a second look.

    Grate, get a nice fleec jacket and buy a fobus hoslter. It hugs the gun nicely and is quite secure. It you are afraid in printing, just make you're movements more purposeful to prevent it from sticking out, such as bending from the legs to pick up stuff from the floor rather than bending from the hip.

    Good luck.
  18. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Elder

    Jul 30, 2006
    Johnson City, TN
    I am not nearly as tall as you, but I wore mine IWB with a 15-degree butt-forward tilt, at 4:00-4:30 clock position and don't recall a problem with "flagging." The tilt, in the hollow of your back (not over your spine) serves to hide it pretty well.
  19. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Senior Member

    Aug 11, 2010
    I notice stuff printing all the time, but it usually ends up being a cell phone if I get a better look. So there is that ambiguity going for you as well.
  20. hiker44

    hiker44 New Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    I really like the 5.11 tactical concealed carry undershirts. I also found a seamstress who does a great job sewing tiny snaps on my button shirts to make the buttons just look like they're buttoned. The shirt opens easily with a tug, I can present the weapon -- usually my XDM 3.8 -- in under 3 seconds, and I still have another 16 rounds in the other shirt pocket. I wear this combo daily and find it comfortable, secure and totally "non-printing" in my environment. I'm only 5'9", 170.

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